June 29th, 2009

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Hey ya'll! I'm going try to post a US Confed Final post over on ONTD and I was going to include this for lolz, but what is with it? I saw it posted in here earlier but then it was gone. They are selling it over at the oninionbag. Just wanna know then I'll delete this. thanks.

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Altidore: I Don’t Want To Go Back To Villarreal

U.S. national team star Jozy Altidore has admitted that he's looking for different options on the club level come next season.

JOHANNESBURG—In the wake of the United States’ 3-2 loss to Brazil in the Confederations Cup final, U.S. striker Jozy Altidore stressed the importance of the U.S. players’ playing for their club teams. Of the 23 players on the U.S. roster, only seven are regular starters in the top division of a European league.

“I think it’s important that we know wherever we’re going, whatever environment we’re in that we get playing time,” Altidore told Goal.com. “You can’t have guys coming in who haven’t played, like myself. We have to be ready to play. That was a bit tough towards the end of the tournament.”

The 19-year-old Altidore transferred last summer from the New York Red Bulls to La Liga side Villarreal for $10 million, a record for an American player. He played a sparingly for the Yellow Submarine in the fall before going on loan to second-division side Xerez. However, with Xerez pushing for the Segunda Division title and automatic promotion to the Primera Division, Altidore saw only a few minutes of playing time over the second half of the season.

His loan stint is up and he is now set to return to Villarreal. Whether he stays or not is unsure. However, Altidore was very clear about his own future with Villarreal.

“In my mind, I don’t really want to go back to Villareal,” he said, of the Yellow Submarines, with whom he only started two games. “I want to go play somewhere else.”

For Altidore, playing time is the most important aspect of his search for a new club. Which is why he also does not want a return to Spain's second division.

“I want to find a team where I’m going to play—simple,” he said. “I won’t go back to the Segundo division. I’m just looking for somewhere to play the whole year.”


I sort of hate when young players bitch about their playing time. But I still love you Jozy.

Carlos Tevez - A United fan favourite no more? Sheffield United h8s him too

Now freed from the Red Devils, Tevez has been more keen to talk against his former club -- and even the almighty Sir Alex Ferguson!! Oh no he didn't? Oh yessss he did! Here he is speaking to the Guardian about United's loss in Rome:

"You cannot argue with Alex Ferguson,"

"He is like the president of England. It is impossible, you always lose.

"But he made a mistake to leave me on the bench. That was the only final the team had lost since I had been at Manchester United."

(he didn't know England had Prime Ministers and now he's backing his points with statistics)

"My family knows how much I suffered at United.

"I could not arrive home after a match or a training session and forget my pain. It was not good and I transmitted all my sadness to them."

The Guardian

Hmmm, el Apache is turning a little sour against the team that loved him so much. What next Carlitos, are you going to join their city rivals?

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, he wouldn't!

Then he ended his interview with a big fat...