June 28th, 2009

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c0rrine found video of this beautiful moment in US Soccer history: HOW WILL MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH AFFECT THE US NATIONAL TEAM, asks some Brazilian reporter, to Landon Donovan, who doesn't know what to say.

Bob could not give less of a fuck about him, he's a Springsteen fan.

I. however, feel like the team will be watched over by the genial spirit of Billy Mays, a true American entrepreneur and soul, who died this morning. :( RIP
b careful wut u wish 4

blonde and oranje wags post

Gerrard caught manhandling another blonde on vacation. Alex watches on and laughs...

lol the dailyfail need to shut their traps sometimes

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Peter James Crouch gets touchy-feely on holiday with Abbey Clancey

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Sylvie and Rafael Van der Vaart relaxing on holiday ahead of Sylvie's treatment for breast cancer

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