June 27th, 2009


.First thing first - I ain't good at this posting thing, mk. U've being warned.

So due to the lack of entertaiment (and post on ontd) and attetion to the bbs, I  bring this for U, mk. Today was the semifals (in case udk)
England v Sweden (I got no pics, thats ur job)
Germany v Italien (1-0)
I'm gonna post some German bbs, u can add more if ya want.

Team Pic. Do this bbs look good in red or what. Fierce as hell btchz. & Totally loving our Goalie, wearing azzuri for the azzuri . He knew it will make me happy to see some blue. + it jinxed the oposition. & so f*ck*ng random btw . :)
Just in case

Celebrating with Becks  (Andreas that is) ( we got our own btchz, & alcohol free)) Goal from nowhere. Beck's, kid with super bb blond hair. The only goal in the match btw.

Happy days in the Kinder Garden. Beck's # 2 (if u haven't notice)

More bbs, Matts Hummels @ the back.

See 2 & 4 , bbs can't count that high UEFA. The boy squeezing Beck's its Benedikt  (Benedikt/ Benny XVI as I call him) Howedes, the captain btw.

The boy in blue yelling " F*ck off " Its Neur, the keeper. (btw don't f*ck with him, he loves Jens Lehman, mk). He, the post man,& alcohol free Becks saved Germany today. Do we got good keepers, or what.

Underage love affair 
Benny XVI & Neuer (Nice ass)

I got a video 2

Pictures From Uefa & PhotoBucks
 How do I make a cut , or whatvr that is.
* Hope's post isn't  goes out well*

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Stevie & Xabi; Love


Real Madrid On The Alert As Xabi Alonso Says His Liverpool Goodbyes (Goal.com)

Los Blancos could finally be given a glimmer of hope to sign the deep-lying playmaker.

Jun 26, 2009 9:29:49 PM

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez could be about to land one of his favourite players, Xabi Alonso, after having tracked the Liverpool midfielder since 2004.

According to The Times, the Merseysiders have hurriedly slapped a €41 million (₤35m) price tag on the 27-year-old after he reportedly bid farewell to certain members of the Reds staff.

Madrid have yet to pounce by making any official offers but it is well documented that Los Blancos’ new administration have made the ex-Real Sociedad man one of their prime objectives in the transfer market. They have reportedly made various offers in the recent past, ranging anywhere from €20m to €25m plus player exchanges, although they conceded defeat when Liverpool announced that he is not for sale.

Alonso has had a rocky relationship with manager, Rafa Benitez ever since the gaffer persistently went after Gareth Barry last summer. But the player still declared that he is happy to remain at Anfield, although he would constantly admit that his future is unclear.

KS Leong, Goal.com

If there's any veracity to this at all, I'll cry later.you all
b careful wut u wish 4

English WAGS and Ronaldinlol

The hottest Scouse couple ever celebrating their anniversary in Ibiza, Spain

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Some reports are saying they were there so Alex could meet up with her bff Jordan lol

Wayne and Coleen Rooney arriving at the Manchester airport after their vacation in the Caribbean

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Abbey Clancey and Peter Crouch holidaying in Sardinia, Italy,

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These are from a couple weeks back but were not posted. Ronaldinho at the Cirque du Soleil in Vegas

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Wes Brown got married, the Rooneys looked excited to be there

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

Even Angels Celebrate Birthdays, you know..(EDITED)

Today, the 27th June, is the birthday of a certain man, a man who has unbeaten records for scoring most goals for both his club and his country, the Champions League, any UEFA competiton in general.

This man was considered the icon for his club, country, and was considered one of the best strikers of all time. Scoring an uncountable amount of goals, and never having received a single red card in his 14 years of playing professional, this guy is something special.

Take your hats off to the man made of more stardust than any of us, El Angel de Madrid, Raul Gonzalez Blanco, who is 32 years old today (in football years this is 3000+)

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Argie Post With A Touch Of Sergio Ramos

Because it's been a while since the last argie post and because we know you miss them we bring you two videos for you to enjoy.
And then you can spam/enjoy the pics and videos we'll spam with in the comments.

First, Pipita Higuaín says Sergio Ramos is passionate about argie football (or about certain argie players, mmm??) Since it's about Boca, of course,[info]anais_molko is responsible for this one.

"Sergio Ramos es bostero, pero bueno" (Sergio is a Boca fan, but oh well).
"Quiere ir a Boca... le digo llevate barbijo si vas a Boca porque tenés el Riachuelo atrás, querés oler bien andá al Río de la Plata, que es River (...) Si querés oler mal, andá a La Boca!" ("He wants to go to Boca... I tell him to take a mask, cause they've got the Riachuelo behind them. I tell him, if you want to smell good go to the Río de La Plata, that's River... If you want to stink, go to La Boca!")

And because there's no way I'm not posting something about San Lorenzo... Gonzalo Bergessio photoshoot. (Who? This sexy motherfucker)

</div>Now, let's have an argie spam!