June 24th, 2009

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Xavi: I would not answer Florentino's phone call

"I would not pick up the phone to Florentino Perez. I would not be happy in Madrid, I have a lot of cule in me and it is very well established. But ok, if he wants to pay the conference call,"

- he joked in an interview with El Pais.


who snubs florentino perez?

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i just needed an excuse to post my gif tbqh - source: goal.com

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Spain spam quotes part 3 (and some slightly bojan related confusion in my mind)

Ok so Spain vs USA is on tonight (or this afternoon or this morning or whatever depending on your time zone) so here are some spam quotes from the last match (against S.Africa of course)

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Also, here are some random thoughts of mine I wish to share.
Last night I watched Jurassic Park 3. (I'm sure you're familiar with the franchise)


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Paris Hilton describes ' gay ' Cristiano Ronaldo


Popular Paris Hilton was dispatched at ease with his last companion Cristiano Ronaldo holidays. According to her, the relationship with the player from Real Madrid to Paris was unsuccessful because he likes "men male"

The multimillionaire known, in 28 years of age, revealed sources, quoted by the English tabloid 'Daily Star', which was never seriously their relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, after two nights of partying with him in Los Angeles, just after they confirm their signing by Real Madrid.

"She likes men she saw a male and Ronaldo as a real sissy. I thought it was laugh if it came out with a man who puts flowers in her hair," said one of those sources close to Paris Hilton to editors This rotary UK.

The Ron is too effeminate gay for me' is the phrase that the Daily Star titled its information. Because, according to Paris, CR7, and she is just "good friends" after the party that ran in Los Angeles a few days before. "It's ridiculous! They (journalists) create vicious stories that are far from the truth. It's just hurtful," said the famous multimillionaire through his Twitter


dos a cero is the nicest score

A lot of shit has been said about this team recently/today, and while I'm sure a lot of you think I'm a whiny bitch, I think I'm speaking for most of the US fans (LOL THERE ARE US FANS AMIRITE?) here when I kindly ask you to stop. Obviously people are upset Spain's streak was ended. Obviously people are upset their team lost. But so what if not a lot of people in the US will ~appreciate~ the win?. So what if soccer (and so what if we call it soccer?) isn't the most popular sport here? So what if this is just the Confederations Cup? So what if it doesn't get the most media coverage (front of ESPN's and SI's website as I write this)? This team gets shit from everyone - soccer fans in its own country, most countries abroad, "why do they even try?" The fans here listen to people who don't know anything say "oh the fans don't care, there's no support, oh there's fans here?" and it gets so old listening to people shit on your team. But whatever, if you want to be hatin' because AMERICA LOL... cool.

That being said, if Spain's finishing had been more clinical, if they started off in a stronger group, if our usual questionable red card incident had arrived earlier, or had our defense slipped even a little, this could be a different story. I have no love lost for most of the Spanish players, but this wasn't a smooth US victory. You win some, you lose some, ~that's how sports work~, and thanks to everyone who said good game, etc, y'all too.

All that shit being said, I have never been more proud of these boys since I've been a fan. Everyone was hoping for "not a thrashing" and they've exceeded all expectations I had for them. I thought it was possible to gut out a slide-by win on the momentum from Egypt, if we were lucky, but THIS? I guess upsets are in our history.

Altidore's goal leads to stunning upset
BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa (AP) -- The United States stunned top-ranked Spain 2-0 Wednesday night on goals by Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey, advancing to the Confederations Cup final with one of the Americans' biggest soccer victories.
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If you want to see it again, it's on @11PM ET on ESPN2 + I will edit post-game quotes l8.
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Your daily dose of La Roja

So with the Spain v USA semi-final later on tonight (or at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning if you live in a loser timezone like me), here's a short video which claims to be a preview of the match but is more of an homage to how amazing Spain are :p

Aaaaand because I'm bored, a poll!

Who will you be supporting?

Couldn't care less
Florentino Perez

Score predictions?

First goal-scorer?

Tell me something completely irrelevant

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Marko Marin joins Werder Bremen :D

BREMEN, Germany (AP) — Werder Bremen has agreed to sign Germany midfielder Marko Marin from Borussia Moenchengladbach on a four-year contract.
German Cup holder Bremen said Wednesday that both clubs agreed not to disclose details of the transfer.

The 20-year-old Marin will strengthen a Bremen team that will be without its Brazilian playmaker Diego next season after he secured a move to Juventus.

"He is one of the biggest talents in German football," coach Thomas Schaaf said. "Marko is a very young player, but one who already has some successes to show ... we are convinced that he can become a very important player for us."

Marin made his Bundesliga debut in March 2007 and has played six matches so far for Germany.


Does anyone care?! I'm this excited:

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