June 22nd, 2009

I am still in shock.

A Million-to-One: USA Make Confed Cup Semis

RUSTENBURG, South Africa -- Three quick thoughts after the U.S.'s 3-0 win against Egypt, which (combined with Brazil's 3-0 win over Italy) sends the U.S. to the Confederations Cup semifinals:
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holy. shit. so proud.

BIG THANKS to Brazil for ripping Italy apart (though I didn't watch the game, was it more Brazil playing well or Italy falling apart?). We're probably going to lose against Spain, but I think some of you think it's going to be a walk in the park and that your C-team could beat us or whatever. I think I can safely speak for USMNT and say that's bullshit. This team, while being so-so in recent WCQs, playing okay versus Italy, and absolutely sucking against Brazil, managed to play better than they have in a very long time and pull out the perfect result in an intense situation, against everyone's (including the media cheerleaders') expectations. Guard against complacency, y'all. We're not the level of NZ or Iraq, and I'd venture to say we're better than South Africa.
PS: acityofwonder, how did that commentator react to this? I must know.

remember xabi, you can't send frank off if you play in his team. although he did it to cesc. so idk.

Chelsea Join Chase For Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso – Report

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso is reportedly attracting the interest of Carlo Ancelotti and Chelsea, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The unsettled Spanish midfielder has long been linked with a move away from Anfield, with Real Madrid in particular thought to be interested in acquiring the 27-year-old, and Chelsea now appear to have entered the hunt for his signature.

The recent speculation has recently led Alonso to insist he is happy at the club but, tellingly, he refused to commit his future to the Merseysiders, which the British tabloid claims has aroused the Blues’ interest.

The paper also claims that not only does manager Ancelotti admire Alonso greatly, but that he is keen to bring in younger midfielders to the club, and sees the Spaniard as the perfect choice.

The Blues are reportedly prepared to bid up to £18 million for Alonso, who is currently in South Africa with Spain taking part in the Confederations Cup.

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez, meanwhile, has repeatedly insisted that Alonso is not for sale.

The Spaniard has also enjoyed a fairly fierce rivalry with Chelsea during his time on Merseyside and would undoubtedly be loath to see Alonso quit Anfield for Stamford Bridge.


ps: i'm writing my PLS DON'T LEAVE XABI FIC and i need a beta, any takers?
pss: lets force c0rrine to get twitter.
Xtina | Sweet like suga

My mommy said not to talk to strangers.....

Bored? Get Omegle and pretend to be famous

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Stranger: i dont like u
Stranger: cuz ur not a nigga

Stranger: 16 year old gay male looking for gay male 13-18.
You: ur in luck.
You: i'm bojan.

Stranger: Trophyless

Stranger: hi, i am fernando
You: torres?
You: iyam serhio ramos.
You: real madrid playuh.
Stranger: my butthole awaits

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mikkel [bang bang me]

Michael Bradley says "haterz 2 da left"

"At the end of the night you walk into the locker room and to be able experience the feeling you have with your teammates, your coaches, with the trainers, that's why you play," the midfielder said.

"To do something special like that, where everything is against you, everybody wants to say how bad you are, everybody wants to write you off, to leave all that bull shit outside the locker room and just be committed to the team, to leave everything on the field, to run for each other, to fight for each other, that's what we did."

"We played with 11 guys for 90 minutes," Michael Bradley said.
"All the fucking experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let's see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now."

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Jose Mourinho lovers: Get your eff me pumps on!!

Casal Mourinho admite separação
Matilde contactou na semana passada advogados em Portugal no sentido de saber da disponibilidade de a representarem num eventual processo de divórcio. Ao que o CM apurou, foi nas férias (num local paradisíaco no Oriente, onde ainda estarão, segundo a família), que a separação foi ponderada. Uma nova relação de Mourinho, em Itália, terá sido a gota de água que levou Matilde a dar o passo de procurar advogado para discutir a separação de bens. Mourinho também estará disponível para assumir o divórcio.

Conheça todos os pormenores na edição de segunda-feira do jornal 'Correio da Manhã'.

In other words:

edit: More details over on the divorce are now on kickette

source: this portuguese tabloid site, my twitter updates, and kickette's twitter

I think this will make some of you jizz your pants

ESPN to Share La Liga's US TV Rights With GOL

NEW YORK (AP) -- Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka will get a wider distribution platform in the United States next season.

ESPN said on Monday that it will start sharing U.S. television rights to Spain's La Liga with GolTV, which has broadcast the league for the past six seasons.

ESPN2 will televise about 20 matches per season, and ESPN Deportes two or three per weekend of league play for a total of at least 95. At least 114 matches per season will be available online on ESPN360. ESPN's networks will also share rights to Spain's Copa del Rey.

It doesn't hurt that Real Madrid has acquired Kaka, the 2007 FIFA player of the year, from AC Milan and is in the process of obtaining Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2008 FIFA player of the year, from Manchester United.

''We're excited that, about getting a premier league in the world at probably at the most exciting time in its recent history,'' said Lino Garcia, ESPN Deportes' general manager.

La Liga is dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona, the current European Champions League winner. The teams have split the last five La Liga titles and 21 of the last 25.

The league's most-watched games, the two El Classic matchups between Barcelona and Real Madrid, likely will be simulcast by GolTV and ESPN. Last season, Barcelona's 2-0 victory over Real Madrid on Dec. 13 was seen by 258,000 Hispanic television households in the U.S., and Barca's 6-2 rout on May 2 by 189,000, GolTV said.

''This was not driven by Ronaldo or Kaka,'' said Rodrigo Lombello, GolTV's chief operating officer. ''That was a nice addition, but it would have happened without the two.''

ESPN had held U.S. rights to the Champions League since 1994-95, but Fox Soccer Channel will take over next season under a three-year deal. Those matches are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while La Liga games are on weekends.

Barcelona's 2-0 victory over Manchester United in this year's Champions League final on May 27 was seen by 1,066,000 homes on ESPN.

''We've always looked at La Liga. One thing isn't totally dependent on the other,'' Garcia said. ''It was always in the planning to look at a property like this.''

GolTV also has had U.S. rights to the German Bundesliga since the 2006-07 season and last month extended them through 2011-12.

FSC has rights to England's Premier League and Italy's Serie A, sublicensing part of its Premier League rights to Setanta US.

[I think FSC might get some of the PL rights back? The big Sentanta is in trouble.]


Do you feel it in your bones?
If you also believe Madrid is leading this race and want to do your bit to show your support to our bid, tell us your name and choose your favourite place in Madrid, Spain or the World.
We already have 15762 supporters. Send yours. Just click in the logo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo United Picspam---Thankyou for all the memories!

cristiano ronaldo dos santos aveiro

"There are players over whom there is no debate. They never anger, never incite, never raise a question or comment. And then there are those who provoke, whose sheer brilliance strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies, and hope into the hearts of their fans. Young boys everywhere dream to be them, or beat them. They are the ones we can't help but feel deeply about. But love them or hate them, when it comes right down to it, and the evidence continues to pile up, even their greatest critics can't deny the insurmountable truth."

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BOJAN NEWS: Bojan Cup, Champions League ... and high school approved

Since he became the first team has not been easy, but it has not stopped to finish his studies.

Two hours before the boat began to contest the final of the Champions in Rome, Bojan Krkic received a message on the mobile parent. He had passed the high school. Was the director of the institute reported that the Barcelona of the news to the family.

Since becoming a professional player, combining football and research has not been easy. Nevertheless, the striker has not appreciated at any time to leave. Nor has it been spent by the head throw in the towel and sought the formula for their academic performance does not decrease.

After debuting in Egypt with the first team and begin to appear in the press on a regular basis, the road from his home to the institute began to be longer than normal. Over time, he had no choice but to leave the subway and travel by car to go directly to class. But the responsibilities in the first team Bluered have grown steadily since last season and was player of Barça one hundred percent. Between trips, trainings, rallies and other commitments resulting from his work as a professional footballer, Bojan had to stop going to school. What would have been easy to surrender and let football take over the rest of their concerns, but agreed to receive the Linyola classes, something that has been doing all season on a regular basis.

Where possible, three times per week have been moved to private tutors Bojan did not lose the line of work the rest of his colleagues at the institute. At 18 years-the next 19 will meet August 28 - the Bluered did not want to drop out, as with most young professional footballers. In fact, he intends to continue learning beyond the football with a college degree.The first step towards this has already been achieved by adopting the high school.

The next challenge is the selectivity. Bojan has been unable to show evidence of access to higher education this June, it intends to pass the tests during the second call, which will be held during the month of September. Approve these tests is essential to continue with their studies. The striker has the intention to start a degree program INEFC, which is already being done when Andres Iniesta football allows. Canterano striker have made this decision himself, without any influence on it. Succeeding in the boat is your greatest wish at this time. It has fought all his life since he started with eight years in football. But it is clear that, while can not abandon her studies. The career of a footballer, although it may be long, always has an end. And finish a college career is a satisfaction that is not paid with money.

in the comments one video where bojan go to the school.

It Was a Bunch of White People Dancing

I know it was posted earlier that ESPN now has rights to La Liga, but guess what guise?

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ESPN buys rights to Setanta games

ESPN has bought the rights to show 46 games in next season's English Premier League that were to have been shown by struggling broadcaster Setanta.

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Okay guise this is not awesome. The US gets nothing from it and it looks like UK customers have to pay extra for these matches. :(
joanna florentina 2

P Squared

what the fuck is a recession

florentino doesn't know

but he does know about the perezession

Bust open them piggy banks because ONTD Football finally have a new shirt to add to the collection!

Just in case your dolla sign glasses were impairing your vision, the shirt says:
"If you have 5 dollars and Florentino Perez has 5 dollars -- Florentino Perez has more money than you"
-- a highly inspiration line that was thought up by sexy mamasita pattinevski (who also donated the ca$h money used on the shirt fyi). For 17 bucks you can have a fucking Blingee on a tshirt while helping Peruvian babies by giving money to one of Iker's favourite charities. I don't think I need to do any further convincing


If you were wondering about the original one...

Over 100 shirts have been sold and sales are still going strong! We roughly have 1 sale per week and there is about $84 waiting to be cashed out. Once we get a nice even number of $100 we'll be sending a cheque straight to Plan International and then choosing a new charity for round two!

this is just so beautiful that pep can hardly contain himself :')