June 21st, 2009

[tv] amy pond & some guy

that team that's also playing the confed cup but isn't españa

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This sunday, there's Brazil v. Italy.
39 years ago, Brazil and Italy played the WC70 final and Brazil won (4-1).

The nt of 1970 is so epic, you have no idea. I don't remember who compared them with this year's spain nt and everybody was like "HOW DARE YOU".
That footballer, I don't know if you know him, someone called Pelé, was part of that seleção. :D


ETA Brazilian girls, watch this. Adorable and funny.

Cristiano's interview.

Some of this interview was posted but the rest wasn't. Here's the rest.

Ronaldo denied any knowledge of a pact between Real and United, he hardly dampened speculation that the clubs might have settled on a deal before last season began.

When asked if the move had been agreed a year ago, he replied: "No, not that I know of. Any agreements that the clubs had were private. I expressed a desire to join Madrid and the two clubs reached an agreement. This transfer is no different from any other."

Former Real president Ramon Calderon claimed he had sealed the deal six months ago despite United boss Sir Alex Ferguson stating he wouldn't "sell that mob a virus".

But Ronaldo himself shoulders total blame for the controversy that surrounded the affair.

He admits: "Anything that has not been right with the move is my fault and nothing to do with Real Madrid or Manchester United. I opened my mouth and that is what caused the problems between the two clubs who both acted in the correct way. Yes, I would have handled things differently and not been so public."

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Piqué, not Florentino

Piqué rejected an approach from the current president of Real Madrid two months ago when it prepared the nomination.

Florentino player tried to take the revelation of the season, Barça defender Gerard Pique, but met with refusal, but a proper environment of the player, whom the current president of the Madrid had "pulled a couple of months ago when it emerged his candidacy.

There was no crack on the slip on the contractual situation of international advocacy. While Manchester United earned just over five million euros for Gerard, the club agreed to include in their contract a clause of 50 million, now, yes, it seems dangerously close.  In his case, however, there is a sentimental azulgrana shield.

The dream azulgrana

Piqué eventually reaching the first team for the longest journey, after emigrating to Manchester for young, playing a sold season at Zaragoza and live a long substitution in the United the previous season.Now that you have returned home, to wear his jersey and succeed in a big way in the first team and he has gone through the imagination all thrown overboard.

Segun has learned MD, approximation of Florentino Perez was in the personal environment of Piqué, when it had not yet achieved the 'double'. And there it was Gerard, who only thinks about Barca, did get a strong enough response to the technical team comprising Florentino was a 'no thanks' final.

But it was logical that the future president of the Madrid will attempt to 'damage' to the boat in a direct and trapping not only the mercado as it has done with Cristiano and Kaka after taking office.  Pique meets youth, class, experience, strength, personality and an innumerable list of convincing arguments for any technical secretariat, in this case for the technicians who saw a profile Piqué 'Iron', which the Madrid desperately seeks long.

A bath of glory

He has been on the boat, however, where it has exploited a defense that has been consolidated in the first team culé and selection, followed by adding their second Champions, League Cup and in addition to the milestone and staff have made two goals in the Bernabéu, in his debut with a selection and another in his first classic, the Barça shirt, no less than one sixth of the historic 2-6.

A Piqué has not altered this temptation, white, harmless culé for his integrity, completing a season with a progression that will later lead to an early improvement in your future.

Sorry for the translation i used google traductor :S

FB: MSNFIC notsmart
  • deraka

oops, she did it again!!!!!

From the creators of.... this masterpiece...... ENJOY THEIR NEW WORK!!!:

I don´t know what they are saying at the beginning (the sound quality is poor and they are talking in catalan).
At the end the credits say: "End of Selectividad (->pre-university exams) ¡We are on holidays! Thanks to Xavier Balcells (boy next door) for all the material gived recently, We beg donation for San Juan (->the festivity of summer´s solstice June the 23rd). Thank you all for wasting your time watching us... (You seems to be no work to do)"

Min 1:44 Who you remind she...??? EXACTLY!:

I think this lady needs a tag for herself!!
awooo waka waka espagna


Ashley and Cheryl Cole arrive back in the UK after a romantic break in France 19/06/2009

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Joe Cole and Carly Zucker out and about the day before their wedding 19/06/2009

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Toni and John Terry at Joe Cole and Carly Zucker's wedding 20/06/2009

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Carlos Tevez leaves the theatre with his wife. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 19/06/09

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Cabbage man goes out too. I wonder if he got a lapdance

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