June 18th, 2009

[El emperador y sus locuras] OMFG!

Xabi Alonso: "I can't answer that question"

Ok, let me see... Tonight ("tonight" in Spain... that means "a few hours ago") Xabi did an interview to the radio program "El Larguero" and he spoke about the last match, about the horns in the stadium, the semifinals against Italia/Brazil,... You can hear it here: http://www.cadenaser.com/deportes/audios/xabi-alonso-larguero-puedo-responder-seria-decepcion-quedarme-liverpool/csrcsrpor/20090618csrcsrdep_1/Aes/

But the important thing is what he said at the end of the interview... But, whatever, I'm gonna translate everything (not literally, it would take me so long)...

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rip luis - 2

la liga is taking all our babies

Arbeloa open to a Madrid move

Real Madrid going after Xabi and Arbs, Barcelona eying Mascherano. Is this backlash because of Rafa's takeover of Spanish players? ;)

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"I am happy at Liverpool, but I have something to prove in Spain as I did not show my best form in La Liga. One day, I'm sure I will return.

"It is always nice to be linked to big teams - even to this Madrid side in a time of transition. They are working hard to build a great team.

"I have one more year remaining on my Liverpool deal, but anything can happen.

"A contract renewal is in the air. I am contracted for one more year, but if Liverpool get an offer, they will consider it. It is all in the hands of my agent."

Also, this is rumored to be Liverpool's 3rd kit:

We dodged the breastplates, and it looks like Adidas is repaying us after a season of hideous grey & teal shirts. We're back to all-white so players like Arbeloa can pretend *_*


mikkel [bang bang me]

WPS Atlanta Beat to begin play in 2010

ATLANTA (AP)— The Atlanta Beat has a new life, this time as a Women’s Professional Soccer team.

The Beat is the name of Atlanta’s WPS team to begin play in 2010. The Beat is the league’s ninth team.

Atlanta was home to the Women’s United Soccer Association’s Atlanta Beat from 2001-03. WPS commissioner Tonya Antonucci said Thursday the original Beat “was really a jewel in terms of fan support and quality of play” and set the model for the new team.

Beat owner and Atlanta businessman Fitz Johnson said he expects to announce the location of a new facility this summer that will be used for the team’s first season.

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Thank god I have something to be happy about today, soccer-wise. The Beat were my team from the minute they announced it until the league folded. Last summer I found all my Atlanta Beat stuff (programs, pennants, my set of team cards, my club jersey that I had the players sign) and was just so nostalgic. I'm so glad they'll be back next season. I don't care who they have on the team, they'll always have one fan in the stands. ♥

Mohamed Aboutrika would not let his own daughter play football

Mo says NO to women

This guy is in Egypt's current national team... following is the transcript from a v sexist interview. I dunno bout you guys but I find it quite scary how negative some people can be about women's football. I'm sad and had to post this somewhere! It puts a different perspective on watching the Egyptians play.. and I don't want to single them out, I mean for example when I went to Japan people were very negative when I told them I played soccer. :(

Women's special mission is to not play football???
Following are excerpts of an interview with Muhammad Abu Treika, [not captain, just plays in the team] of the Egyptian national soccer team, which aired on BBC Arabic on March 10, 2009:
Interviewer: What is your opinion about women's soccer?
Muhammad Abu Treika: I have reservations about it. Not exactly reservations, but I have an opinion about it. The Koran clearly states: "And stay in your homes." It is better for a woman to preserve her dignity, and stay at home, where she has a special mission. There are certain activities that are her responsibility, in my view.
Interviewer: What problem do you have with women in sports?

Muhammad Abu Treika: I don't have a problem with this, but if you were to ask me about my daughter or my wife, I would not accept this, of course, because I don't like it. Others may believe that women's soccer is okay, but that's their opinion. If you ask me, I don't like it.

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Tevez Won't Be Joining Us At Anfield

Carlos Tevez has ruled out a summer move to Liverpool, Sky Sports News sources have learned.

The Argentina international, who has spent the last two seasons on loan with Manchester United, has emerged as a transfer target for a quartet of Premier League clubs.

United have first option to sign the striker, whose registration is owned by a company rather than another club, but Tevez has indicated he is not happy at Old Trafford after seeing his starting options restricted this season.

That has caused a scramble for his services with Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea all credited with an interest in the former West Ham favourite.

However, Sky Sports News sources have been informed that a move to Anfield is not an option for Tevez.

That leaves the Red Devils, their local rivals City and London outfit Chelsea battling it out to secure the energetic forward's signature for next season.

Sad Source :(
brb crying

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Ab Fab Patsy

Stop! Hold the press!

Guti has reivented himself as a

Band Manager

To add to his new restaurant, two nights ago, Guti debuted himself as the manager of Preciados.

As you can see, my favourite fag hag Arantxa was also there to lend support at Sala Sol de Madrid.

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all translations and interpretations done by me. hi kickette :)

Valdés, renewed

Valdes does not move from Barca. According SPORT has been told, the goal azulgrana has an agreement with the club to renew his contract until 2015.

As already said in the past few hours, Valdes and Barca have finally made peace. Following the ultimatum given byo the Barça goal last week through his agent, on Thursday finally reached agreement.

According could see SPORT, Barça will announce Friday that the renovation of L'Hospitalet. The agreement had been reached after tough negotiations, was extended until 2014.

Recall that Valdes had requested an increase of the club record of up to 9 billion euros, while Barca only offered 7 million.

Sorry for the translation :S