June 6th, 2009

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France 1-0 Turkey

So apparently there was some international friendly earlier today? Anyone watch it? I missed it (had no idea it was on!) but here are the highlights. Benzema scored with a penalty:
Not too bad from both teams, much better than the game against Nigeria (for France). So what you guys think? Was that penalty deserved? Did Turkey deserve to win?
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Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of this French kit.
los chicos de argentina

football drought? what football drought?!


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11:00 ETKazakhstanvEngland
13:30 ETBulgariavIreland
14:00 ETSwedenvDenmark
14:45 ETIcelandvNetherlands
15:45 ETAlbaniavPortugal
15:00 ETUraguayvBrazil
17:00 ETArgentinavColombia
20:30 ETUnited StatesvHonduras


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14:50 ETItalyvNorthern Ireland

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Onyewu Goes to Court to Stop Racist Abuse
Basically Gooch says that Jelle Van Damme (Anderlecht) called him a "dirty monkey" on the field (I guess Van Damme has a rep for this sort of thing) and Van Damme says: "I'm not going to tell you what I said nor what other people said. Because it doesn't matter. It's football, it's a game. And emotions might flare up, and you sometimes shout something in the heat of the moment. A lot was being said, also by Onyewu. But once the match is finished, you should leave that behind you. You shouldn't go cry about it in the press." So now he's getting sued and I say good job, you very sexy man, especially because it looks like you're the only one who's going to make a huge fuss about it.

Anyway, Jimmy Conrad made you some plans for tonight (he's talking in Central Time):


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Steven Gerrard claims he is ready to produce his Liverpool form for England.
Gerrard and co take on Kazakhstan in a World Cup qualifier on Saturday afternoon before hosting Andorra at Wembley on Wednesday night.

The Reds No.8 wants the opportunity to play in attack with Wayne Rooney and recreate the partnership he has at club level with Fernando Torres.

"My ambition is to play for England like I do for Liverpool," said Gerrard.

"It's been difficult at times for me with England because I've played in different positions, but I've also got myself to blame for under-performing.

"I feel that under Capello I will get the chance to play in that attacking role.

"I'm trying to get the same understanding with Wayne as I have with Torres. It's easy to play with good players and Wayne is certainly on Fernando's level. 

"My relationship with Wayne over the last three or four games has been really good and I think that has showed.

"We are starting to play without fear for England. Capello is instilling a winning mentality into the team and you can see that in our performances.

"In the past there's been so much expectation and it weighed heavy.

"We don't want expectations for next year's World Cup finals to turn into a negative pressure as it has done before.

"The thing that I have been impressed with since Capello joined is that all the players are on their toes, with no-one expecting to start every game.

"Everyone has to be fit, perform well in training and in games to keep their place. That makes everyone perform better.

"The confidence in the squad is definitely strong now, though."

Damn, Wales are playing at the same time today :( Two streams at once time I think! I don't know why I'm bothering since most of our team is injured..woe
oh and Stevie thanks you for your time 

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i found this here but i have no idea where it was from but i will not question it tyvm

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