June 4th, 2009


Exclusive: London life of Andrey Arshavin (Scans)

New issue of HELLO magazine in Russia with exclusive interview of Andrey and Yulia Arshavins.

Yulia and their son Artyom moved in London house from St.Petersbourgh, and it was like a gift for Andrey on his birthday (29 may). Also Andrey tells about his life in London when Yulia didn't come, about their very nice neighbours, English lessons, family walkings.
That he still can walk in London freely, not as popular as in Peterbourgh where he can't come out without disturbing. He and his son love condensed milk. And there's no it in England. And they miss pancakes that Yulia makes with condensed milk. Their daughter Yana is in Russia with grandma now, they'll take her back as soon as their house will be ready inside. Arshavins tell that they have good relationships with Roman Pavlyuchenko, and come guests to each other sometimes.
Also Yulia says - All talk about his poker, but I'm proud that he has assembled a bycicle for Artyom, 'cause scoring goals is his job.

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Pato's on a Boat

Ok I'm new here and this is my first post evaar, k. 

 Remember this:

Carter @ Dirty Tackle came up with the Remix.

Get your cash ready, its about to go down
Everybody on SkySports news hit the f**king deck
But stay on your motherf**king message boards
My agent’s running this, let’s go

We’re on a boat
We’re on a boat
Everybody talk about it because we’re on Roman’s boat
We’re on a boat
We’re on a boat
Talk about it on French Radio because we’re on Roman’s motherf**king boat

We’re on a boat Berlusconi, take a look at me
Straight sittin’ on a boat talkin’ ’bout Chelsea
Eatin’ caviar, Roman in an overcoat
You can’t stop us Berlusconi because we’re on a boat!


Take a picture, Kaka
I’m on his boat, bitch
We sippin’ Crystal champ
Cus my homie Roman’s so rich
He’s got his checkbook
And his Russian cape
I’m gettin’ romanced, you in Brazil
Straight gettin’ media raped

He’s whispering to Kenyon, offering me chicks and sh*t
Sthefany’s splashing, getting Ancelotti all wet
But this ain’t Milan, this is blue as it gets
I’m on Roman’s boat motherf**ker, Galliani better respect!

I’m on a boat and
Roman’s in his trunks and
He’s got a hairy ass chest
Just like an ape man
New prince of Russia
On a boat its neat-o
When I’m in London
I’ma say pip pip cheeri-OH

Get the f**k up, this transfer is REAL!

F**k Milan, I’m on a boat, motherf**ker
F**k Italy, I’m going to CFC, motherf**ker
I’m on the deck with my mates, motherf**ker
This boat trip’s raisin’ my rates, motherf**ker

Hey ma, if you could see me now
Money spread wide on the starboard bow
Gonna bring this duck to the Bridge somehow
Like the damn miracle on ice, anything is possible!

Yeah, never thought I’d be on Roman’s boat
it’s a big blue oily road
Look at me, oh
Signin’ that check

I’m on a boat
I’m on a boat
Everybody look at me because I’m signing on a boat
I’m on a boat
I’m on a boat
Take a good hard look at Roman’s motherf**king boat
Anc-anc-elotti, Ancelotti, yeah

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oh god look what we've started

Around October, we (as in iateyourhotdog) wrote the thigh-off for Kickette - Zlatan v Bendtner

8 months later we have a feud that doesn't involve a hamstring hodown but a war of quotes


"Just look at Arsenal. They don’t buy the best players, which is sad, very sad for their supporters,"

"They pay a lot of money for a season ticket just to see a junior team. That can't be fun."

Bendtner bounces back:

“He is not correct. His words don’t make any sense at all,"

"We could have performed better this season but we did reach the semi-final in the FA Cup and the Champions League. Further than his Inter side.

“We scored as many goals as Manchester United and that shows what we are capable of.

"And in the Premier League there’s so much competition because it’s the best league in the world. It’s clearly better than Zlatan's league, Serie A."

“It’s no coincidence that 3 out of 4 teams from England were in the top 4 in Europe [Champions League] and none from Italy - not even Inter.”

Highly acclaimed acedemic source

Ibrahimovic won the poll over at Kickette, but who has your vote on this one?

oh shit i am blind and this was already posted
w/e just pointing out that we predicted this rivalry months ago ;)

rip luis garcia


gerrard on getting over his premier league hangover
rooney (not rio?!) being the prankster of the NT
listening to kings of leon



Video: http://www.setanta.com//uk/Videos/football/2009/06/04/Fowlers-managerial-dream-video/

Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler says he is considering becoming a football manager when he finally hangs up his boots, with ambitions to one day lead his old club.

"Anyone who says he wouldn't want to manage Liverpool is probably lying," Fowler said in an interview with SNTV. "Liverpool is a massive, massive club and anyone would want to do that."

Fowler, 34, long maintained he would make a clean break from the sport after retiring as a player, but now said it was likely he would head into management.

"I always said I would pack in young and take a break and all that,'' Fowler said.

"If you're not playing, the nearest thing to being around a football club is being a coach and manager. The older I've got I've looked into that more and more, so I probably will go down that route anyway.''


steven gerrard looking fabulis after a 9 hour flight to kazakhstan fyt:

darcy doesn;t sparkle

lol lol lol

Arsenal Captain Fabregas: Almunia Succeeded Lehmann As The Club's 'Debt Collector'

The Gunners young skipper has lifted the lid on some strange goings on in the Emirates dressing room...

In-house disciplinary fines at Arsenal are traditionally encapsulated into the responsibilities of the club captain, however, Francesc Fabregas has revealed that he has skirted such an act, and has allowed fellow-countryman Manuel Almunia to assume the role vacated by former shot-stopper Jens Lehmann.
Fabregas claims he has never enjoyed getting involved with fines, and that "Mad" Jens posed more of an intimidating debt-collector, than he ever could. The 22-year-old told the club's official website,
"The only thing I don't get involved with is the fines because it is too much work. I leave it to Manuel Almunia.

"The job used to belong to Jens Lehman, and he was always getting killed by all the players because no one wants to pay the fines, so I said, listen I don't want that job. "Almunia is doing the job now, so we changed that a little bit. Everyone always paid Jens, because if they didn't, they knew it was double," he concluded.

Lehmann, now at Stuttgart, is world-reknowned for his eccentricity and fiery nature.

LOL. I can just see Jens forcing everyone to pay up. I would definitely pay up, Jens would terrify the life out of me! I can't imagine Cesc would have the same impact somehow... :)


no lovely pictures this week

LRs here. This week... idk. NY/DC is a good rivalry, but NY is pretty bad this year. Houston/Chicago should be good and RSL/COL is another rivalry, but more even.

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Andddd if you watched the USA/Costa Rica game yesterday, you could list a large number of reasons why it sucked, but Freddy Adu says it succinctly enough:

The Saturday qualifier vs. Honduras should be better.
he's big and he's fucking hard

Top U-21 talent named in 23-man squads for Euros


The babies of England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Belarus and Serbia will all battle it out in four venues sandboxes in Sweden starting June 15

The tournament was last won by The Netherlands. Oranje? Clementines? Cuties?


This will run for 2 weeks, and the winners and runners-up from the groups will go through to the semis

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Your daily dose of Nandoness yo.

Liverpool Star Fernando Torres is a DIY Handyman

Football genius Fernando Torres isn’t just good with a ball at his feet - he’s a dab hand with a screwdriver in his hand too.

The Liverpool star has admits he loves nothing more than putting a flat pack together.
Most Premiership footballers would get the local odd-job man to come around but not handyman Torres.
He said: "When I moved in I had loads of furniture that needed putting together.

"I couldn't wait to put them together, so I took everything out of the packs and assembled it there and then.

"I spend a lot of time at home with my girlfriend Olalla and my dogs Yanta and Pomo so the last thing I wanted was the place to be in a mess.

"I’m actually pretty good at DIY, although there’s normally an extra piece leftover and sometimes the odd draw falls out.

"You either assemble the furniture straight away or it just lies around un-mounted for weeks on end - that’s my theory."

The 25-year-old has been in brilliant form again for the reds since joining in 2007 drilling in 49 50 goals in 81 83 games.

But the ambitious Spaniard will be hoping to build on that as Liverpool look for their first league title since 1990.

A club insider said: "Fernando’s a great lad and I’m sure he would have gone into the building trade if he hadn’t become a footballer.

"He often stops to have a chat with the handyman at the training ground.

"He loves his DIY and you can guarantee if one of the lads won’t put something together then Fernando is the man."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And yes, I stole this from nickiegn @ LiverpoolReds

Man City are trying to buy someone who is out of their league..... again

EXCLUSIVE: Eto'o for City as Hughes closes in on sensational £20m coup

Manchester City believe they are close to the £20million signing of Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o.

City began what promises to be a sensational summer of big spending with the £12m capture of Gareth Barry from Aston Villa on Tuesday and they have now turned their attention to Cameroon centre forward Eto’o, along with Carlos Tevez and a number of other big-name stars.

Scorer of the first goal in the Barcelona’ s 2-0 Champions League final triumph over Manchester United in Rome last week, 28-year-old Eto’o is widely recognised as one of the world’s great goal scorers.

City sources have indicated that Eto’o has been won over by their vision of the future, not to mention some astronomical wages, and that he is willing to move to Eastlands. Barcelona have also stated privately that they are willing to sell.

The Spanish champions’ president, Joan Laporta, last night stressed that Eto’o had a contract with Barcelona, but he admitted: ‘The market is very dynamic and there could be surprises. He’s a wanted man and we know he’ll receive offers.’

Eto’o, who also scored in the Champions League final when Barca beat Arsenal in 2006, has a string of honours.

He has was Africa Player of the Year three times, he was voted best forward in the Champions League in 2006 and finished third in 2005’s FIFA World Player of the Year.

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1190705/EXCLUSIVE-Barcelona-striker-Samuel-Etoo-Manchester-City-Mark-Hughes-closes-sensational-20m-coup.html

Please note: The source is the Daily Fail therefore the probability of this rumour being true is, of course,1245746987345609%

I can't believe no one has posted this yet

Villa, Silva futures in air as Valencia president quits

MADRID, June 4 (Reuters) - Valencia president Vicente Soriano resigned on Thursday as the dire financial problems facing the club made it more likely that players such as forward David Villa and midfielder David Silva would be sold.
Soriano has been trying to sell the land on which Valencia's stadium the Mestalla is built to help finance a move to a new venue that is under construction.
They defaulted on payments to the squad and to the company building the new stadium during last season, and are reported by Spanish media to have debts of over 450 million euros ($637.6 million).
"As you all know from the day I took the presidency (last July) I have been fighting for the economic and sporting viability of this club," Soriano told a news conference.
"Although there was an ongoing negotiation I haven't been able to fully complete the deal, therefore it is only logical I go."
He blamed the current economic climate for his failure to close an agreement within time limits laid down by the board, but said he was leaving with a clear conscience.
"I managed to hang on to Villa and Silva, and one year further on I am sure that if my successors want to sell them they will be worth much more than 12 months ago," he added.
"Without them we would have had serious problems on the pitch and we wouldn't be back in Europe again.
"I won't be the one to dismantle this team. Selling our stars may fill one or two gaps but it won't sort out the institution."
Valencia finished sixth in the Primera Liga to qualify for the Europa League but Spain internationals Villa, Silva, Raul Albiol and Juan Mata, among others, may have to be sold to finance their debts.
Media speculation has linked the players with moves to Real Madrid, Barcelona and English Premier League clubs in the past few days.
(Writing by Mark Elkington
Editing by Ken Ferris)


this is my first post so i'm sorry i don't know how to make a cut :(.