June 1st, 2009



Villarreal jugará dos amistosos en Chile a finales de julio

El cuadro del Submarino viajará a Santiago el 28 y 31 de dicho mes para tener el par de encuentros. Aún se desconocen los rivales que enfrentará.

VILLARREAL, mayo 31.- El Villarreal llegó a un acuerdo con la empresa nacional BTF International Group Limitada para disputar dos partidos en Santiago entre el 28 y 31 de julio.

Con este par de encuentros, de los que aún se desconoce la identidad de los equipos a los que se medirá, el conjunto castellonense continuará su trabajo de pretemporada.

Los amarillos ya se encuentran de vacaciones, después de haber ganado en la última jornada de Liga ante el Mallorca en el Ono Estadi y comenzará la pretemporada el lunes 13 de julio en la Ciudad Deportiva.

En dichas prácticas es posible que no esté Manuel Pellegrini, quien en la semana venidera podría ser presentado como el nuevo DT de Real Madrid.

OMG villarreal in chile, OMG!!!!!! i'm so going (with my cousin, she told me she wants to go too yay!!!)
i can't breath!!!!!
i'm so gonna stalk them while they are here O_O


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Players tell Rafa Benitez: Bring Michael Owen back
Steve Bates

Michael Owen will be heading back to Anfield - if Liverpool's senior stars (only Stevie and Carra, LOL) have anything to do with it.

Influential Kop players want boss Rafa Benitez to gamble on bringing back Owen to Merseyside in the same way he gave Robbie Fowler one final Anfield fling.

That move, with Fowler leaving Manchester City in January 2006 on a free, was rapturously greeted by Liverpool fans - and the Kop faithful would also welcome back Owen with open arms.

Owen, 29, is also on a free having failed to commit himself to a new deal with the Toon. It's understood he doesn't see life in the Championship as an option.

Luxury The star spent eight glorious years at Anfield scoring 118 goals in 216 games before leaving for Real Madrid in an £8million deal five years ago. He moved to Newcastle for £16m a year later.

The striker has been consistently overlooked by England boss Fabio Capello who privately believes Newcastle hasn't been the right environment for Owen.

Now, with no transfer fee to pay, top Liverpool players reckon there's no reason NOT to move for Owen - especially as Benitez is short on strike power to support Fernando Torres in attack.

Tottenham and Everton are both watching Owen's situation closely. But if Benitez listens to his own dressing room Liverpool's one-time goal-den boy could make a shock return to Anfield.


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Yeah, idk how one gets away with forcing Rafa to do things BUT STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED, OKAY?

If this happens I will be so over the moon you don't even know and I'll love everyone here so much I'll even cheer for Manchester United, that's how euphoric I'll be. I don't want to be disappointed again, my heart hurt when he ended up in Newcastle. Also I know haters will be flooding this post, but please, he'll be really harmless and he won't cost much and maybe he'll take a pay cut and omg please please please? Every summer I wait for this to happen, and I think Stevie secretly does, too. And we always end up disappointed.

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Ancelotti appointed Chelsea boss

Former AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti has been appointed Chelsea manager on a three-year deal.

Official site:

Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce that Carlo Ancelotti has agreed to become our new manager.

He has signed a three year contract and will start on July 1, 2009.

Carlo was the outstanding candidate for the job. He has proved over a long period his ability to build teams that challenged for, and have been successful in, major domestic and European competitions.

He also had a highly successful playing career in those competitions and therefore brings unparalleled all round experience to the job.

We are sure everybody at Chelsea will give him a warm welcome and we are all looking forward to working with him.


Thoughts? From everyone not just Chelsea fans!
I'm pretty scared tbh, I feel like Chelsea will be a big threat next year :\
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Chelsea's After Party

Elen Rives made a surprise appearance at trendy London haunt Movida last night - the same club chosen by her ex's Chelsea team to celebrate their FA Cup win.

The former fiancée of Frank Lampard looked stunning in a coral-coloured sequin-embellished dress and platform heels.

Unfortunately the 34-year-old Spaniard was somewhat worse for wear, her gesturing and shouting at waiting paparazzi marring the effects of the elegant dress and shoes.

ETA: More JT and Frank

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Football Rankings 6/1/09

Last one. Usually at this point I start complaining about the lack of football, but I have a feeling this summer is going to fly by.

Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga

French Ligue 1 Champions
Girondins de Bordeaux

Most Points
Manchester United (Premier League) - 90 points
Fewest Points
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 26 points
Biggest Lead
Internazionale (Serie A) - 10 points
Smallest Lead
VfL Wolfsburg (Bundesliga) - 2 points
Feliz Navidad

Dirty Tackle have my babies.

If it continued…


After completing the treble with their climactic Champions League final win over Man Utd, then returning home to a boozy victory parade and universal praise, Barcelona’s final league match against Deportivo la Coruna was very much an afterthought…if it was a thought at all. The match ended 1-1 after an 89th minute goal from Samuel Eto’o, but what if it continued?

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Getting to Know Carlo

Now that the 'shock' of Ancelotti being appointed Chelsea's newest manager has worn off, take the time to get to know him a little better with his first interview for Chelsea TV. And a brief introductory identification guide of his main facial expressions.

ETA: Now with a video of the interview!

Can Carlo get his own tag, please? Thank you! &hearts

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Barca Boys-parTy pEOple

As planned, the team went out to share one final meal together as the final note of what has been an extraordinary season. After drawing 1-1 with Deportivo, they gathered at the Reef restaraunt in La Coruna and feasted on seafood, before calling it a night.

That is, all except for Albert Jorquera, staff member Pepe Costa, and party animal Gerard Pique who, apparently, won't let anything, not even the muscle tear he'd just picked up at the match, get in the way of his partying. The three boys went out for drinks together to cap the night off


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Pics Credit:Sport.es
Lotz of love to silver_stars_22 for photos <3

Time for a Little Danish

Squad for the Qualifier Against Sweden so Vikings v. Vikings or Hamlet v. Beowulf whichever allusion you prefer.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Keepers: Jesper Christiansen (FC København), Stephan Andersen (Brøndby IF), Thomas Sørensen (Stoke City FC)

Defenders: Daniel Agger (Liverpool FC), Kristian Bak Nielsen (SC Heerenveen), Lars Jacobsen (Everton FC), Per Krøldrup (ACF Fiorentina), Simon Busk Poulsen (AZ Alkmaar), Simon Kjær (US Città di Palermo)

Midfielders: Christian Poulsen (Juventus FC), Hjalte Bo Nørregaard (FC København), Jakob Poulsen (AGF), Michael Silberbauer (FC Utrecht), Thomas Kahlenberg (AJ Auxerre), William Kvist Jørgensen (FC København)

Strikers: Dennis Rommedahl (AFC Ajax), Jesper Grønkjær (FC København), Martin Bernburg (FC Nordsjælland), Martin Jørgensen (ACF Fiorentina), Morten Nordstrand (FC København), Nicklas Bendtner (Arsenal FC)

And onto the training pics which are ridiculously watermarked and totally out of order since I was being lazy while loading them into photobucket. It also looks like some of the team is still MIA since I don't see either Fetus or Per, but on the plus side Fetus was called up this time!

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WTF???? - He's not even trying anymore is he ????

I will freely admit to not being a Manchester United supporter , I will further more admit to not being a Cristiano Ronaldo is "hot" supporter ....but, I have to admit the man ..... you have to give it up for this!!!!  A more true "wtf" moment  I've not seen!!!

I hope the lj cut works....but....if not.....I don't think I'll fix it.....sorry to my f-listers.....but, roflmao......wtf???

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