May 31st, 2009

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More of Ballack (and his mouth) Yet to Come

Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack has agreed a one-year contract extension and expects AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti to arrive at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking after Chelsea's FA Cup final win over Everton, Ballack told BBC Sport: "I haven't signed yet but I have agreed for another year."

Ancelotti is the favourite to succeed Guus Hiddink, who stepped down after his side's Wembley victory.

Ballack, 32, added: "It's not done yet but it looks like he will be coach."

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Iker gives hot 3/4



(not related to the asian invasion)

I can't get the video to embed... BUT IT'S AWESOME (Nash, Henry, Kaka, and more!)

Steve Nash (a good old Canadian boy) brings us NBA Stars and International Footie Stars TOGETHER. FOR CHARITY.


Collapse )It's happening June 24th, 2009 in New York City! It's to support Nash's charity Football for Good and by following the link you can ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN TICKETS TO NEW YORK!! Get on it. Right now. I can't believe no one else has posted this.

from last year:

free for all

no time for more, I'm off to work!

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To the bridge, to the bridge?

gee whiz gaiz who saw this one coming?

Ancelotti leaves AC Milan

Carlo Ancelotti has announced his contract at AC Milan has been terminated by mutual consent, and the Italian club have wasted no time by immediately installing Leonardo as his replacement.

Club vice-president Adriano Galliani confirmed former AC Milan and Brazil playmaker Leonardo, who has been working for the club as technical area activities manager, will be his successor.

Galliani said on Sunday evening: "Leonardo is our new coach and will be presented at the San Siro tomorrow at midday.''

It had been widely expected that Ancelotti would leave the San Siro at the end of the Serie A season. Milan claimed second spot on the final day of the season with a 2-0 win at Fiorentina.

The 49-year-old has been consistently linked with Chelsea, though he refused to confirm he had agreed to take over at Stamford Bridge.

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It's over - thank you Valencia!


This is my huge spam about season 08/09 with Valencia club de Fútbol, VCF, the Bats, Los Che or whatever you wanna call it!
This spam includes videos, a lot of pics, many hot jugadores, goal-celebrations, manpiles, music, quotes, nudity, porn... Everything you could ever ask from a football team (or a spam)!

But why am I making this under the title "It's over"? Well, I know one thing that is over for sure: this season. Next season we're not having the same players, the same kit, the same goals... Many things will change.
But I know another thing too, which is not over and will never be over: 
my love for Valencia Club de Fútbol.

This has been a wonderful season. Not the best for the players and the old fans, but the best season for me, because this was my first year including football and fangirling.
We'll all have many memories from this season and the most important thing is, that we love Valencia!


It's over - the huge spam of the season!
- Who is 'Los Che'? > Introducing the team
- Come on and play! > Best matches this season
- We are such fucking nerds > Quotes matching Valencia
- The Pirates of Spain! > Video-spam
- Huge picspammatches, trainings, players

Enjoy my girls! :)

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Rafa Benitez has rubbished reports in the Spanish media that an agreement has been reached with Real Madrid for the transfer of Xabi Alonso.
The midfielder has been linked with a move away from Anfield this summer but the Reds boss has poured cold water on suggestions the Spain international is set to leave.

The Liverpool manager said: "The situation is clear, we do not want to sell our best players and that includes Xabi.

"He had a very good season for us and can be an important player in the future. There is no agreement with Real and we want him to be part of our plans going forward.

"Xabi himself told our club magazine only two weeks ago that he was looking forward to his sixth season as a Liverpool player. Why should he want to leave now?"

Benitez added: "Xabi's agent came to see me recently to talk about the future. It was a surprise for me and I pointed out to him there were three years left on Xabi's contract.

"I asked him if the player was happy in Liverpool and he said yes. It was a short meeting."


Javier Mascherano believes Lionel Messi's sensational display in the Champions League final has singled him out as the world's best.
The Barcelona star struck the second goal in the Spanish champions' 2-0 success over Manchester United and Mascherano feels he should now be crowned the number one footballer on the planet.

"Not many teams can play a final like Barcelona did," said Mascherano.

"They were very faithful to their style and I think that's very important. They are the best team in the world because they have shown that in a final of the Champions League.

"Fifa doesn't have any excuse now for (not) naming Messi as the best player in the world.

"He is going to win the golden ball. He showed his capacity to keep on fighting and after what he did against Manchester United he showed that he is the best."


up yours!

This post has no purpose

Yesterday was Barca's closing game against Deportivo
It was Sylvinho's last match and the debut of the new vagina away kits
Otherwise it was pretty dull. Oh god how will they ever make it up to us?!?!

This post is about my concern with Barcelona's number 11
He is on the prowl and seducing every older man in the world
...even a Deportivo player who was booked for making a bad challenge on him


It's too bad we're way out of his league and don't fit the vulnerable older man type
because this is what we're missing out on

Piquenbauer tore a muscle in his leg, which will rule him out for 15 days!
Um, what? The season is over, who cares.

Well Vicente del Bosque is releasing his squad list for the Confederations Cup tomorrow. The tournament starts on the 14th which makes him a doubt :( Que lástima, I guess we'll be missing out on the Reina + Pique partnership in celebrations if Spain do win the cup in South Africa.

Also, Iniesta is racing to get his fitness back since he is still not 100% (believe it or not), Silva has been injured for Valencia lately and Cazorla has been ruled out for a while. Ay dios mio!

Whutevs, have some gifs in exchange for this bad news
and because I have some kind of chronic gifing disorder

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Xabi |Eso es una barba|

Punto y aparte

Official: Florentino Pérez is Real Madrid's new president

Due to the lack of other candidates, Florentino Pérez was declared the club's new president today at 12:00 AM, wich was the deadline for submitting a candidature.


Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid

It is now 00:01 on 1 June 2009, making the deadline to make a bid for the Election to the Presidency of Real Madrid officially over. The Electoral Board wishes to announce: 

Following Point 2 in Section E of Article 40 of the Club’s Statutes, given that only one bid has been made, D. Florentino Perez has been proclaimed as the new President of Real Madrid. His Board of Directors will be as follows:

D. Florentino Perez Rodriguez  MEMBER 3,303 PRESIDENT
D. Fernando Fernandez Tapias  MEMBER 33,958 VICE-PRESIDENT
D. Eduardo Fernandez de Blas  MEMBER 6,753 VICE-PRESIDENT

The new Board will take office on Monday 1 June 2009 at 13:00 CET in the Presidential Balcony of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Madrid, 1 June 2009
Electoral Board

Whatever. Now let's see what happens. Optimism is not something I would use to describe my feelings but who cares. We can just wait.
Yoann Rose

Hola a todos

I tried to post this directly to ONTD , but I could not get the stupid LJ cut to work because it hates me so instead I just posted to my LJ and I can link you up. Anyways, this is an Adrian picspam because he's a hottie and needs love!

Also,I didn't know what to tag it so edit away!