May 26th, 2009



Soccer playboy Cristiano Ronaldo has netted a sensational new girlfriend.

The Portuguese-born Manchester United star - known for throwing himself in the air over an opponent's imaginary leg - has taken a dive at stunning Brazilian Luana Belletti.

And playing cupid to set up the romance was the blonde's brother, Chelsea star Juliano Belletti, 32.

Pals say the pair, both 24, who have been secretly dating for two months, appear smitten. A source close to the couple said: "Luana had mentioned Cristiano a couple of times to her brother so he set it all up.

"Belletti and his sister are from Brazil so they speak Portuguese as their first language which made things much easier."

In the last few months Ronaldo has had short-lived romances with Spaniard Nereida Gallardo, 24, and fitness instructor Gabriela Etringer, 27. But this time things could be different.

The source added: "Cristiano seems to be treating Luana differently from his last girlfriends by keeping her out of the limelight."

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copying off of jtothe9...

This post got me thinking and I want to hear stuff about people's NTs - the weirder the better. I have a basic account, so no polls from me, but who do you support and why? I'm bored as hell so essays are rad, pictures are cool if they're hot, and anecdotes warm my heart.

(Aaaaand idk if this is really an issue here, but it's caused ~drama~ in the past, so no commenting on people who don't support their home country's NT, please. Everyone pretty much already has their own opinion on it and wanking is going change no one's mind and I don't feel like hearing all the debating over what makes a REAL FAN.)
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lol look at me posting before I leave on vacation

Etó'o and mi novio catalán, Gerard Piqué did interviews with El Larguero yesterday in which they both talk about the final and how awesome Leo is.

Piqués Interview

Samu's interview

AAAND let me just say that even though I won't be around tomorrow, I know my boys will bring it and we'll have a fantastic game and we all know the triplete is coming home, bitches may the best team win ;)

This post is DJ Piquénbauer approved

basking in the glow


Stuttgart's Gomez agrees to join Bayern Munich

BERLIN, May 26 (Reuters) - VfB Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez has agreed to join Bayern Munich, the Bavarian club and the German Soccer Federation said on Tuesday.

"I am looking forward to Bayern," Gomez told the club website ( at the start of an Asian tour with the German national team. "The club is something special. I want to compete for the championship with it and look forward to the Champions League."


I hate transfer season

English outfit West Bromwich Albion have exercised their option to buy on-loan forward Juan Carlos Menseguez from San Lorenzo for €850,000 according to the Argentine press. For the cash-strapped Buenos Aires outfit, it is good news as they begin to overhaul their squad, while Menseguez provides squad depth for the recently-relegated Baggies.

Argentine paper Olé are reporting that West Brom have paid €425,000 to San Lorenzo to take Menseguez permanently, with the other €425,000 to be paid either in the remainder of this year or next year. President Rafael Savino has accepted the proposition, as eventually he will have recouped the €500,000 that San Lorenzo paid to bring Menseguez back to Argentina from VfL Wolfsburg in 2007.
It is a touch of luck for Savino as he may not have been expecting the Baggies to make Menseguez's move permanent, as he only played a bit-part role for West Brom before their relegation. The cash will be well received, however, as Savino and Diego Simeone look to rebuild the team and other players can expect to follow Menseguez out of the door at the Pedro Bidegain. Those such as Agustín Orion, Adrián González, Juan Manuel Torres and Gonzalo Bergessio were among those branded as mercenaries following El Ciclón's elimination from the Copa Libertadores and San Lorenzo can expect a major overhaul in their squad this summer.

(Wait what. I don't think anyone thinks Bergessio and Chaco are mercenaries, with the exception of a few "fans" that waited for them at the aiport. No one who's watched Bergessio play can say that he doesn't play his heart out every time. /end rant.)

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awooo waka waka espagna

bigger than the beatles

omagad the boys are in rome!!!!

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Coleen at the airport on her way to Rome looking lovely and strategically hiding her baby bump


  • If Man United win they'll be the first team in history to retain the CL title, and it will be Fergie's 3rd cup.
  • If Barca win, Bojan will be the youngest winner of the CL cup ever, Pep will be the third to have won it as a coach and player with the same club, and Barcelona will win the first triplete in Spanish history

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It is the debate that will not go away in the build-up to the 
Champions League final but the Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernández has refused to compare Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo because, he says, the Portuguese winger would come off so badly.


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Someone help me make that ^ smaller
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Manchester United’s Park Has the Endurance to Persevere

Park Ji-sung, Manchester United’s tireless midfielder from South Korea, is nicknamed Three Lungs for his remarkable endurance. It is a reference to his incessant running but also a testament to perseverance through youthful frailty, cultural insecurity, European skepticism, personal disappointment and a diet that was once more eye of newt than essence of Emeril.

On Wednesday night in Rome, Park is expected to become the first Asian player to participate in the European Champions League final when Manchester United faces Barcelona. A year ago, in a semifinal leg featuring the two teams, Park performed a Gumpian odyssey, turning the match into his own personal 10-kilometer run.

Later, though, he found himself excluded from United’s squad for its victory in the final against Chelsea, calling that snub in Moscow “the biggest disappointment of my career.”

After the second leg of the semifinals this month, when Park scored a goal and feathered an assist against Arsenal to help propel Manchester United back into the Champions League final, Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said, “I don’t think he’ll be disappointed this time.”

He called the 28-year-old Park “one of the most underrated players in the game,” high praise for a player who once seemed merely one of the most undernourished.

His story, widely told, is of a determined but tiny schoolboy, whose father took a job in a butcher’s shop to provide him with choice cuts of meat and boiled frogs into an unappetizing soup, trying to coax a growth spurt from a folk remedy.

There were times I threw up because of the taste, but I kept going because the heart of wanting to be a better footballer was greater than having a good-tasting meal every day,” the 5-foot-9, 159-pound Park said in a recent documentary about his life. “I was willing to do anything to become better.”

All those push-ups on his own, all that extra time spent honing his passing skills, all that running, all that queasy swallowing of frog extract eventually helped him overcome the doubt in others that Park was too small to play soccer beyond high school. After many rejections, he attended college, received a professional contract in Japan and had an international coming-out party at the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.

Until then, South Korea had never won a match in the Cup. But inspired by a Dutch coach, Guus Hiddink, the Red Devils reached the semifinals and transfixed a country, swelling its collective chest. Millions poured into plazas to watch the games on giant-screen televisions.

Hiddink’s words were broadcast to workers at South Korean companies. His reward for success, according to news accounts, included honorary citizenship, free airline flights and a villa on a private island.

Park scored in a pretournament exhibition against France, the 1998 World Cup champion, then declared, “This game gave us the confidence that we could stand up to world soccer powers.”

Emboldened, he delivered the winning goal against Portugal in group play, putting South Korea into the knockout round. He and his teammates kept running and running, winning and winning, and a country began to reassess itself, as if all this sprinting could, at least temporarily, leave tense histories with Japan, the United States and North Korea in its vapor trail.

Finally, South Korea ran out of gas against Germany in the semifinals, but Park had been sufficiently impressive for Hiddink to take him to the Netherlands for a stint with PSV Eindhoven. Hiddink recently told The Observer of London that Park “does the dirty work for the bigger stars,” but the cultural adjustment to European soccer in 2002 was unnerving.

Shortly after arriving in the Netherlands, Park injured a knee. Fans booed him. Some, his father told The Observer, even threw drinks at him.

Eventually, Park’s knee and fans’ harsh assessment of him began to heal. PSV reached the Champions League semifinals in 2005. Once the object of taunts, Park was now serenaded with a song dedicated to him.

Later that year, he moved to Manchester United, and Ferguson was impressed by Park’s fitness. Park’s father encouraged him to join Manchester United, perhaps the world’s most prestigious club team, even if he were to sit the bench.

For the first time in a century, a Korean entered the team,” Park Seong-jong said in the documentary about his son, titled “Do You Know Park Ji-sung?” “And people said there might not be another one for the next hundred years. That’s how hard it is to join that team. I told him: ‘Go for it. Even if you only play one game a year, go for it.’ ”

At first, skepticism lingered like the aroma of frog soup. Some wondered whether it was a marketing move by Manchester United to sell more jerseys in Asia. Park has sometimes been criticized for aimless running. Even Ferguson admitted in the documentary, “Sometimes we say to him: ‘Ji-sung, take out that battery! You’re running far too much.’ ”

By all accounts, Park is a popular but quiet member of United’s team. His iconic status in Asia has brought abundant endorsements, an autobiography and a fan club with a reported 87,000 dues-paying members. In South Korea, he is chased the way the Beatles were through Liverpool and London in “A Hard Day’s Night.

He has also made a country extraordinarily proud by helping banish old preconceptions, even in Korea, that Asian players are too lightweight to make it in the big leagues,” The Telegraph in London wrote last week.

Still, Park prefers the solitude of video games and longs to be a kind of ghost away from the field. He does not want to be famous or popular, he told reporters a few days ago. He simply wants to be a good player, one who channeled frustration into incentive after being cast out of last year’s Champions League final.

“I kept working hard,” he said, “and finally I have one more chance.


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Happy 100th Birthday Sir Matt.

Like the ‘Believe’ and European Cup mosaics of the past two semi-finals and last year’s final, United fans in Rome will be creating a mosaic which reads ‘for Sir Matt’.

Sir Matt Busby would have been 90 on the day we won the European Cup back in 1999 and the eve of this year’s final will mark what would have been his 100th birthday.

“We wanted to do something to mark Sir Matt’s 100th birthday and we were approached by the fans with an idea that would recognise the role he had played in the club’s unique place in Europe,” said David Gill. “Alex liked the idea straight away. The mosaic will remind millions of people around the world what a great man Sir Matt was.”

Sir Matt’s son, Sandy, has also responded to the plan and reckons his dad would be dead chuffed. 

“It’s going to be really heart-rending when the mosaic is lifted up and I’m sure there are going to be a few tears from my sister and myself,” said Sandy. “My dad would have been so proud and pleased. He was a sentimental man and he would be absolutely delighted that the fans still remember him with such affection and still sing songs in his honour but this is something else – he will be the proudest man in heaven.”

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End of season arsespam girls. A celebration of the best team in North London :)

So this season has been a bit a dramafest really. The whole team was injured. The entire team was going to leave at the end of the season. Cesc signed for Barcelona at least 46 times, Wenger was totally gonna sign for Real Madrid after being offered 13p to spend next season on an entire new team as everyone else was going to Barcelona/Real Madrid/AC Milan.

Arsenal were going to get relegated after losing 76 games in a row. Billy Gallas went apocalypto to the press, got his favourite armband taken away from him and given to a fetus instead. Andrei Arshavin totally wasn't coming to Arsenal, then he was, then he wasn't, was, then wasn't a few more times and then finally, eventually, he was, but all woman drivers better feel his wrath yes? While still adoring his excellent pattern cutting technique obviously.

Cesc swapped spit with the Hull team, only he didn't really did he Phil Brown? Nicky ran around central London pantless, and Sagna still had stupid hair... all in all a bit of an insane season.

But thats totally how we roll, and us Arsefans wouldn't have it any other way.
So onto the spam, because we all know that's why you're here.

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na na na big and hard


Rafael Benitez believes Liverpool can enjoy a trophy-laden 09-10 campaign – if Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard can stay fit.
The duo only managed 21 starts together in a season that saw the Reds just miss out on the Barclays Premier League title.

Benitez is all too aware of the threat they pose as a partnership and with a summer of international duty on the cards the boss is already eager to see them return for pre-season duty unscathed.

"Fernando will be away with Spain and Steven also has international duty," he said. "It is not something we can stop so there's no point complaining.

"Top players are needed by their countries, but you don't have to ask me what I would prefer.

"Let's hope the two of them can then have a relaxing summer and be fully fit when we start again in August, and stay that way through the season."

Despite stop-start campaigns, both Gerrard and Torres enjoyed a productive term in front of goal and Benitez feels keeping the duo fit will be key to Liverpool building on their second place finish.

"We have missed Gerrard and Torres too much," said Benitez.

"They do make a big difference when they play in the side together, which hasn't happened as much as we would have liked.

"Let's hope they can have a good rest this summer and be back for what I believe will be a better season.

"We have to maintain the levels of this season, the consistency and quality, to improve next time around.

"We have improved a lot this season, if we keep going the same way then we will be closer to the title next season."

"This is now a challenge for all of us, to make that next step, to get closer to the title," he added.

"We made some mistakes this season, the home draws. Next time we must avoid those mistakes."


I believe this warrants a Gernando spam, it's going to be while till we have more.. :D

Strachan resigns as Celtic boss

Gordon Strachan is leaving Celtic just one day [this was announced yesterday] after surrendering the Scottish Premier League title to Rangers.

Strachan began his four-year tenure with three consecutive league successes but his side let slip a seven-point lead established by the end of 2008.

The 52-year-old former Southampton boss is now thought to be among those being considered for the Sunderland vacancy.

"It has been an absolute honour and privilege to be the club's manager for four years," said Strachan.

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Source: BBC

Motherwell boss Mark McGhee has been recommended by departing Celtic manager Gordon Strachan as his replacement at Parkhead
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Danielle Lloyd is OK.


Danielle Lloyd 'could have lost a leg' following a an alleged attack by two women in a nightclub brawl early on Bank Holiday Monday.

She underwent emergency surgery following the incident - and was reportedly warned that surgeons might have to amputate because of the amount of blood she had lost.

Her consultant at the private Wellington Hospital in north London said the 25-year-old was 'very lucky' not be permanently disabled in the attack and would need months of intense physiotherapy to recover.

Danielle had 20 stitches to a wound in her back at accident and emergency immediately following the incident, then was transferred to the private hospital where she underwent emergency surgery.

A close friend told the Sun: 'Danielle was lucky not to have lost her leg.'

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Once again, there are more pictures at the source. And once again, they are VERY bloody.

on this day: united's treble & arsenals title winnner

From the Vault: Two Thrilling Finishes
26 May is the 10th anniversary of Manchester United's Treble, and the 20th anniversary of Michael Thomas's title winner for Arsenal. Read reports of both here and then debate which was more momentous.

Thomas prepares to score Arsenal's second at Anfield in 1989
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THREE matters of business to attend to (Which i will list by using Roman numerals because it is champions League Final day and it is in Rome. That's brilliant, that is):

I. A website that I frequent, Sporcle, has many football quizzes that I thought you might all enjoy (they have many other quizzes, which you should all check out, because the website is very addictive and fun). Here they are:
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Post your scores in comments if you feel like sharing. Be Champions!

II. Being from the lowly country where it is called soccer, and not football, I tend to lack the knowledge of where to look at headline. The only site I really use is espnsoccernet, but I have a feeling that you all have better ones to suggest. Help?

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They're gonna make it

Barcelona head coach Pep Guardiola is 'confident' Thierry Henry and Andres Iniesta will both be fit for the UEFA Champions League final.

French striker Henry has been struggling with a knee injury while Spanish midfielder Iniesta has been aiming to shake off a thigh complaint.

The duo recently returned to light training and now look set to be fit for Barca's clash with Manchester United in Rome on Wednesday.

"Today is the last training session and we will see how their condition is," Guardiola told a news conference.

"I think they will be there tomorrow. I am confident.

"If they play they are okay. If they are not okay they are not going to play."

Come on Barca