May 21st, 2009

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What were you doing on the 20th?

Alex and Lexie stops by Melwood in her ozone-layer destroying Ranger Rover 20/05/2009

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The Liverpool boys leaving Jamie Carragher's Cafe Sports bar after celebrating the end of the season. No sign of Arbeloa? EDIT: Arbs was there, pics added 20/05/2009

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Stevie G not at Jamie's sports bar, but in FRANCE at the 2009 Cannes film festival 20/05/2009

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Thanks to watermark-busting bloodred_orange for the heads up
Sources: Wenn & Belga


I Have A ?

So I was looking through football filter before I need to get ready to go and I see this:

Barcelona Deserve To Win The Champions League - Lionel Messi


"For the way we have played all year. The fans admire us and we deserve the reward. If we play that way, with possession and creating chances, it will be a lot easier. It does not matter who scores, it will make us all happy," he mused.

And I got to thinking that deserve is a word that is thrown around a lot in football. I see it all the time in match spams, so and so deserves to score, we deserved to win, etc. Personally I think that the word choice is better as should. I mean of course in some circumstances it's warranted like this team has the most points they deserve to win the title. So I am curious as to your opinion on the matter. And this has nothing to do with being a bitter Chelsea fan, CL is what it is.
o holy trinity

Barcelona signs the invisible man

Back to the traditional navy blue and claret stripes we go!


This shirt will make its debut against Osasuna this weekend. I'm kinda bummed because I'd rather the boys be wearing the shirts they have been all season while being presented with the league trophy...

Second choice kit is a lovely salmon/papaya/vagina color

"The shirt is made of Nike Dri-Fit material, which is designed to absorb sweat enabling the player to feel dry and fresh for longer. Its three-dimensional architecture allows a greater circulation of air around the skin which prevents the shirt sticking."

Yes. Exactly what a vaginally coloured kit should be doing.

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Epic Nike promo worthy of a 'cinematic majesty' tag
Dani Alves also picked up an ankle sprain during training so his last game for us was probably against Mallorca last week. Goodbye Dani, thanks for all you did and have a nice summer -- maybe we'll see you on the pitch when Puyi lifts the Champions League trophy ;) If not, te estoy esperando en mi cama...


Yesterday, the Local Argentina NT played an international friendly against Panamá in Colón's stadium, El Cementerio de los Elefantes. They beat Panamá 3-1, goals by Defederico, Bergessio (Argentina) and Barahona (Panamá).
Left to right: Sand, Pozo, Ferrero, Otamendi, Caruzzo, Bernardello, Defederico, Salvio, Montenegro, Bergessio and Rinaudo.
Collapse )Maradona: "I was dazzled by all the players" (I see someone's been reading Twilight...)
And because I'm nice, you can watch the goals here
. There's also a guy crying in the stands, lol.

Deferico (2:18), Barahona (3:12), Bergessio (4:04). Seeing a San Lorenzo player hugging an Huracán player is bizarrely amazing. And Bergessio kissing his jersey kills me. Dead.

Second video. Bergessio (3:58)


Hyypia eager for Reds return
Veteran hoping to be back after Bundesliga stint

Liverpool's departing defender Sami Hyypia has already set his sights on returning to Anfield when he hangs up his playing boots.

The club's long-serving Finnish defender is swapping Merseyside for the Bundesliga next season after agreeing a two-year contract with Bayer Leverkusen.

The 35-year-old has amassed 463 club appearances in 10 years of football for the illustrious club after joining for £2.5million back in the summer of 1999.

Manager Rafa Benitez has offered Hyypia, who is set to make one final appearance for the Reds against Spurs this weekend, a coaching role at the club, an offer the defender is eager to accept.

" I've so many memories of Liverpool,
and really would love to return one day. "

Sami Hyypia


"I'd like to come back to Liverpool one day as a coach, and it was great to hear the manager would like me to return," Hyypia told the Daily Mirror.

"Coaching has always been in my mind, but I have to take my badges first. I haven't done that yet because I want to keep playing, and I thought at this stage it would be a burden.

"But at the end of my playing career I'll look to take the badges and then see. I've so many memories of Liverpool, and really would love to return one day.

"I think it will only be after I've finally left that I'll be able to sit back and realise what we've done in my 10 years. It's hard to take in now. It is nice to be remembered here."


Fast & Furious:Calcio Edition

Italian tv is a fabulous thing. They have some ridiculously funny shows, like Striscia la notizia.

So, the guys over there decided to find out how much footballers obey the law.
They set up a speed trap to see who's the next Paul Walker,Vin Diesel, you know... (maybe it was a makeshift casting XDD)

VIDEOS under the cuts

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I should have seen this first, cause i watch the show sometimes but i guess i've missed that episode so thanks to Dirty Tackle for bringing it to my attention

Awards are being handed out at Chelsea.

blues news awards

Michael Essien has won the Goal of the Season award. [source]

For his impressive and thunderous strike against Barcelona, only a few weeks ago.
(I voted for another goal, but this was my second choice).

Chelsea Young Player of the Year is Michael Mancienne. [source]


John Terry wins a special achievement award. [source]

I will do my best to update this post as they go on, and additionally add pictures.

Cashley Cole wins Players' Player of the Year.

FRANK LAMPARD wins fans' Player of the Year.

Canna gives his last interview as a Madridista

Smiling and charming as ever, but also sad for leaving Real Madrid, Fabio Cannavaro said goodbye to the media in his last press conference as a Madridista.
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Which are your saddest and happiest memories?
The saddest was the defeat against Barcelona at the Bernabeu this year. We worked hard before then and it was, as we say in Italy, "like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope." The match in Liverpool was also a hard blow to all the squad. I think the happiest moments were having Barcelona receive us as victors last season, the Super Cup match against Valencia -which we won with just nine men-, the match against Mallorca that gave us our first league title... I have very fond memories of my three years at Real Madrid.

You arrived with the Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player awards in your pocket and you leave after a bad season.
No, no. This is typical in a footballer's life. Some years are better than others, but what counts is being a professional. I've had an exemplary behaviour throughout these three years and I've behaved like a professional. Things can't turn out well all the time.

What do Real Madrid need?
I think they need to take things slowly because many strange things have happened this year. The Club needs a clear path to follow as befits a great entity. It needs a President that lasts for more than four years; it's the only way to make solid plans for the future.

Would you like to score a goal in your farewell at the Bernabeu?
I haven't scored there in three years... Each player must know his place. It isn't important to say goodbye with a goal because I don't have to prove my worth in just one game. I must have done something well in three years.

Could Mourinho be a good coach for Real Madrid?
I think he is a great coach and Inter Milan have built a great team in recent years. We will have to work hard at Juventus to beat them because they are a great opponent. Mourinho has enough experience to coach a team like Real Madrid, but people are forgetting about Juande Ramos, who's had a great season and is also a fantastic coach.

What would you like to say to the fans?
Grazie mille. The fans have always been great to me. They were very forgiving the first year and I can only thank them for it.

How would you like them to bid you farewell on Sunday?
Winning the game is what's most important to me. The rest will come later. I shouldn't think about having a good or a bad farewell; the team is what's really important.

See you next year in the 2010 Champions League final.
I hope so. That would make me very happy.


(also, it's not showing a Canna tag for me so if someone wants to go ahead and fix that, much appreciated and the LJ cut is not working for me, either the HTML version or the manual, but I tried)

Also, wow, I cannot get the full interview to show, so just go here

Cesc Fabregas CLEARED of spitting

Cesc Fabregas has been cleared by the Football Association of all charges in relation to the spitting row with Hull City.

FA officials wanted to delay the announcement until Hull had contested Sunday's relegation clash with Manchester United. But Sportsmail can reveal that Arsenal captain Fabregas has escaped punishment after being hit with two charges of improper conduct in the wake of the controversial events that concluded the FA Cup quarter-final tie between the sides at the Emirates Stadium.

Hull manager Phil Brown publicly accused Fabregas of spitting at his assistant Brian Horton, while the FA also charged the Spaniard over 'his behaviour in coming on to the pitch after the final whistle'. Fabregas missed the game because of injury but stormed on to the field in what was seen by Hull as an overly aggressive manner. The spitting incident was alleged to have taken place in the tunnel soon afterwards.

The FA received statements from Brown, Horton, fitness coach Sean Rush and a number of Hull players as well as video evidence.

But, after Fabregas declined to appear at a hearing, the FA's disciplinary body reviewed the evidence and concluded he had no case to answer.

Hull are sure to be furious. The FA will no doubt argue that a lack of conclusive evidence left them to make an impossible choice between the conflicting statements of Hull and Arsenal.

But Hull will no doubt feel that their evidence has simply been dismissed, with the possibility of a fine for Brown - he, too, was charged with improper conduct for remarks about referee Mike Riley - adding insult to injury.

Fabregas has, however, consistently denied spitting at Horton, saying: 'I have never done this (spit) in my whole career, so why would I when I am not even playing?' Brown saw things differently. He said: 'We really just want the truth to come out.'

So that ends cescgate. It's good to know the truth came out.
darcy doesn;t sparkle

My Bajillionth post of the week...

I Know What You Did This Summer

Summer is often a trying and vexing time to be an Arsenal fan, particularly for those Arsenal fans that still insist on reading newspapers and absorb their vituperative untruths, whilst bland idiot pundits like Redknapp cluck their tongues with honeyed words of deceit. Personally, my advice would be ignore it and just go with the flow, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. But just to prepare you, here are twenty things you can guarantee will happen at our beloved club this summer.

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oh god im seeing double

You go gurrrlfriend

Paolo Cannavaro has written an open letter to Napoli fans after he was booed last weekend.

“Dear Azzurri fans, I have decided to write a few words to show my bitterness at what happened at the Stadio San Paolo last Sunday,”

“I am very hurt by the protests that were aimed at me. I don't believe I deserved the whistles or the attitude you displayed towards me.

“I know that you have the right to whistle at an error or a bad performance just as you applaud a win but I can't accept being the target of prejudice.

“You must recognise the love I have shown towards this shirt. I don't have to tell you what Napoli means to me. I have always given my all in these colours and I have infinite passion for my city on and off the pitch.

“The people who know me, starting with my teammates, know that I have always shown professionalism as a footballer.

“When I returned to Naples I didn't just join a project, I realised a dream and my biggest ambition that was to win with the team I love.

“Today I still get goose bumps when I remember the day we got promoted to Serie A. That unforgettable day showed me that this shirt is a second skin. You all know my love for this shirt. This is not simply a mesh, but a second skin. I want to remain in this kit my whole life and am proud to be Neapolitan

“As a Neapolitan and Napoli's No 1 fan I will always do everything for our cause. And I would like to share the joy, the suffering, the sacrifices, the emotions and the love for our extraordinary city with you. I want to play for Napoli for the rest of my career,”


Booing your own players. Most clubs can barely accuse others of committing this act because every team has "supporters" who do this. Is there ever an acceptable time for showing your team this level of disrespect? The majority will respond with an obvious "no" but there are pooheads out there who argue that ticket payers have the right to boo the overpaid professionals who underperform on the pitch. What do y'all think?

this post brought to you by kljestan's shit talking

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THIS WEEK: The Chivas/KC game should be fun. KC's playing well while Chivas is steamrolling. Alternatively, you could watch LA/DAL and see Bruce Arena's 2002 All Stars fight with whoever Dallas' coach hasn't beat the spirit out of yet. SJ/Dyanmo has some slim potential to be good, too, if you look at the ~history~ angle.

Almunia's birthday party at Sketches

From the Daily Mail - Young star Theo Walcott, 20, and his student WAG Melanie Slade, 19, paired up with Dutch striker Robin van Persie, 25, and wife Bouchra, for a sober gathering for goalkeeper Manuel Almunia's birthday last night.

Melanie stepped out in a beige body-con dress and black gladiator style sandals, while Theo kept it casual in a leather jacket, black shirt and jeans.

And Walcott's teammates Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas and Denilson were spotted looking smart and sober as they left the exclusive London restaurant and club. As were Amaury Bischoff, Adebayor and Carlos Vela.

But uniquely for a footballers' party, there were no scantily-clad wannabe WAGs jostling for camera time, or worse for wear players disgracing themselves.

There were no tears or tantrums, and no unhappy bouncers - unlike the nocturnal adventures of a certain Tottenham Hotspur captain the other week.

The Gunners' keeper Manuel recently turned 32, a source said: 'The players drank champagne and enjoyed a four-course meal, including Herefordshire beef.

'There was a chocolate fountain for dessert, but none of them touched it.' What restraint!

By all accounts it was a less than riotous affair with only one player, Johan Djourou, looking as if he'd danced up a storm in his sweaty jumper.

There are inexplicably no photos of the birthday boy...

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New Arsenal Away Kit

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mmm toffees.

phil jagielka (deservedly) won everton's player's player of the year AND player of the year awards.<
(not that anyone else really cares, lol)

The former Sheffield United man's knee ligament injury is expected to sideline him for around six months, but the fact that he was given no fewer than three standing ovations at Everton's awards dinner certainly cheered him, even though his anxiety about his future after he recovers from the problem is palpable.

he looks like such a dork. and i mean that in such an endearing way. he's awesome.

and then tim howard on teammates:

ahaha jags as worst dancer. he just became even more endearing to me. get well soon, jags!