May 18th, 2009



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Mr. Ronaldo on "maybe his next job" (c)

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Victoria Day Variety Post

Wenger shows "interest" in a Madrid move
Wenger said: 'With Perez the project will be strongly interesting for every coach. It is a super project, but in general I always go right to the end of my contract.' He also didn't deny meeting with Perez earlier this week. (source)


STFU Wenger, you are staying with Arsenal til you retire! How successful would his run in Madrid be anyway? Arsenal fans are much more patient than the supporters in Madrid. Coaches have been sacked left and right despite winning titles (ie: Cabbage Man) and if Wenger were to take on the role, he would have to show them immediate results.

Patrice Evra is locking Tevez up
"I speak with him every day. He won’t go anywhere because I will keep him in my house." (source)

- Patrice Evra on making Carlitos stay at OT

ya um...feel free to lock us up anytime

England launches 2018 World Cup bid
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has teamed up with David Beckham to launch England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup. England is competing against the United States, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and Japan, as well as possible joint bids by Spain and Portugal and the Netherlands and Belgium. (source)

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& it's arooj's birthday today. I believe she turns some grumpy age of 53

Happy Birthday :)

[♥]roaming gnome

El País has a crush on Pep...who can blame them?!?

They posted two fabulous articles on him this weekend, first up:

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Highlights: Pep takes his kids to school every morning and usually most people just left them alone but on the morning of May 7 (the day after Stamford Bridge) when they got there, everyone started clapping and his son Márius asked why and he answered "Because they're happy, son" and then they go on about how Pep loves nothing more than to see culés happy AND YES WE'RE VERY, VERY, VERY HAPPY PEP :*. It also talks a lot about his family and friends and his mad coaching skillz. FUN FACT: Pep is only the 2nd catalan coach to win a league title with Barcelona. Definitely worth a read.

Next up is Pep, símbolo; Pep, mito. It's a great overview of his career. Collapse )

HIGHLIGHTS: A 13 year old Pep arriving at La Masía and telling his teary eyed mother he was super excited because now every morning when he woke up he'd see the Camp Nou out his window.They interview his brother and it sounds like Pep was a pain in the ass goody two shoes as a kid.

Ranieri Out

Ranieri sacked by Juventus

Claudio Ranieri has been sacked as manager of Juventus and will be replaced by Ciro Ferrara for at least the last two games of the season, the Italian club have confirmed.

The Blanconeri are a point above fourth-placed Fiorentina with two matches left in Serie A and are in danger of slipping out of an automatic Champions League berth after a run of seven league games without a win.

Ranieri succeeded Didier Deschamps at the Turin club in 2007 but failed to end Inter Milan's dominance of Serie A and Sunday's 2-2 home draw with Atalanta proved to be the final straw for the board.

A statement from Juventus read: "Ciro Ferrara is the new Juventus coach. Juventus would like to communicate that they have sacked Claudio Ranieri.

"From today, the first team will be handed over, and guided by Ciro Ferrara. Juventus would like to thank Claudio Ranieri for the work he has done in these two years.

"We would like to wish new coach Ciro Ferrara well for immediate success."

Juventus finished third last season and made a decent start to this term, beating Real Madrid home and away in the Champions League, but they went out of Europe in the first knock-out phase against Chelsea and recent results in Serie A have been poor.

Ferrara, a legendary centre-back for Juve during his playing days, has been promoted to caretaker manager from his role with the youth team and will prepare the club for Sunday's trip to Siena. The 42-year-old is also Italy assistant manager.

[ Serce ]

lol they couldn't wait two matches huh
basking in the glow

chelsea tell germany to back the fuck up.

Joachim Löw told hands off Michael Ballack

(imagine kenyon tugging one arm and jogi tugging the other)

Chelsea will resist Germany's optimistic attempts to take Michael Ballack on their tour of China and Dubai this month, a selection which would have ruled him out of the FA Cup final, despite suggestions from the head coach, Joachim Löw, that the midfielder would be expected to fulfil his commitments to the national team.

Löw stated that Ballack, with whom he has endured a fractious relationship in recent times, was due to join up with the national squad ahead of their end-of-season friendlies against China and the United Arab Emirates. Germany play the first of those in Shanghai on 29 May, the day before Chelsea take on Everton at Wembley, with Löw intent upon selecting Ballack for the fixture.

"Michael is our leader," said the national coach. "He can integrate young players, bring them together and give them hints. These are valuable things he can tell the other players. However, they must also have the feeling that our captain is always with us in difficult situations. We decided this trip [to China and Dubai] last year and it was agreed with both the Bundesliga and the German Football League because the Chinese market is important for economic reasons."

Yet Chelsea have reacted with incredulity to those suggestions and reiterated that Ballack, who was ruled out of Sunday's victory over Blackburn Rovers suffering from flu, will remain with the club until they complete their domestic season against Everton. Because the German tour falls outside the agreed international calendar, the national federation has no means of forcing the issue.

Ballack is expected to return to the Chelsea first team for Sunday's trip to Sunderland ahead of the Cup final, which will be Guus Hiddink's last game in charge of the team.


united boys painting the town red

The Manchester United players were celebrating their Premier League victory last night on a tour of the city's most glamorous bars.

Wayne Rooney was joined by teammates including Cristiano Ronaldo and Gary Neville as they hit hotspots including Panacea and Living Room following a lavish feast at Italian restaurant San Carlo.

The players displayed some dubious fashion choices off-pitch however. Carlos Tevez sported a bizarre combination of beige shirt and trousers with a white blazer and cricket-inspired striped cardigan.

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sir alex has a mancrush...

on our boy fronk.

Chelsea's Frank Lampard is 'exceptional', says Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson

While discussing the changing attitudes to alcohol and behaviour in football, Ferguson said he thought players from other parts of the world had a more natural discipline about how they address their profession.

When asked of any English players who he thought shared a similar attitude, Lampard's name was top of his list.

"Frank Lampard is an exceptional player - a huge asset to Chelsea," he told the Times. "You pay attention to players who can get goals from midfield and he's been averaging 20 a season.

"You don't see him getting into stupid tackles or making a habit of becoming involved in silly rows.

"When he was sent off against Liverpool two or three months back he walked from the pitch straight away, without fuss.

"He stayed restrained in the middle of all that bother after Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona and made a point of swapping shirts with Iniesta - as I say Lampard is exceptional."

As a result of Iniesta's stoppage time goal, Barcelona clinched the second spot in the Champions league final, but Ferguson admits he would have preferred to come up against his London rivals.

"Chelsea would have presented the more straight forward challenge," he added. "One we've learnt how to deal with over the past year or two.

"The way Barcelona operate their midfield makes it very difficult to get the ball off them. But with the right tactics, their game is containable."


fronk, because you're worth it:

(gif by, you guessed it, bunnysayboo)



Today is the 3rd birthday of the two most adorable little babies on our team. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEM, because they are little buttercups and my future stepchildren.

Obligatory Video:

Lesson Learned: Summer Terry will tackle the shit out of you and wear a dress while doing so


it's a chelski invasion.

Now, it's not every day I go about making posts about Russian billionaires. But I make exceptions.

Net Worth:$8.5 bil
self made
Country Of Citizenship:Russia
Education:Drop Out

Anyway, I am soon to write a letter to the owner of. . .

As I am on a mission to sign the sixth food group up. First, let us re-introduce ourselves with this fine man.

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basking in the glow

jens lehmann opens his mouth again - is awesomely hilarious

Lehmann cries foul

Jens Lehmann has caused a stir by claiming Stuttgart's title rivals have benefited from favourable refereeing decisions and his side would have already been crowned champions had it not been for the officials.

The 39-year-old former Germany goalkeeper believes Bundesliga leaders Wolfsburg, who need only a point to be crowned champions for the first time in their history next weekend, get all the luck.

"Wolfsburg have also benefited from refereeing decisions," he said. "I have never seen them having to accept negative decisions."

Bayern Munich, who lie in a share of second place with Stuttgart, have also been on the receiving end of refereeing help according to Lehmann, who does not expect the best of welcomes when he goes to the Allianz Arena for the final game of the season on Saturday.

"Bayern get some decisions in their favour which would go against us but, as a player, you cannot do anything about such decisions," he added.

"If the decisions were all normal, we would already be champions.

"We are hoping for a good referee's performance in Munich on Saturday. I am sure I am not going to get a fantastic reception there."

Saturday's clash could prove a play-off for Champions League football, with the loser potentially having to settle for the Europa League.

And Stuttgart midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger has joined in on the mind games by increasing the pressure on Bayern.

"We want to get into the Champions League but for them it as an absolute must," he said.


where my bundesliga gurlz at?! omg, share your thoughts. cos ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. fo' rizzle.

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Liverpool have accepted a six-figure bid from Swansea City for winger Paul Anderson, who has spent the entire season on loan at Nottingham Forest.
Anderson, 20, was on loan to the Swans from Liverpool when they won promotion to the Championship in 2007/08, playing in more than half the league games.

Swans manager Roberto Martinez is also assessing other signing options.

"Paul is one of a number of options we are pursuing," chairman Huw Jenkins told the Swansea City website.

"Roberto has highlighted a number of players he is interested in and we have been pursuing them while he has been away scouting various players in various countries.

"The offer has been accepted by Liverpool, but it is still subject to us agreeing personal terms and Roberto sitting down with the player for further talks.

"Whoever we sign, we want players who want to play for Roberto and Swansea City.

"That attitude is vital - however good they are."

Swansea also said in a statement on the club website they believed Forest are keen to retain Anderson's services permanently.


Hopefully he can get help get us out of the championship next season, Liverpool in my hometown..omg

Football Rankings 5/18/09

CHAMPIONS! A couple of clubs have already been relegated, but I'll wait and do them all together at the end.

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga
Scottish Premier League

English Premier League Champions
Manchester United

Spanish Primera División Champions

Italian Serie A Champions

Most Points
Manchester United (Premier League) - 87 points
Fewest Points
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 25 points
Biggest Lead
Internazionale (Serie A) - 10 points
Smallest Lead
VfL Wolfsburg (Bundesliga) - 2 points
Rangers (SPL) - 2 points
Closest to Danger
Osasuna (La Liga) - tied with 18th place
Farthest From Safety
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 12 points fewer than 17th place
darcy doesn;t sparkle

Why has no one posted this yet???

The RM boyz looking pretty with bubbas and playing golf at the Apascovi Foundation charity golf event.
Lots of Ramos and also some Zidane. Cute :)

I want to kiss Zizou and rub his forehead too! Kids get away with everything...

PS. Does anyone know what Serhio is saying??