May 15th, 2009

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yea this is pretty pointless

i just wanted to share this video from telecinco. first tv spot in spain for the confederations cup featuring capitán iker casillas.
i'm torn between being excited or loling at how tacky the video is, especially the end,
but at least it's not as bad as cuatro's iker and fernando morphing into gigantic robots

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yea and this pic is a link to the video in case you can't see it here hihihihihi


Do not forget, june 14th 2009
will this community reach the level of madness witnessed during after the euros? hehehe
will panties be soiled?
only time will tell.

Gael Garcia Bernal is technically a fucking footballer


if you disagree, then scroll past, and gtfo

FACT #2:

If you like movies about futbol, hot mexicans and can understand Spanish without subtitles then the movie available online here. It came out about a year ago in Mexico but was only released last week in the States.


Speaking of hotties, everyone go vote for EPL blog of the season. We're not nominated because I guess we're noobs or maybe our PC crashing gifs don't qualify us as a credible footie blog but I highly recommend you vote for Unprofessional Foul because Kickette isn't an option and we have a tight pact with them and they're basically like us in male form, minus the bulge posts and gifs. Plus... I think they have a crush on us so not voting for them would break their hearts :'(

But there are a lot of good blogs to choose from, so if you like Dirtle Tackle's "If the match continued" posts then show your respect, or give The Spoiler a vote for reasons such as their impressive Sporno gallery and also because our mod iateyourhotdog got £10 free for submitting a photo. Just don't vote Soccerlens because... I don't like the image they have in their header :( Haha just joking


4-4 4eVeR

The Spoiler’s top ten Premiership games of 2008/09

The games that have made this season worth watching

Now that Manchester Utd have pretty much put the final nail in the coffin of the 2008/09 Premier League title race, it’s high time that we start peddling out some end of season lists. Accordingly, here is a top ten of the campaign’s most entertaining matches, which somehow includes a game involving West Brom…

#10: West Brom 3 - 2 West Ham, 13th September

Gianfranco Zola must have been wondering what he’d signed himself up for, watching his first West Ham game from the stands before taking over as manager. A game with a neutral-baiting mix of awful defending and open attacking play, both teams managed to lose their lead twice before an 83rd minute West Brom counter attack saw Chris Brunt sprint free of the Hammers’ defence and clinically place one inside the far post.

#9: Fulham 0 - 0 Sunderland, 18th October

Sunderland’s early visit to Craven Cottage should go down as the best goalless game of the season. Fulham’s goalmouth literally took a battering. Kieron Richardson, taking time off from his usual job of lying on a physio’s table somewhere, had his 25-yard free-kick bounce between the posts twice (before having another free-kick goal disallowed) and Djibril Cisse’s rasping long ranger was saved by the crossbar. However, the Cottagers created their own opportunities in the back-and-forth battle, with Zoltan Gera having a shot cleared off the line from Pascal Chimbonda before spurning his team’s best chance with a Carragher-esque air kick.

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Aston Villa's Martin Laursen retires from football

The Aston Villa central defender Martin Laursen has retired at the age of 31. The club captain has suffered from long-standing problems with his knees and has decided to hang up his boots rather than undergo further surgery.

"The retirement of the lionheart defender will be a huge loss to the players, the manager and the fans," said the club in a statement.

The Danish international joined Villa from Milan in 2004 and made 91 appearances for the club, the majority of those coming in the past two years. Injuries restricted him to 12 Premier League starts in 2004-05 and 2006-07 and just one in 2005-06. Laursen's last appearance for the club came in Villa's 2-1 win over West Brom in January.


Serious: Read this. It's about this Jordanian woman who came to the US for college, didn't want to go back home, and ended up setting up soccer teams for refugee kids outside of Atlanta, Georgia. It will make your day so much happier. (There's a book being published about it, too.)

Not so serious: Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot gets burned after an egg explodes in his face.
brendan light

Hillsborough Disaster on NPR today!

I don't believe this has been posted in this community before so to bring it to everyone's attention, a broadcaster named Steve Cohen, who hosts World Soccer Daily and Fox Football phone in in the US, has been repeating lies about the Hillsborough Disaster- namely that there were '6,000-8,000 ticketless fans' who were responsible for the deaths that day.  This is false, as the reason for the disaster, due to the negligant and fatal policing and the unsafe stadium, was not the number of fans in the Lepping Lanes end but rather their distribution (too many fans in the central pens with no way to escape).  But Cohen, after inventing the existense of ticketless fans, has decided that the fans at Hillsborough that day 'share responsiblity' for their own deaths.

Some better articles on the Steven Cohen issue:

Anyway, in response, American Liverpool supporters organized a boycott of Cohen's sponsers.  Cohen has since portrayed himself as a free speech martyer and compared those running the boycott to the taliban and terrorists (no I am not making this up).  Choosing not to buy products that endorse his slander is not terrorism, its exercising free speech!  Nevermind, clearly Cohen doesn't understand what that is.  (And while apparently Cohen has received death threats, which are never justifiable, he seems uncapible of realizing the hurt he has re-opened over this issue).

But Cohen has found some sympathy from Jack Bell of the NY Times, who seems to think this is merely an issue of over-passionate Pool supporters, and has written an extremely one-side article about the issue:

Now, this is all relevent because apparently Cohen is on NPR's 'All things considered' this afternoon (the show is 4-6pm).  I'm really hoping that this isn't going to make Cohen look like a victim, seeing as most Americans have never heard of Hillsborough, and it is an extremely complicated and emotional issue that is very hard to understand  from a mere brief summary of events.  In addition, American broadcasters seem obsessed with English hooliganism, nevermind that hooliganism didn't cause Hillsborough.  Also, I hope this isn't presented as a debate, since it is impossible to 'debate' 6,000 to 8,000 ticketless fans into existence.  Rather, hopefully Cohen will be exposed as the attention seeking liar that he is, who doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Anyway, I'll be listening- for oversea people, NPR is the closest thing the US has to the BBC, and you can listen on their website or later they will have a podcast of the show.  Sorry this post is so long and serious- its my first so I hope it's ok!

Arsène speaks some truth

Arsenal can gain from pain of seeing United win title, says Arsène Wenger

• "Manchester United at the moment are the best team"
• Arsenal players will have to watch celebrations if United win

Arsène Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have come to a mutual respect and friendship after years of hostility,
and remain the longest serving managers of English football to this day.

Sir Alex Ferguson is not a manager to miss a psychological trick. In May 2005, when Chelsea arrived at Old Trafford as the newly crowned Premier League champions, the Manchester United manager asked his players to form a guard of honour and applaud them on to the field. Ferguson's gesture was big-hearted but he also wanted his players to feel chastened. If the expression on the United defender Gary Neville's face was anything to go by, that end was achieved. Ferguson wanted his players to take the galling experience away with them over the summer and return for the ­following season with even greater ­hunger to wrest the championship from west London.

There will be no pre-match guard at Old Trafford tomorrow as United still need a point to guarantee their record-equalling 18th league title but the Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, is alive to similar motivational possibilities. If his team cannot prevent what many see as the inevitable United result, they would have to endure the spectacle of their rivals lifting the Premier League trophy to a backdrop of pyrotechnics, streamers and partying supporters. Wenger, though, would want his players to suck it all up.

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