May 12th, 2009

To whom it may concern

So the charity event with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Thierry Henry and such has been cancelled. I was wondering WTF happened. Anyway this is what the site says:


To all our fans and supporters.

As a result of the current economic financial climate, it is with much regret that the All Stars for Hope event has been cancelled.

We realise that this news will come as a disappointment to our many fans and supporters who have committed to taking seats at the event.

It is the intention to reschedule events in the near future, with Mikael Silvestre continuing his ambassadorship for the Schools for Hope charity.

Please check this website regularly for updates.
WAS : Keith whaa?

Redknapp wants to ban alcohol at Tottenham pretty much

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has vowed to introduce an alcohol ban after Ledley King was arrested for an alleged assault outside a London nightclub.

Club captain King was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning and questioned on suspicion of assaulting another man in Soho.

"I'll implement a strong rule next season that drinking is a no-no here," Redknapp told the Sun newspaper.

"Footballers should dedicate their lives to playing."

He added: "Footballers should not drink. You shouldn't put diesel in a Ferrari. I know it's hard but they are earning big money, they are role models to kids."

King has been bailed by police until mid-July while inquiries continue into the incident.

The 28-year-old defender has since apologised for the incident describing the evening "a night out with friends which went too far."

But Redknapp feels that an alcohol ban would prevent a repeat of the incident.

"We wouldn't get these problems if the players weren't drinking," he said.

"There's still too much of a drinking culture in English football but it's not as bad as it used to be.

"At Tottenham we do a lot with kids, a lot of them underprivileged.

"We have to set an example. Too much drinking goes on in this country. Too many people are not happy unless they have had a drink."


Cescgate '08

Man United v Barcelona - 1998/1999

This year's Champions League final against Manchester United and FC Barcelona promises to be one of the most epic showdowns of the season. The last couple times they met were a bit of a snorefest, with Ronaldo's penalty miss being the most dramatic part of the 180 minutes but previous meetings have not failed to entertain.

Lets go back 10 years to revisit the history between the two teams that will battle it out in Rome

WARNING: There might be disturbing Beckham footage for those easily offended by bad hairstyles

And the ITV commentator is an idiot, they just played last year at the semis hahahaha

I think just about every type of goal was scored in this match. Hopefully the final this year will bring us something as exciting?

Opinions are like Assholes

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I saw this discussion on The Spoiler and thought it was interesting and wondered what you lovelies thought about it.

Do Chelsea deserve a Champions League ban?

Should UEFA make an example of misbehaving Blues?

While the world awaits UEFA’s verdict on Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack’s punishment, the media have been making their own suggestions.

Most agree that Le Drog should receive a minimum ban of six European games, which would see him miss the group stages of the Champions League 2009/10. Ex Premier League ref Jeff Winter concurs, adding that Michael Ballack should be ruled out for four games for his ridiculous non-contact pursuit of Tom Henning Øvrebø. His former colleague Graham Poll has also waded in, suggesting a slightly harsher eight to ten matches for the Ivorian and five to six for the German.

The Guardian’s Richard Williams, however, is calling for much more drastic action:

The withdrawal of their invitation to next season’s Champions League, taking tens of millions of pounds in revenue along with it, would soon persuade them to find a way of curbing their players’ excesses, and others would follow their example. If Chelsea’s players and managerial staff are reluctant to abandon the exaggerated sense of grievance instilled and fostered by Jose Mourinho’s regime, they will have to be taught a lesson.

Poll #1398750 Hmmm....

Should Chelsea Be Banned from the Champions League?

No, what is this fuckery?
Yes of course, Chelsea is the evil empire of football and deserves whatever they get.
Micha and Didi deserve bans for their behavior but thats it.
The match descended into a circus at the end and the match officials are partly to blame.

ETA: I have a question about some of the comments. Mostly about how Chelsea "let" Micha and Didi act like that. Both of them are adults and make their own decisions and while yes the team does have some control over the players they also aren't their parents.

I don't follow European politics, but I do know this man is king asshole.

Berlusconi blames Chelsea target Ancelotti for Milan's 'wasted season'

• Chelsea's No1 choice as manager feels president's wrath
• We lost the title because of Ancelotti, claims Berlusconi

Milan's president Silvio Berlusconi has accused Carlo Ancelotti of wasting the club's season, according to Italy's La Repubblica newspaper. Chelsea's No1 choice to take over in the summer, who met officials from Stamford Bridge last night, was singled out for criticism by Berlusconi during the Italian prime minister's visit to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

"We lost the title because of Ancelotti," Berlusconi is quoted as saying. "Many times we did not use the right tactics. We have so many good ball players and should have based our football on this asset, but we did the opposite."

Milan's vice-president, Adriano Galliani, refused to comment on the reports.

"As club director, I do not wish to comment on the president's words that were published in the papers," Galliani told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I said and I repeat that I won't speak before May 31 on these things, or at least I won't speak before we have reached the direct qualification to the Champions League."

Clausura 2009

Because we're shamelessly trying to bring more Argie football to the community...

A short video where you can catch a glimpse of the fans, the coaches, the players. Maybe it'll spark your interest and we can get more people watching Primera División. lol.
The rest of the video is HERE (including some goals from the last weekend, celebrations, manpiles, the usual).

update on short shortz

COLE (not that one, the other one) VOWS TO IMPROVE

Joe Cole is determined to return a stronger player next season following an injury-plagued campaign.

The Chelsea midfielder has been sidelined since suffering a serious knee injury in the FA Cup clash with Southend on 14th January.

He had also been restricted by a niggling ankle injury in the first part of the season and admits he had tried to come back too quickly from that complaint.

But Cole has been recovering well and he is eager to make up for lost time when he finally gets back out onto the pitch.

"The way I see it is when I get injured then I will come back stronger," he told Chelsea TV.

"I'm so focused on coming back better and stronger than before. You get knocks in life and you can talk in victory and in glory but when the chips are down and you are in adversity you need to come through that.

"I come in every day and do what the physiotherapists say I need to do to the letter. Then I'll see where it takes me."


He added: "I think why I got injured was because at the start of the season I was playing with little niggles. I had an ankle injury and came back too soon.

"The manager wanted me back, and I tend to want to play through the pain. Maybe that is a lesson learned. It's a hard lesson learned, but I will come back when I'm ready whenever that may be."

Cole insists his spirits are still high as he looks forward to what he hopes are the best years of his career.

"I'm coming into my peak years. The next five years will be the best of my career so I want to get myself bullet-proof," he explained.

"I want to tick every box and win some major trophies again.

"I won't let it get me down. Being an injured Chelsea player is probably the second best job in the world behind being a Chelsea player."


we miss you, joey

(gif by my gurlfrond bunnysayboo

Bayern Munich circa 1120

Hey Luca Toni!
You're looking pretti nekkid

How about some breastplates?

It's common for a fashion designer these days to resurrect old trends; we've seen this recently with comebacks such as bell bottom jeans, gladiator sandals, polka-dots and victorian styled ruffles. Adidas seem to be very persistent on bringing back medieval armour, they've done this by not only victimizing the boys in London but now they've made German favourites Bayern Munich their newest target. If these two teams are to meet in the coming season, the term "epic battle" when using to describe a football match will never be more accurate

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