May 5th, 2009


Arsenal V Manchester United, you say:


Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he is relishing a rough reception from Arsenal fans at the Emirates Stadium tonight.

The Manchester United superstar showed the constant abuse he receives can take its toll when he reacted to the flak from Aston Villa and Stoke fans earlier this season.

But before tonight's Champions League semi-final second leg, the World Player of the Year insisted he enjoys the attention and atmosphere of a hostile away ground.

"I love the fans who whistle and shout," said the Portuguese winger.

"I find that even normal away from home. I can't do anything about it. In fact, it doesn't bother me. I have to concentrate and help my team so I don't think about it.

"On the pitch, I am a target for the defenders so it is difficult to avoid certain things but I don't think people want to be really nasty.

"I have never had any serious problems. I am 100 per cent concentrated on the match."

But even Ronaldo admitted the sudden-death nature of the latter stages of the Champions League are enough to make him nervous.

"The Premier League is a long competition where you have to respect all the teams," he explained.

"In the Champions League, if you lose, you are going home, so the matches are more nervous."

The 24-year-old revealed he defies his age with some questionable musical tastes.

"I like hip hop and romantic songs like Sade, Phil Collins, George Michael, Elton John," he admitted. "But if I need a bit of energy, I listen to Brazilian music."
I heart you, bb. Never change.

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The charge that Dimitar Berbatov always plays like he has a cigar on the go is closer to the truth than you might think.

Manchester United's strolling Bulgarian has confessed to practising his English by watching The Godfather gangster trilogy, and said of the The Godfather Part III's star Andy Garcia:

"Lots of people tell me that I look like him. He has actually influenced my choice of hairstyle and I have even studied the way he smokes so I can hold my cigarette in the same way." It is strange that he still surprises me because honestly, this man.
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Cesc's Birthday Party... kinda

Arsenal training Pics. Robin is back! Let's hope the captain gets the perfect birthday present tomorrow!!

Cesc also did a press conference on his birthday and he said:

"If I had not come to Arsenal when I was 16, today I probably would not be playing in the semi-finals of the Champions League or have the opportunity to play in a Champions League final.

"I am really grateful to what Arsenal have done for me.

"Now it is up to me and all the Arsenal players who were brought here when they were young to achieve things for the club who believed in you and the fans who supported you.

"Now it is up to us to pay them back." - skysports

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Sorry, Barca fans!
Messi "signs" a contract with San Lorenzo, remains adorable while doing so.

Go to 1:00 if you don't watch the whole interview.

He also says that he wants to play in Argentina, no matter which club. (He'll probably go to Newell's someday, but whatever).
I say he'd look amazing with the azulgrana jersey. What? Me? Biased? Nooo. hahaha.

Rome. Oh man. Here we come!

First off before I go on, I just wanna say how much I respect the Arsenal fans in this community. Your boys have been dealt many hard blows this season and the ways that you back and support them is very very admirable. I have the up most respect for you all. Your boys fought so very very hard.

I didn't get to be in the match chat because I was watching it on a huge screen with my Gunner friend, Joe and about 50 other people. IT WAS THE BEST MOST INTENSE THING EVER FOR THIS AMERICAN NOT NEAR A PUB. Wow. I will be watching all my Champions League matches there from now on since I know it happens there.

Oh man, hugging a fellow Manchester fan after a game is brilliant. I was SOOOO missing out.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate with my fellow fans and anyone else that wants to come in and have a little fiesta. It is Cinco De Mayo after all!

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And because it amuses everyone:


Midfielder Joey Barton has been suspended by Newcastle United.

Barton was sent off for a lunging tackle on Xabi Alonso in the defeat at Liverpool on Sunday - a challenge boss Alan Shearer described as "stupid".
The 26-year-old was also involved in a row with Shearer after the game, which has prompted the club to suspend him.
A Magpies statement said: "Joey Barton has been suspended from the club until further notice. The club will be making no further comment at this time."
Barton's dismissal against Liverpool means he misses Newcastle's final three games of the season because of an automatic Football Association ban, but his whole future at the club is now in doubt.
Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers Association, has been in contact with Barton's advisor and insisted the player is aware of the severity of the situation.
"He knows himself it was a bad challenge, it was bad judgement, but he has apologised to Alonso, to the referee and to the manager," Taylor told BBC Radio 5 Live.
"He realises what he has done and his reputation has gone before him.
"The mood in that dressing room afterwards would have been a feeling of frustration with Newcastle battling against relegation and this is the last thing they need and Joey knows that as well as Alan Shearer.
"It is a case of everybody loses with this one."
Newcastle's statement claimed Barton will be suspended from the club until further notice but BBC Radio 5 Live chief football reporter Ian Dennis said there is a timescale.
"I can confirm the length of Barton's suspension is two weeks," said Dennis.
"Newcastle's disciplinary action is sure to include a hefty fine, probably two weeks' wages as well.

"Although Barton's suspension is just a fortnight it is unlikely the midfielder will return to the training ground ahead of what would be the final game of the season, which he is suspended for anyway.
"And while Shearer is at St James' Park I cannot see Barton playing for Newcastle again."

The Magpies are currently in the bottom three and in serious danger of being relegated.
Sunday's appearance was Barton's first since 28 January because of a foot injury.
It was only the ninth time the former Manchester City player, who has had a troubled career both on and off the pitch, has played this season.
Shearer was clearly angry after Barton's dismissal.
"I wasn't happy, I was bitterly disappointed at the way that happened," Shearer told BBC Sport following the game.
Joey Barton
Barton will be banned from Newcastle United for two weeks
"I asked him to stay calm in the heat of the battle but it was a stupid tackle and he deserved to be sent off."
Barton, who has played once for England, was a controversial figure at Manchester City before joining Newcastle for £5.8m in 2007.
He has since started only 26 matches for the Tyneside club.
In July last year, Barton received a four-month suspended sentence for assaulting Ousmane Dabo in a training-ground incident while both players were at City.
Barton was banned by the FA for 12 matches - six of which were suspended - and fined £25,000 after admitting a violent conduct charge in relation to the Dabo incident.
But Taylor said while he understands time is running out for Barton, he hopes the midfielder will be given another chance.
"The business is full of people who you wonder if they will ever learn and its the same with Joey," said Taylor.
"He has worked hard with Sporting Chance clinic and then this has happened and it is one more time.
"Of course people will run of patience but you just have to hope that he will get there eventually as soon his career will be over anyway."

awooo waka waka espagna


Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United celebrate in the dressing room with David Beckham after the UEFA Champions League Semi-Final Second Leg match between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on May 5 2009 in London, England.


why is there is there no photo evidence of Beckham visiting the Bernabeu dressing room?
which did he enjoy more? reuniting with his long lost spanish lover or revisiting teammates of his childhood club?
and what sort of hair removal products does giggs use?

"At the end of the match, Beckham went to the changing rooms to greet friends. Down there, for a few minutes he spoke with Iker Casillas, Cannavaro and Raúl. With the goalkeeper, he even joked. Casillas said: "Here there is still room for you", to which David replied with a smile."


steve gerrard gerrard

Steven Gerrard has been named as the PFA Fans' Player of the Year for the 2008-09 season.
The Liverpool captain, who has struck 21 goals so far this campaign, was recently pipped to the PFA Players' Player of the Year award by Manchester United's Ryan Giggs.

However, following a vote conducted by the PFA, Gerrard has scooped the fans' gong after another exceptional season.

PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor said: "Steven has always been a particular favourite of mine and I was delighted when he was nominated by his fellow pros for our Players’ Player of the Year award.

"Obviously, that particular award went to Ryan Giggs, and rightly so, and I am equally thrilled that football fans up and down the country have acknowledged Steven in this way.

"Like his many supporters and suitors, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the way he continues to go about his business. He is a top pro and a worthy winner."

Gerrard was the inaugural winner of the honour in 2001.


Congrats my bb <3
omg nandos faaace idk what anyone says look at the love right there I am suffering from Gernando withdrawls seriously

how is a babby formed?

An excuse to share a certain photo...


i'm actually too lazy to make a post of all the training pics

i just wanted to share this:

PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON OR DIE i will autoplay the jessica simpson cover

and pep's multiple expressions during his press conference. clearly he is playing ~*mindgames*~
p p p pep pep face p p pep pep face

and ok, maybe i'm not that lazy
here are a few more

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Um Nice Hobby Bro?

Artur Boruc apparently enjoys straightening some rando's hair. Maybe possibly his sister, but fucking weird whoever it is. There is a sordid story about him meeting some girls at a Domino's Pizza and it's one of them at the source but you can decide who you think it is.

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Source: Dirty Tackle

Also apparently some bitter metrosexual Porto fans robbed Ronnie's boutique.

We're just trying to help you help them...

Disclaimer:  This is from the brilliant but troubled minds of Lauren and Sophie. Therefore it is not to be taken seriously. We hope you find it funny but if you aren't amused, we won't be offended. We hope you take this in the good humour in which it was meant.
Also, this post was compiled before Joey Barton attempted to join the eco-warrior ranks. We apologise for his actions but would like to make it clear that he is not affiliated with us in any way. We are against any forms of violence on other players and do not support Mr Barton's actions. (One of us may support Mr Barton but it does not follow that she/he/it supports his actions...)

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