April 29th, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Don't read if you need anger management.

Revealed: South Yorkshire Police Hillsborough statements were altered and deleted


20th Anniversary of the tragic Hillsborough Disaster

TODAY, the Liverpool ECHO can exclusively expose how police statements were crucially altered after the Hillsborough tragedy.

For the first time ever, we can reveal how reams of officers’ accounts were deleted in the weeks following the disaster and how huge swathes of first-hand police statements were removed by South Yorkshire Police.

Today, families of the 96 Liverpool supporters who were killed said the dossier showed South Yorkshire Police trying to divert blame on to others.

Initial statements, before being erased, consistently detail:
  • A chronic lack of communication between officers.
  • Nobody tending to the injured.
  • Useless radios and incoherent transmissions.
  • Non-existent stewarding.
  • Lack of use of the public address system.
  • The lack of police officers on duty, 10%fewer than the previous semi-final involving Liverpool at Hillsborough.
  • Senior officers concerned about a growing “complacent” attitude towards policing at Hillsborough in years leading up to 1989.
  • Officers stationed in the wrong sections of the ground and its surrounding area.
  • The lack of faith officers had in the recently-installed Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield compared with his predecessor Chief Superintendent Brian Mole.

There's three (!) pages of mistakes and altered/wiped statements at
The Liverpool Echo

I know there have been many posts related to this subject, but this angered me so much I had to post it. What's in this post is only the beginning of the article but it gives you a good idea...
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Barca v Chelsea HIGHLIGHTS

BOJAN KRKIC'S SUPER SEXY MOMENT 8:40! You might have already seen it, but what's the harm watching it again and again AND AGAIN? Especially when it's BOJAN we're talking about here. I'm a very happy girl right now, if you know what I mean. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch it just one last time before I go. ENJOY.

Oh good job from Chelsea by the way, great defence and goalkeeping. Kudos to them. I like both Barca and Chelsea so whatever happens, I'll be okay. Especially with the help of Lampard and Bojan. WOOT.
united: my ground is prettier than yours

Serb Spam of doom. Also, Day of Doom.

So yesterday, Wikipedia tells me, was Zoran Tosic's birthday. There was much celebrating. I had a Jack Daniels and my boss started a fist fight. And today I bring you ZORAN SPAM!

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And there you have it. My obsession. Like, every photo I have of Zoran is right clicked and saved from nghhhserbs , so thanks to them. :)

In other news, today is Manchester United v Arsenal. Skysports.com's match preview is here. And here is what Fergie has to say about it. 

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Frank Lampard's ex-WAG Elen Rives shows off her daughters at children's charity party

Elen Rives may have split from Chelsea star Frank Lampard but she still has plenty to smile about. The Spanish brunette yesterday proudly showed off their beautiful daughters, Luna, three, and one-year-old Isla.The children were dressed in matching frocks with cute purple sandals and white socks.The doting 34-year-old herself dressed down in jeans, a red waistcoat and black top for the trip to Ralph Lauren store in Chelsea.

She was taking the girls to a party on behalf of the CLIC Sargent charity which helps children with cancer.

The outing came after a distressing week in which her  former partner called London's LBC radio station and launched into an angry rant after broadcaster James O'Brien criticised his treatment of Rives during his live show. O'Brien was reacting to reported comments from Miss Rives in recent newspaper articles in which she said she was now living in a flat with the couple's children while he stayed in their £8.5 million family home.
The broadcaster said any father who would allow his children to live in worse conditions than them was 'weak' and 'scum'.
Lampard, whose voice was cracking with emotion, demanded to have his say and launched into a ten minute row with the DJ, insisting that he was buying a new home for his daughters.

The couple announced their break-up in February after seven years together.

I'm just happy to see her smiling..

Feliz Navidad

Is he having a laugh?!

If it continued…


The first leg of the semifinal between Chelsea and Barcelona ended in a 0-0 snoozefest. It was a match littered with yellow cards and bodies strewn out on the pitch. As annoyed as Barca were with their opponents’ style of play, Chelsea were equally pleased with the result. But what if it continued?
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Cesc woah

Goal.com is a bit late for comic relief, but tries anyway

Arsenal Players Are Jealous Of Andrey Arshavin - Agent

The diminutive Russian's team-mates are envious of his burgeoning popularity, his agent has asserted today...

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Speaking exclusively to Gooner Talk, Dennis Lachter revealed that The Daily Fail took made-up quotes from a Russian news wire before
publishing their own article earlier this afternoon.

Goonerrr talk

Thanks to bloodred_orange for clearing this up :)

darcy doesn;t sparkle

Because the press totally love Arsenal at the minute...

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has criticised Arsene Wenger for signing too many young players.


Wenger lurks secretively, hoping to find his next victim.

Wenger has developed a reputation for bringing talented youngsters to Arsenal and then helping them to fulfil their potential.
Rummenigge has not been impressed by his policy and believes measures should be taken to stop managers from picking up the most promising players."One like Arsene Wenger signs hosts of players from France and elsewhere year-in year-out," Rummenigge told Sport-Bild.

"We have to take care that this sort of child trafficking is stopped."This has taken on a different scale in the meantime; the word kidnapping is not too far off anymore."

Rummenigge thinks the signing of Cesc Fabregas in 2003 is the perfect illustration of his point. He explained: "Fabregas is really the best example for this."He signed from Barcelona at the age of 15 on a free transfer, just because he was about to sign a contract at the age of 16.

Sky Sports

It is probably bollocks, like all the other news stories, but what do you think?