April 20th, 2009

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Van Gaal eyes Bayern Munich manager role

Louis van Gaal thinks he is the man to revive Bayern Munich's fortunes.

The Dutch coach is currently in charge of AZ Alkmaar who are on the verge of clinching the Eredivisie title.

Bayern's appalling display in last week's 4-0 Champions League drubbing at Barcelona has left head coach Jurgen Klinsmann struggling to hold on to his job.

Van Gaal's current AZ deal expires at the end of next season and he told NRC Handelsblad: "I'm not interested anymore in joining a small team.

"However, I can definitely see myself in charge at a big team such as Bayern Munich.

"The AZ president and the fans want me to extend my stay at the club and become AZ's Alex Ferguson. However, I still have the ambition to coach a big team or a national side and I will certainly leave AZ in 2010."

Meanwhile, Germany international Philipp Lahm hopes Bayern Munich can produce a much better display when they take on Barcelona at the Allianz Arena in the second leg of their Champions League quarter-final clash.

Lahm, who missed last week's match through injury, is desperate to avoid another thrashing.

He said: "We have to play a good game to show that we are a team capable of playing against the best in Europe.

"We must correct the disaster of the first leg because the four goals were a very painful loss for the whole club.

"Barcelona have a phenomenal team, it will be an honour to face them. Barca are not a group of individuals, they are a team. Each one forms part of the team and then contributes themselves. If (Lionel) Messi plays I will be glad to find myself against him."


A chastened post about LOCAL FOOTBALL - who's into it/ who's near you?

Good morning/ evening/ happy hour all!

In the Championship discussion yesterday, a really interesting and passionate debate about supporting local teams sprung up. It made me think, cos its easy to love the big clubs, and forget about local grassroots football.

I'm a South London girl, who's at Uni in the North and am a big Liverpool supporter (hey, they make it so easy). But first and foremost I'm a FOOTBALL lover, and so I looked into my local club, who have a long history. Soooo...


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I'm glad the point was brought up yesterday, heck I might even go watch a local match. I just wanna say *obligatory slushy bit* I bloody love this community, cos only my guy friends are into football, and they just love to put me down about it with quickfire questions like: what's the offside rule, won the premier league in 1876,how many caps have XXX got for England (all spoken really fast and with no pause for an answer)... little do they know we at ontd_fb GET IT!!



This is my LOCAL football club, who've been around since 1885 (blimey). For the 2008-9 season, they were in the Isthmathian League First Division South (the eighth tier of football in England). But after SIX straight wins at home, they've been promoted up to the sixth tier, the Ryman League Premier Division.

This is them now:

(hunh not bad eh ... personally I like mr. back row, 2nd from the right..)

This is them then:



This has been pretty interesting for me, I might go to some matches this summer. Who else is into local football? I'd love to know about your local club :)

p.s. Thanks to you guys who sparked the discussion yesterday, some excellent points were made. I love people who have a passion for the beautiful game  :)

jens lay me


Football is a part of I.
When I play the world wakes up around me.
- Bob Marley

Hello ontd_football

Today is 4/20
Got any fun plans for the day?
Post pictures of blitzed out looking ballers.

Starting with the obvious:
Diego Capel, winger of Sevilla FC
united: my ground is prettier than yours

Picspams cure depression. Or so they tell me.

I promised this to ancient_arch yesterday and my computer has been messing up. I am about ready to throw it through a window. Plus I'm depressed beyond belief about yesterday. I'm just giving you a friendly warning now, if you try and rub yesterday's result in, I will probably snap. :)

Also, this is more of a "things that cheer me up" spam than a "Manchester United" spam. Well, it's a Manchester United spam. But with lots of Serbs. 'Kay?

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[football] - Nicky

It's cool though. Who needs strikers?!


Van Persie and Adebayor to miss Anfield trip

Arsenal will be without Robin van Persie and Emmanuel Adebayor for the trip to Liverpool on Tuesday.

The Dutchman picked up a groin problem in the FA Cup Semi-Final defeat to Chelsea on Saturday. His Togolese strike partner is rested because Arsène Wenger does not want to gamble on his tight hamstring.

On the upside, Bacary Sagna is back after sickness. But, at his press conference on Monday afternoon, the Arsenal manager was unsure if the right back would start or not.

“From Saturday we have lost Robin van Persie, who has a little groin problem,” said Wenger.

“Emmanuel Adebayor is rested. He has a little hamstring alert and we don’t want to take a gamble on him.

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Sad Cesc is Sad.
Chelsea Flag

Another one of Chelsea's Parties

Several Chelsea football players narrowly escaped a violent catfight which broke out at a nightclub where they'd been partying minutes before.

John Terry, Frank Lampard and Joe Cole had been at the exclusive West End club Movida in London on Saturday night, where a girl was left covered in blood after being hit on the head with a wine bottle.

Having secured their place in the FA Cup final after a 2-1 victory over Arsenal, the players celebrated until 4am and were eventually driven away at closing time, less than five minutes before the fight erupted outside.

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hell yes!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Wins One Million Dollars Betting On Inter

Gisele is apparently also an excellent gambler, as Inter continue their march towards the title...

Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, has been reaping the benefits of Inter's positive domestic season, according the Metropolitan Post.

She is quoted as having said she has "complete faith" in Jose Mourinho's team and it seems her confidence in the club has been paying dividends.

Already the owner of a $150 million fortune, the world-renowned model has been earning some more cash by betting on the Italian giants, reportedly earning $1 million.

She has been placing bets in favour of the Nerazzurri since December and is set to win even more money should 'The Special One' and his squad manage to retain the Scudetto. They are poised to do just that, as they have a ten point lead at the top of the Serie A standings over Juventus and AC Milan.

The Brazilian also has another connection to Inter, having allegedly briefly dated former Beneamata left-back Francesco Coco in the past.


hillsborough files to be made public, margret thatcher and the police better prepare for a shitstorm

Official documents about the Hillsborough disaster are to be made public 10 years ahead of schedule after a request from the home secretary, the Home Office has confirmed.

Jacqui Smith has met with South Yorkshire's chief constable, Meredydd Hughes, to discuss waiving the 30-year rule on official documents.

The news emerged days after the 20th anniversary of the tragedy at Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough stadium on 15 April 1989, when 96 Liverpool supporters died at their team's FA Cup semi-final with Nottingham Forest.

The anniversary, which was marked with memorial services in all three cities on Wednesday, saw renewed calls by victims' families for a new inquiry into the deaths. They believe a major incident plan was never initiated by South Yorkshire police and fans in the Leppings Lane end were denied emergency medical attention.

The families also dispute the findings of the previous single inquest into the 96 deaths, which ruled that the victims were all dead, or brain dead, by 3.15pm and recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Trevor Hicks, of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said today: "We have heard that a request has been made and we are expecting confirmation this week.

"I am pleased ‑ it's better late than never. This will enable us to see the full picture of events in a way that we have been denied for 20 years. It is vital that these files are released in full and not sanitised in any way."

He said the families would like to view the documents before they are made public to ensure they do not learn the details of how their loved ones died through the media.

The documents to be released could include police files and the records of other emergency services, government departments and local authorities.

The families say they are particularly keen to see the minutes of a meeting between then prime minister Margaret Thatcher and South Yorkshire police officers, which they say took place on the Sunday morning after the disaster.

"We believe that a decision was made at that meeting that the police would not be blamed for what happened," said Hicks. "We would like to see the minutes of the meeting, to know what the prime minister was told and what decisions were taken about the handling of any inquiries."



cant wait. I hope everyone who was involved in this huge coverup get fucking demolished by the courts and sent to prison.

I swear to god if it's revealed that the conservatives/margret thatcher made a 'deal' with the police or something, im going to protest and bash the shit out of that 'political party'. i hate them.

[♥]roaming gnome

I want to dedicate the first part of this post to my bb gurl c0rrine

It was sex on legs day at the press confereces for the top two liga teams.

First up at FC Barcelona, Dani Alves talked about bad refs, the treble, and his mad, mad love for Pep (I may be exagerating this last bit...). El país posted this beauty accompanying the article:

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In Madrid, Iker sat down with the press and said Juande should stay on as coach for next season, among other things. Marca didn't use a delicious picture for their article so I will use one of my favorites instead

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Sammy Lee talks sense

Sammy Lee today shrugged off remarks made by Alex Ferguson following Liverpool's victory over Blackburn last weekend.

The Manchester United boss criticised a gesture made by Rafa Benitez from the touchline following Fernando Torres' second goal.

Lee revealed the gesture was simply a message to the Liverpool players following a successful set-piece.

"Certainly, any gestures that are made pitchside are to our players, not to anyone else," the assistant manager told a press conference this afternoon.

"It was a reaction to what we thought we should have been doing (from the free-kick), but something else was done and it resulted in a goal. We only consider what we want our players to do. We don't make any gesture to anyone else at all.

"One thing I'll say is that Rafa is certainly not arrogant, no way.

"I think it's quite sad, really. At the end of the day, we try to get on with the job we've got to do and not worry about what other people are thinking about us."

Ferguson's remarks were echoed by Allardyce last week.

Lee added: "I'm surprised he didn't mention anything to me when we were sat having a drink after the game. No one mentioned anything, and I'm sure if anyone felt strongly about it they would have. But we'll move on.

"It's not for us to talk about other football clubs. We very rarely do. We try to concentrate on what's going on here and let the game take its course."


Aww I'm watching the Liverpool bbs play and Jay Spearing just scored a pen :D (They're winning 3-2! With a Jay Hat trick!)_

Apparently Pique is more then just a player

Gerard Pique played DJ once again during Barcelona's flight back from Madrid after facing Getafe, and this time, he had a larger audience as the club's basketball team shared the flight.

Minutes after takeoff Pique was again back at the plane's sound system, hooking his ipod up to it, and though the plane's staff gave him a bit of trouble at first, in the end he won them over. Footballers and basketball jocks were able to mingle and the players had quite a party, with Henry, Abidal and Keita even leading a dance along the aisle.

It was cut shot when the flight attendants finally insisted on ending the matter, and disconnected Geri's ipod.
And when we said once again we meant

Back to his old tricks: Barca prankster Gerard Pique's pulled his latest joke on the team during their flight back to Barcelona from Almeria. At fifteen minutes to landing, with most of the team still asleep, Geri graciously did everyone the favor of waking them up with his shout of "Viva la revolución!" as the song "El Vals Del Obrero" from Spanish anti-establishment punk band Ska-P blasts out of the speakers, which he actually connected to his iPod with the help of a stewardess.


un petit news item

Was reading this article on Goal: The NYTimes Soccer Blog (lulz, I know), when I spotted this in the sidebar:

M.L.S. is hoping to soon announce the opposition for its all-star game, in Salt Lake City on July 29, and the likely opponent is the Spanish club Villarreal. Besides being the new home of the U.S. striker Jozy Altidore (once his loan deal at Deportivo Xerez ends), the Yellow Submarine includes Giuseppe Rossi (born in the U.S. but cap-tied to Italy), Marco Senna, Santi Cazorla and Robert Pires (who is expected to leave the team after this season).

YAY SPANISH CLUBS IN AMERICA!! Always a happy thing :D

Reminder: AllStarsForHope tickets on sale tomorrow!!
barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

Fernanna Pavlova

There was a lovely interview with NAndo Torres today or yesterday on Setanta, which I thought I should share with y'all ladies. Theres some cheesy emo-ballerina there dancing along to his melodious tones like no-one's business, which I thought was a bit "eerr..ok." BUT STILL..its amazing, and NAndo looks gif-worthy cute there (*hint hint*) =]

He talk about beating MAn Utd, the Premier League, the CL, RObbie Keane's departure, and of course, his ever-interesting relationship with Stevie where he claims that "if Stevie is playing, there is no need for another strike". Well, sure. He wants to be sure he has to be the one taking Stevie's passes, and doing the striking. ( That sounded inexplainably dirty in my head :P).

Watch for yourselves!


ps. on the ONTD main page, it gives a massive blank spot between the post and video, and on hte actual post page it doesnt do that. Wierd. =/
forza azzurri: zomg!


Haven't seen this posted, but via The Spoiler:

Alexandre Pato has been hailed by AC Milan teammate David Beckham as one of the brightest hopes for the future of football, but his skill on the pitch may soon be overshadowed by his tendency to get his junk out in front of a webcam.

A video on Brazil’s most popular humour blog (warning: incredibly NSFW) suggests that the nineteen-year-old was targeted by a fake internet groupie named ‘The Blond of The Internet’. Undeterred by this ridiculously suspicious moniker, the excitable Brazilian was allegedly lured into removing his clothes during a webcam chat with said fake groupie.

It’s not 100 per cent certain that the star of this video is Pato, but we know he is partial to trawling the web for ladies: he met his WAG Stephany Brito online.
[The Spoiler]


Being the self-sacrificing, generous human being I am, I've checked out the link myself. Translated from the website:

BOMB! Alexandre Pato cheated on Stefanny Britto with me via webcam... it happened today 18-04-2009 - why is it that people with so much money and going out with such a beautiful person do this? ... I'm searching around the site for The Sun to send this material...

(FYI, Pato's WAG, Stephany Brito (that's the correct spelling, btw), looks like this.)

She goes on to ask people to mark him from five to ten (in the blog she explains: "5 = more or less, 6 = normal, 7 = it'll do to play around with, 8 = great, 9 = tasty, 10 = perfect") in the comments, gives her email address, and says that anyone who wants to see bits of the conversation can go to her Orkut profile.

Oh, and leaves like eighteen pictures of his cock. [VERY VERY NSFW.]

Here's the picture from the beginning of the video:

And another:

So what do we think?

Is it bb Pato on the webcam? And if so...

...where has he been hiding the substantial package seen in this video right here?

Football Rankings 4/20/09

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga
Scottish Premier League

Most Points
Barcelona (La Liga) - 78 points
Fewest Points
Karlsruher SC (Bundesliga) - 19 points
Biggest Lead
Internazionale (Serie A) - 10 points
Smallest Lead
Manchester United (Premier League) - 1 point
Celtic (SPL) - 1 point
Closest to Danger
Sochaux-Montbéliard (Ligue 1) - tied with 18th place
Farthest From Safety
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 11 points fewer than 17th place

*takes deep breath* I want you all to know I'm very scared to be introducing you...

I was inspired by le_petitpois  and the reaction to her Kingstonian post... (I hope you don't mind me jumping on the bandwagon!) And I wanted to introduce you to my local team. Who I love more than pretty much everything.

We're pushing for promotion - one more point and we're guaranteed a play-off place and it's mathematically possible for us to get automatic. But, if it goes to the wire, we might be showing up on your screens... and... well, this is a shameless plea. WE NEED LOVE. And all the support we can get!

elementarystars is already in love with them, even if she hasn't quite realised it yet...

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to...

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If you read any part of this, I love you.
If you read all of this, I seriously owe you my soul.
Thank you for meeting my boys and I apologise if some of you are now rolling around in the land of the dead because it was that boring... *worries*