April 19th, 2009

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Wolves will be playing Premier League football next season after their promotion from the League Championship was confirmed with a 1-0 win over QPR at Molineux.

1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 44 26 8 10 78 51 14 5 3 43 21 12 3 7 35 30 27 86
2 Birmingham 44 22 14 8 51 34 14 5 3 29 15 8 9 5 22 19 17 80
3 Sheffield United 43 21 13 9 63 38 11 6 5 34 22 10 7 4 29 16 25 76
4 Cardiff City 43 19 16 8 63 47 14 5 3 40 20 5 11 5 23 27 16 73
5 Reading 43 19 14 10 67 38 12 5 5 39 15 7 9 5 28 23 29 71
6 Burnley 43 19 12 12 65 58 12 5 4 37 23 7 7 8 28 35 7 69
  • Wolves had to ride their luck at times as the visitors applied the pressure in the second half, but the league leaders held firm to secure their ticket to the top flight next season.
  • Cardiff stay in fourth but their hopes of making automatic promotion took a major blow after they were hammered 6-0 at Preston, who revived their own hopes of making the play-offs.
22 Norwich City 43 12 10 21 53 61 9 5 8 35 26 3 5 13 18 35 -8 46
23 Southampton 44 10 14 20 43 64 4 9 9 21 27 6 5 11 22 37 -21 44
24 Charlton Athletic 43 7 14 22 46 69 5 7 9 27 34 2 7 13 19 35 -23 35
  • At the bottom, Charlton were relegated to League One after letting a two-goal lead slip at home against Blackpool. The Addicks appeared to be going down fighting after Deon Burton and Jonjo Shelvey scored a minute apart straight after half-time. But DJ Campbell pulled a goal back from the penalty spot for the visitors with just over 20 minutes remaining before substitute Lee Hughes sealed Charlton's fate with an equaliser in stoppage time.
    • Things also look grim for second-bottom Southampton after a Luke Varney brace condemned them to a 2-0 defeat at Sheffield Wednesday which leaves the Saints three points from safety with two games to play.
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Good Morning

Chelsea's Frank Lampard fed up with treble talk


Frank Lampard is growing tired of talk that Chelsea could still win a treble of trophies this season after his side beat Arsenal 2-1 at Wembley to reach the FA Cup final.

Chelsea will face Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Champions League and remain in the hunt for the Premier League title. But Lampard says talk of a treble just adds unnecessary pressure.

"I hate talk of the treble," he said. "When you talk about it the pressure gets even more so we must keep our heads down and take each game and competition as it comes and if we do that then we will have a chance.

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Obviously as a fan I want to win as much silverware as possible, but I want to win it so it can hopefully encourage Potato to stay because the two main rumors floating around about Chelsea make me want to vom. I DNW David Villa or Ancelotti to make a move toward the Bridge this summer.


Parents are Good for Something

My Dad likes to read the local newspaper and bring the articles he finds interesting to my mom and I and usually we just humor him, but today he hit the jackpot. Apparently Chelsea making the FA Cup Final is newsworthy enough to make the newspaper in Napa, which if you don't know is not a big city.


So yay for them for knowing where it's at.
awooo waka waka espagna


On this day two years ago, history was repeated when Leo Messi netted nearly the exact same goal that Maradona made famous in the 1986 World Cup.

You've probably seen this about a dozen times, but every replay is as mindblowing as the first

He ran the same distance, beat the same number of players, scored from the same position and even celebrated by running towards the corner flag, just as Maradona did against England.

On This Football Day does a very nice recap of this goal. Check it out

a picspam to celebrate the anniversary

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ZOMG I have a new BFF, not really but.....

Well I told ya'll about how I (ignore the "crystal" screen name, its me) asked Tiffany Weimer, an outside midfielder for FC Gold Pride, about her tattoo. Not only did she respond and give me a pic, she bloged about. So here it is  

At 8:45pm on April 15, 2009, crystal said…
Hey Tiffany! I post about WPS on ONTD_football and the ladies over there are big fans of Fernando Torres. I'm going to post about your tattoo(hope you don't mind), I think they would appreciate its resemblance to Torres's. Got any pictures you wouldn't mind sharing, I only have one. So which team do you support?

At 5:24pm on April 16, 2009, Tiffany said…
Hey Crystal...
Here is a pic of my tattoo.. i'd love if you wrote about it ... Torres was my inspiration to get #8 there... i'd always wanted it somewhere and when I saw his I knew that's exactly what I wanted.
Here's a pic! IMG_6347.JPG

IMG_6347.jpg picture by tinaannaF_Torres.jpg picture by tinaanna

Friday, March 17th

Someone recently asked about my tattoo [ that would be me] and I thought it would be a good time to talk about it, especially because this is my 8th blog.

So I was in Finland and my roommate (who is also American and awesome btw) was totally spontaneous and went to a tattoo shop on the way to our last game. She wasn’t sure if she would actually get a tattoo right then and there but we went to check it out.

She ended up getting a tattoo on her calf about 20 minutes before our game. So during the game it was wrapped in saran wrap and even bleeding a little. Totally not something people do right before a game, but that’s just how cool she is.

Anyway, it inspired me to get one. I mean why not right? I scheduled an appointment for the next day.

I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while at this point and knew that I wanted something to do with the number eight, whether it was the word “ocho” or the actual number.

The only problem I had was where to put it.

One day I was watching Liverpool play and saw this beautiful man with crazy sick skills and the number nine on the back of his jersey. It was love at first sight. Then I noticed he had a number nine somewhere else on his body- his wrist.

As soon as I saw it I knew that’s where I wanted my number eight to be. There was no question in my mind that was the tattoo I would get.

I know it may seem like a cop out because I couldn’t think of something of my own to do, but I think he’s an incredible player and you know what, I want to be like him.

So that is the story behind my tattoo. I am very thankful I was able to get number eight on this team or else that would have been disappointing. I think by having it tattooed on my wrist people realize how important it is to me. It’s a family number. My dad was eight when he played hockey. My sister and brother were eight and to be honest, it just looks good sitting underneath “Weimer”.

And since I can’t always see the back of my jersey (except before the game and in pictures) I love that I can look down at my wrist and see the number eight whenever I want.

ft22.jpg picture by tinaanna

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Ocho.jpg picture by tinaanna