April 18th, 2009


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Javier Mascherano today paid tribute to the people of Liverpool for the way they honoured those who died at Hillsborough 20 years ago this week.

The Argentina captain was so struck by Wednesday's Memorial Service that he rang friends back home to tell them what he had witnessed.

"I have never seen anything like it in my life," Mascherano told Liverpoolfc.tv. "I spoke to some people in Argentina about it because it was amazing to see the stadium almost full for a memorial service. It would not happen at other clubs or in other countries.

"It's great the way the fans and the city came together. They still remember after 20 years the people who lost their lives.

"When I came here I didn't know what happened 20 years ago but living in the city and playing for Liverpool you hear all the stories. It was so sad."

Mascherano's first professional club, River Plate, endured their own stadium disaster in 1968 when 74 people died trying to escape a fire.

"In Argentina something similar happened many years ago at River Plate but they don't remember like Liverpool fans remember," added the 24-year-old.

I love this man <3
This one on the other hand..


Charles Itandje has been suspended by Liverpool FC for 14 days while his conduct during Wednesday's Hillsborough service is investigated.
The French goalkeeper was told not to attend training yesterday on the instructions of team manager Rafa Benitez.

A Liverpool spokesman confirmed: "Charles Itandje has now been officially suspended for 14 days by the club while we investigate his conduct during the Hillsborough Memorial Service."

14 days is NOT enough, we should just throw him out imo, if he ever plays again he will get booed so much that it'll put players off, we don't need players like this at our club and he doesn't deserve to be among players like Masch who actually show some respect.

This is a Ronaldo Post.


Cristiano Ronaldo is Global Ambassador for Castrol
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Also, here's a new interview with Cris. He talks about the possiblities of winning all the trophies, playing Everton, Rafa v Sir Alex, the Champions League, and the daily Real Madrid question. (Someone on a Cris forum has been keeping count of all the times he has been asked if he is leaving in the summer for just this month. The count is up to 12 now. This is just in interviews.)

And because I found it an interesting read (didn't agree with all points but found it interesting all the same). Cristiano Ronaldo's genius driven by the audacity of mope.
amy owl

Spurs boss indifferent to selection concerns


Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp will not alter his selection policy as long as his side continue their good run of form.

Spurs were in relegation trouble when Redknapp took over at White Hart Line but now seem destined for a top-half finish and could possibly qualify for the new-look Europa League.

Players such as Tom Huddlestone and David Bentley, previously first-team regulars, have struggled to retain their positions under the new regime.

But Redknapp insists the team's resurgence in the league shows that his selection policy is correct.

"I came and took over a team that was doing no good. So I'm sorry but if people are not happy because they are not playing I really don't care to be honest," he said.

"Whatever I have done I have done it right because I am picking a team that is winning football matches. I have brought players in and the competition became more fierce.

"Tom is a good player, a terrific player. He could be a top, top player and he was excellent last week but I brought Palacios in and he has done well for me."

Redknapp also revealed that he almost became manager of Newcastle United in the aftermath of Sam Allardyce's sacking last season.

He cited not wanting to be separated from his family as the main reason behind his decision to stay at Fratton Park and his loyalty was rewarded with victory in the FA Cup final.

Redknapp added: "I was very close (but) I made the right decision staying at Portsmouth and was lucky to be the manager that won the FA Cup. I don't regret that at all.

"Honestly, one of the biggest reasons was I did not want to go away from home. That might be called unambitious but I did not want to be away all week from my family.

"It did not appeal at my age. I had dogs and family. Life is too short for me to be away all week. If I did not like my wife I would have gone. But I wanted to be with her."


The Tottenham vs. Newcastle game tomorrow ought to be really good. I can't wait!

one of my united husbands does an interview with a proper newspaper

Michael Carrick unsung but totally at home in the famous No16 shirt

Midfielder may lack celebrity status but United fans see him as the natural successor to Paul Scholes, while others think he doesnt match up to Roy Keane's famous legacy.

The Guardian, Saturday 18 April 2009

Michael Carrick

When the Professional Footballers' Association announced its candidates this week for Player of the Year there were five Manchester United names on the shortlist – but not necessarily the right ones. Edwin van der Sar, Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic will all be measured out for their dinner suits over the coming weeks. One or two might even put together the first words of an acceptance speech. Yet there is also a sense of surprise at Old Trafford that the player who really makes Sir Alex Ferguson's team tick did not even make it on to the shortlist.

It is certainly strange that a footballer of Michael Carrick's grace manages to be so under-appreciated. When it comes to an appreciation of space and the ability to hit the perfect pass, long or short, Carrick is probably the nearest English football has to Glenn Hoddle. Yet this is very much an unsung hero.

Even at Old Trafford, where the supporters have come to regard him as Paul Scholes's natural successor (and there is no greater compliment than that at Manchester United) you won't hear his name being sung. They still serenade Roy Keane at home matches but the man who took his No16 shirt is still waiting to find out what it is like, that adrenaline rush, when 70,000 fans start chanting your name.


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o holy trinity

Leonlol Messi

Lionel Messi may be known for his ability to quickly dribble past his opponents, but his pain sensors aren't quite as snappy. At today's match against Getafe, he got hit in the face with the ball but took about 6 seconds to realize it.

In other news, my novio goes apeshit (and looked hot while doing so) after getting a foul and his complaining earned him a booking. He may have overreacted but the ref was a mess all match and was wrong (imo) to have penalized him for his challenge. Collapse )

that is all

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Beckham ID'd for glass of wine

they card people in the US?!?! [this is sarcasm :/ ]

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I'm definitely going to read it when it comes out, especially when:

JEMAINE- Joe, what was the Galaxy locker room like during the year Beckham arrived?

JOE CANNON- I almost want to write a book about how bad it was. That was the most disappointing part to that whole year. Everything was so, it had to do more with what it looked like on the outside. To give people a breakdown of what it was like. It was Frank, the guys he brought in, mixed in with old time Galaxy players on the opposite sides, with a bunch of people in the middle. I’m never really one to back down and I felt that when David got there he just magnified the split. He didn’t help alleviate it. I think at the time, I don’t know if it was his first concern. You can’t push the leadership onto a new player. I’m sick and tired of people kissing other people’s ass. I read the articles about this and that and I’ll be honest, it was a disappointing time to see such good professionals act like such little babies about the dumbest things.

An organization like LA, that I really looked up to for so long from the outside, ended up being like that. It was just really disappointing. There were a lot of good people who worked there, but there was a handful that ruined it for everybody else.


Aguirre officially introduced as coach of Mexico's national team

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Steaua owner Becali freed from custody

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James Lawton: Three cheers for Everton – a team that makes you proud to be English

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Little bit of him

Florentino Perez maybe planning to sign several big names if he wins the Real Madrid presidency, however, one of his first jobs will be to keep the club’s current players happy…

Sergio Ramos will be given the contract that he desires at Real Madrid if Florentino Perez wins the club’s presidential elections in the summer, according to a report. The Spain international defender has been in trouble this week after leaving the Bernabeu early on Sunday to go to a bullfight and has been accused of deliberately obtaining a yellow card in order to miss the game.

Despite that, Ramos is still a key member of los Merengues’ squad and Perez views him as a player to keep for many years to come by offering him a new deal, AS state.

Last summer, the former Sevilla star was offered a contract-for-life by Ramon Calderon, but the increasing turmoil at the club meant that he did not sign. Instead, Ramos’ brother and agent, Rene, told him to hold off and that move was vindicated when Calderon stepped down as president and hopes of an improved offer arose.

Perez is a fan and wants to ensure that Ramos is not tempted by a bigger pay day at one of Europe’s other major clubs before he has time to make him one of the best paid players at Madrid. Although Ramos already has a deal in place until 2013, it is the fact that he is nowhere near the squad’s top earners that has seen him ask for an improved contract.

From: Sergio-Ramos.org
my q is How much money does Sergio earn in RM these days

Happy Birthday Lukasz!

Happy Birthday to Arsenal's No. 2 keeper Lukasz Fabianski who is 24 years old today, in Arsenal years that means he's about 67, bless. He has some fun things planned for his special day, he is going to go to Wembley to play in the semi-final of the FA Cup. It was nice of everyone to arrange this day-out just for Lukasz's birthday!! He's very happy about it!!

Speaking of the FA Cup semi-final - Here is Setanta's promo for today's semi-final for anyone who hasn't seen it - to get you psyched ahead of kick-off!

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