April 14th, 2009

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Franck Ribéry wants to join Barcelona, reveals Bayern team-mate Mark van Bommel

The France midfielder Franck Ribéry wants to move to Barcelona, his Bayern Munich team-mate and captain Mark van Bommel has revealed.

"Franck has told me he wants to play for Barcelona," Van Bommel told the Spanish radio station RAC1. "He is the best player in Germany and his style of play would fit well with Barça's because he is strong with great technical ability."

The Dutch midfielder's comments are poorly timed to say the least coming as they do on the eve of Bayern's Champions League quarter-final second-leg tie against the Catalans. The German champions are 4-0 down from the first leg at the Camp Nou last week.

The news will also come as a blow to Manchester United and Manchester City who are believed to be tracking the player.


ETA: In this Dutch article Mark regrets the interpretation by the Spanish newspapers of the way he's spoken about this issue and he says it is not at all what he was trying to say.

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Sergio Ramos Sorry For Bullfighting Trip

The defender has admitted that he will accept a sanction if he is given one...

Sergio Ramos has today apologised for leaving Real Madrid's match at the weekend to go and watch a bullfighting event, and says he will accept any sanction.

The player was seen at both the Bernabeu stadium and then at the bullfight on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, where he met up with his matador friend Alejandro Talavante, still wearing his Real Madrid suit.

The incident has sparked plenty of debate about his commitment to the club and speaking at a press conference he apologised for his actions.

"At no time did I intend to cause any trouble and if I have done then I am sorry to the fans, my team-mates, the company and to the club; who I owe. It was not good. I take responsibility and if the club decides to sanction me then I will accept that," he is reported as saying by Marca.

"I have already spoken with Pedja Mijatovic and I will accept a sanction. If someone has been offended, then I am sorry.

"I ask to be excused by the fans, the team and the club if I have upset anyone. It has been taken a little out of context because I was at the stadium ten minutes to support a friend."

The defender went on to clarify that he is fully committed to the club and understands that such an incident was bound to come under scrutiny.

"In four years that I have been here, no one can doubt my loyalty to the club. We all make mistakes and we learn from them. Playing for Real Madrid means we must do this, there are times when we are clumsy, and we must learn. Our work is looked at under a magnifying glass when we wear this badge," he explained.

With respect to the league, Ramos assures that Barcelona will "slip up" and looks forward to the "hour of truth" when "the title will be decided".

Finally, he spoke about the possible return of Florentino Perez to the club and admitted he would have no problem with it.

"He was a great president and I will be eternally grateful that he bet on young kid that nobody knew, paying a lot of money for me. I have a good relationship with him," he concluded.

Fun - Kitty Claudia
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Bayern finishes season with goalie Butt.

Not Michael Rensing, but Hans-Jörg Butt will be in the Bayern goal for the remainder of the season, this has been confirmed in those exact words by coach Jürgen Klinsmann.

Last week Klinsmann already chose Butt over Rensing for the CL match against FC Barcelona and Rensing assumed it was a one time only thing but last weekend and tonight he shall be benched again.

Dutch Source
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English Angle: Chelsea The Best Bet Of The Big Four To Win The Champions League

This weekend's action saw four more wins for for the Prem's finest and revealed why the Blues are the best bet to stop Barca winning in Rome, according to Goal.com's Sulmaan Ahmad...

Maybe a bit tl:dr, sorry!

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Obama Lends Weight to World Cup Bid

Having shown his deft touch on the basketball court, President Obama is now testing his prowess in the politics of sport.

The president recently sent a video praising Chicago in its bid to hold the 2016 Summer Games. Now he has endorsed the United States’ effort to hold the World Cup of soccer either in 2018 or 2022.

After showing admirable loyalty to his South Side Chicago baseball team, the White Sox, the president might also work up some fealty toward a middle-of-the-table soccer team he once visited, West Ham, from the East End of London. For now, he is taking the big-picture, hands-across-the-sea route.

“As a child, I played soccer on a dirt road in Jakarta, and the game brought the children of my neighborhood together,” the president wrote in a letter that was hand-delivered recently to Joseph S. Blatter, the president of the world soccer body, known as FIFA. Obama was referring to the years from ages 6 to 10 that he spent in Indonesia with his mother.

“As a father, I saw that same spirit of unity alive on the fields and sidelines of my own daughters’ soccer games in Chicago,” the president added.

Obama seems to understand the implications of the world’s favorite sport, in the same way he gave early interviews to Arabic newspapers, stopped off in Turkey on his first European trip and held the first Seder in the history of the White House.

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i fully support this measure
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Match Highlights

What more can I say? I left the first leg of this fixture feeling crushed and defeated but tonight I believe we exited the competition in style. The Liverpool boys gave a heroic performance when all odds were against them and fought through the 90 minutes, making one of the best matches in European history. Chelsea are through to the semi-finals once again, and deservingly so after dominating a strong European side after they were ruled out by many critics.

Whoever assumed that this would be a boring tie (uh, I guess that means everyone) were definitely proved wrong tonight. The two fixtures combined to a tally of TWELVE dramatic goals! I think these goals are worth recapping, y/y? Here are some from today:

The captions are from SA Football Fans

Aurelio opens the scoring with this clever free kick

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And Bayern vs Barca? Well, the Bayern boys did not give up despite leaving the Camp Nou with a 4-0 result. It was an exciting, but goalless first half, until Bayern were finally able to get their goal with Franck Ribery's shot at the 47th minute. The consolation from Ribery's goal, however, was vanished as Keita tucked in their away goal putting the score 5-1 on aggregate.

I have to applaud Bayern for putting on a great performance because I have not seen a team make the pitch look so small for Barca this season. They put pressure on every single player to prevent them from scoring and passing, which are two things that Barca have been doing flawlessly. However, Barcelona's show from the first leg was more than enough to take them to the semi finals, where they will be facing their first English opponent of the season.

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Stop Press. Bad news?

Apparently Guti and Arancha are divorced/or are divorcing.

According to a couple of articles, they have been living apart since last October and have spent holidays separately.
They want to maintain a good relationship for their children's sake.


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Sad sad :( I hope their children are ok.
Sources www.poprosa.com/espana/guti-y-arancha-de-benito-se-divorcian and www.hola.com/famosos/2009/04/14/arantxa-guti/