April 13th, 2009

symphony of death

Brawl breaks out in Turkish league game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe

ISTANBUL — Players from Istanbul's two biggest teams, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, fought each other Sunday in the final minutes of a tense derby match that ended in a 0-0 draw.

Games between archrivals Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe are usually tense, but on Sunday both sides needed to win in order to remain in the race for Turkey's Superleague title.

With just minutes left in the game, Fenerbahçe's Diego Lugano headbutted Galatasaray's Emre Asik from behind, touching off a fracas that involved most players on the field.

Four players -two from each team - were red-carded for their involvement in the fighting.

The two sides' fans were also in combative mood, dismantling seats and trying to hurl them at each other. (source)

The footballer sent-off were: Emre Aşık and Arda Turan (Galatasaray) / Diego Lugano and Semih Şentürk (Fenerbahçe).

Are you ready for a video of the whole fight?

I was watching the match and my reaction after this was O_O

awooo waka waka espagna

do they get a discount for this?

I think Keano's sudden move back to London left him with little time to research the area he was about to live in.

Robbie Keane and Amy Winehouse are Neighbours.

Amy Winehouse has never had the best of luck with neighbours.

The troubled singer was threatened with eviction from her old pad in Camden after infuriating locals with a string of late night parties.

And Wino's antics have already caught the eye of current celebrity residents - Robbie and Claudine Keane.

The footy star and his pregnant missus splashed out on the luxury six-bedroom property in Barnet, North London, when Robbie re-joined Tottenham in January.

But far from being the ideal place to bring up their first tot, the reclusive estate has become over-run with photographers desperate for a snap of A-list singer Amy.

A source confirmed: "Robbie and Claudine are very private people.

"When Keano knew he was coming back to London he wanted to find a nice quiet place for him and his missus.

"With Claudine pregnant they wanted a place which would be suitable to raise a child, a real family home.

"But ever since Amy moved in the place is crawling with paparazzi.

"Robbie's not happy.

"Obviously he knows it's not Amy's fault, but who in their right mind wants such commotion around the area they are trying to raise a child?"

Despite initial reservations, ex-Liverpool star Robbie and wife Claudine are keen to give Amy a chance to prove she is the ideal neighbour.

The source added: "Amy has obviously got a massive reputation as a hell-raiser.

"She's not exactly the ideal neighbour, especially with all the problems she has had in the past.

"She's already ruffled a few feathers with some peculiar behaviour.

"But Keano and Claudine have decided not to pass judgement until they get to know her.

"Claudine is keen to have Amy around one evening for drinks and a chat.

"It could be pretty interesting."


Claudine is just pissed because there's someone on the block who's rivaling her weave


Since I Will Hate Everyone Not in My Chelsea Bubble for At Least 2 Hours Tomorrow

I bring you Bumblebee training today to be nice.

Potato says Hello and Welcome to the photos

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Good Luck this week whoever your team is, unless you support Liverpool because then you need to be ready for a Throwdown Jasper and Emmett style.

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darcy doesn;t sparkle

Have you got a question for Iker Casillas??

Iker recently did a fan interview for Fifa.com, where fans submitted questions to him and he answered. It's pretty short, but gives you a pretty indicative view of his character I think.

There was a period when you were criticised for a certain inconsistency, to the extent that you spent some time on the bench in the 2001/02 campaign. How did you manage to overcome those difficult times?
You have to learn from every difficult experience. Just like when you're little and you do an exam, and the teacher corrects you and that's how you see where you made mistakes. Well it's the same principle. That was eight years ago now and I was still a young lad, but it did me a lot of good because I really improved from that point on. I travelled to the 2002 World Cup and began playing more regularly again.

When you concede a goal do you tell yourself 'What an idiot I am!' or 'What a great goalscorer that guy is!'?
I say to myself ‘I could have done a bit more'.

What advice would you give to young goalkeepers looking to forge a professional career?
First of all they should look to enjoy their profession and show enthusiasm; they shouldn't only care about the financial side of it. If they approach it in the most professional way possible then the rest will follow.

How did it feel to raise the trophy aloft at the European Championship?
I cast my mind back to all those players who had played for the Spanish national team before us and who had fought to win a [major] title, a success that we ended up pulling off. Seeing I was the captain I was fortunate enough to lift the trophy and I let out that roar. That roar was the release of so much adrenaline, the release of all the disappointments we'd had in the past. That shout was one of relief, as if to say 'About time! Everything's ok now.'

Iker, are you as good a person as you are a keeper?
I've always wanted people to remember me more for being a good person than as a good or bad keeper. So, I think that I can safely say that yes [I am a good person].

I love him sooooo much. I adore him, completely. Totally.  Full text is here.

He seems like such a decent human being, and there is nothing better than a footballer who truly does care about his country and his club and his fellow players. There is so much decency and honour there. I am trying not to fangirl, really I am. It is impossible.

why is this not mike riley


Pedro Santilli loses his temper during Sunday's game against Catanduvense in the second division of the Paulista (Sao Paulo state) championship.

He then went over to speak to the referee and suddenly lashed out, landing a right-fisted punch on the official's chin.

Santilli was sent off while his team lost 1-0 and were relegated to the third division.



this is a man united post bitchis

Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs Interview with Inside Sport (9th April so they talk about "losing" recently and stuffs) with some rather ridic ~dramatic music~ that reminds me of the score in Farenheight 9/11, and ~slow motion montages~ to make them look all cool and shit,

it mayb abit "tl;dw" for some, so i'll just bullet point the important bits for you bastards, they talk about:

- how United legends like Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce, Gary Pallister etc were "old" to them when they started playing, now they're that age themselves
- Giggsy's "poster boy" image and glamourous lifestyle which lasted about 5 minutes
- Fergie being a mafia leader with his spies, spying on players to make sure they werent up to no good ala amy winehouse, and being scared of Fergie cos he's so fuckin FIERCE
- being defeated, and how older players picked them up from being sad and shit, which they do the same for United's younger players
- retiring from United and football and how they only know being a player for one club: Manchester United

"I've had a great life, just playing football all day... traveling 'round the world for free?"
"always comes back to money with him dunnit."



Football Rankings 4/13/09

*drifts in*

Maybe we could do these for summer leagues, too? Like Sweden and MLS.

*drifts out*

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga
Scottish Premier League

Most Points
Barcelona (La Liga) - 75 points
Fewest Points
Karlsruher SC (Bundesliga) - 18 points
Biggest Lead
Internazionale (Serie A) - 10 points
Smallest Lead
Manchester United (Premier League) - 1 point
Olympique Marseille (Ligue 1) - 1 point
Celtic (SPL) - 1 point
Closest to Danger
Torino (Serie A) - 1 point more than 18th place
Caen (Ligue 1) - 1 point more than 18th place
Arminia Bielefeld (Bundesliga) - 1 point more than 16th place*
Farthest From Safety
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 10 points fewer than 17th place

*16th-18th relegation zone