April 10th, 2009

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Oh ffs, location of the nearest cliff plz?

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard to miss Champions League game with new injury

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard dealt Rafa Benitez another crushing blow last night. Just 24 hours after being humiliated by Chelsea at Anfield, the England midfielder was almost certainly ruled out of the Reds' next three games. Gerrard is set to miss tomorrow's home match against Blackburn and boss Benitez will leave him out of the Champions League return at Chelsea on Tuesday. That rest could give him a 50-50 chance of being fit to face Arsenal at Anfield on April 21.

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Double Injury doubt for Aston Villa ahead of their clash with Everton.
I guess they're potentially fucked since MON hasn't realised that the same 19 players he's been using are prolly EXHAUSTED.

Meanwhile Pienaar is fapping at the thought of playing VIlla.

Insists he'll be phresh to play them despite being a ~*globe trottah*~ and traveling errywhere.

Also both clubs are convinced they will finish fourth, ahead of L'Arse.
Could make for an epic battle between fifth and sixth place on Sunday.

Gabby Agbonlahor and Carlos Cuellar have emerged as doubts ahead of the crunch Easter Sunday clash with Everton. Agbonlahor has a virus while Cuellar has injured his back.
Boss Martin O'Neill will wait as long as possible before making a decision on their availability.

There is better news on Steve Sidwell who has recovered from an ankle injury and may play a part in the weekend game.

Steven Pienaar insists he will be fresh for Everton's remaining games.
The South African was replaced after 70 minutes of the 4-0 win over Wigan after a global travel marathon during the recent international break.
Pienaar flew back to his homeland to help them win the Nelson Mandela Challenge with a victory over Norway, before heading to Switzerland with his countrymen to take on Portugal.
After the 2-0 defeat in Lausanne, he travelled back to Merseyside to prepare for the arrival of Steve Bruce's side.
And after being withdrawn 20 minutes before the final whistle, Pienaar has now declared he is in prime condition going into this season's remaining games.
He told evertonTV: "I had to get used to playing three games in a week and travelling almost 18 hours so it was quite difficult - but I will be fresh.
"It takes a lot because you have to fly there, it takes almost 11 hours, then play the game, then fly back and there is all the bus travel as well, so it is quite hard but we are all professionals and it comes with the job."
The former Ajax and Borussia Dortmund playmaker believes the resounding win over Wigan will instill great confidence amongst the Everton squad ahead of Sunday's fifth-place showdown with Aston Villa.
"Confidence is high in the team and we are looking forward to Sunday's game," he declared.
"If we you keep on playing like that, goals will come and we will create opportunities.

"It is not going to be easy playing Villa away. We have to stick to our game plan, play like we did on Sunday and I don't think we will have a problem."


jose nom nom nom

adriano takes a break from football

Adriano Speaks

i'm posting the spanish version of the video assuming that more people here will understand it, but if you want the video in portuguese click here

Random Quotes

"I am very sad with the things that have been published in newspapers which say I have consumed drugs and that I am an alcoholic. I have never had contact with drugs and I'm not an alcoholic. If I did all that I would not be playing football" said the striker.

"This is my choice to be happy. I believe that every person in the world has the right to be happy in his/her job" The striker ensures that he is not happy in Italy and found that if you play and you would return to Brazil in Flamengo.

"I have stopped my career for a while because I have lost the joy of playing," he said. "It could be one, two or three months. There is big pressure in Italy. I don't want to return to Italy. I want to live in peace here in Brazil."

“I just dislike living in Italy. I felt I was pressured. I felt big pressure when I was 18-years-old. A lot of people will not understand. It is a bad situation, not easy at all, but it is a choice.”

"I do not need psychologists or doctors.

"I am just tired. Tired of the gossip and the envy.

"I'm not sick, as so many have said, I just need to stay calm, be near to my family, my mother, my grandmother, who I love," said Adriano, who also denied a row with Inter president Massimo Moratti.

"He is like a father to me, I have always been close to him."

Adriano also insisted his sudden dropout was not a question of money: "I am ready to give up even money, for me the important thing in life is not that."

He concluded: "I'll return to Italy when the joy returns."

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Jose's Reaction

"Inter have done everything to help Adriano before I arrived and with me, as a coach and human being, so have the president and his team mates," Mourinho told a news conference on Friday.

"We'll see. The important thing is that he's happy. If he's happy like this, if you lose the player but the man is happy, perfect. (more)

Klinsmann on his way out???

FRANKFURT (AP) - Bayern Munich bosses have decided to part company with coach Juergen Klinsmann after the end of the season, Bild newspaper said Friday.

However, should Bayern lose or draw Saturday at home against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, the newspaper said Klinsmann will be fired immediately, without citing any sources.

"It's all but certain" that Klinsmann will leave in the summer, Bild said.

"The bosses have noticed: Klinsmann doesn't reach the team any longer. He is only a spectator of his own 11," the paper said.

The pressure on Klinsmann increased dramatically after Bayern's crushing 4-0 loss at Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. The coach and his players struggled to find an answer for how to play against the crafty Barcelona team guided by Lionel Messi, who scored twice.

Club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and general manager Uli Hoeness want to stick with Klinsmann until the end of the season and "somehow" still win the championship with him, Bild said, so that the "failed relationship still produces something good."

"In the summer, it's as good as certain, it's the end of project Klinsmann. Internally, everyone is in agreement. There should be a clean separation," Bild said.

Klinsmann said Thursday, before the team's return from Barcelona, that he had no intention of stepping down, but many newspapers speculated that he was about to be fired with Bayern's defeat at the Camp Nou on Wednesday having been preceded by a 5-1 loss to Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga last week.

On Friday, Klinsmann reiterated that he wasn't about to give up.

"Put the helmet on and march through," Klinsmann said. "We still have eight games and 24 points at stake. That's what counts at the end for the coach and for every single player."

Luca Toni, the Italian striker, said the team "must try to win" Saturday against Frankfurt. "For the coach and for the whole team," Toni said.

Bayern president Franz Beckenbauer described the first half of the match in Barcelona, when Bayern conceded all four goals, as "the most dreadful I'd ever seen from Bayern - a catastrophe."

Beckenbauer, who writes columns for Bild, had said before the match that Bayern officials would get together after the season and "discuss consequences, if necessary."

After the match, Rummenigge cautioned against making any hasty decisions.

"Now, we have to remain rational and not to overreact and not make any senseless, spontaneous decisions," Rummenigge said.

"We have to save what can be saved and that means trying to achieve our goal in the eight remaining games in the Bundesliga. I can only ask everyone to do their best to use the one chance in the Bundesliga that we still have."

Klinsmann, who led Germany to a third-place finish at the 2006 World Cup at home in his first coaching job, had never coached a club before arriving at Bayern at the start of the season on a two-year contract.

Bayern has already conceded one of its titles from last season, the German Cup, and could also lose its Bundesliga title. The team is fourth in the standings - three points behind Wolfsburg and Hamburger SV - with eight rounds remaining.

Klinsmann had left his California residence to return to Germany and take up the most scrutinized job in German football outside perhaps the national team. He surrounded himself with a large international staff and instituted many changes but Bayern has rarely shone this season, especially since the winter break.

The Champions League has now been written off and Bayern must try to win the only possible title still within its grasp.

Klinsmann told reporters Thursday that he had not lost his interest in the job "in any way."

"It's a very difficult moment and that's normal for the job," Klinsmann said. "But I know what this team is capable of and I have no doubt that it will show a reaction Saturday."

I said I would do this like a month ago: Pick your MLS team!

By request of a few, though I am sure everyone will love it because it is beautiful + took forfuckingever.

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Slightly outdated map of MLS, USL, and USL2 here.

Annnnnd, if you don't live by an MLS team, there's USL which covers the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda - there are two divisions, USL1 and USL2. Many MLS teams have agreements with USL (or PDL, the next division) teams, for friendlies and player loans and etc. Here is a list. I've been to some games - they're fun. Go check them out if you have one by you. And the games not shown on FSC are streamed free.

Lastly: 2008 best goal comps for all teams, minus Seattle, here.

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tl;dr you lazy ass: If you're a total newb, I think picking one of the upcoming teams is easiest. Watch the league, get to know it, and all that shit.

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barcelona; abi's hips don't lie


Well. It seems as if our prayers have finally been answered. No Stevie still not may come back, and YES Nanda is definitely going to marry Olalla. Not those.

Genius has struck again Ladies and Gentlemen, and this time in the form of sportswear.

Adidas NZ has started a Jersey Swap Campaign for the NZ ballers it sponsors. Now I dunno exactly WHY or FOR WHAT this website exists, but WHO THE FUCK CARES.

Basically it's a little game where you click on two players, and they just...go up to each other and swap shirts. That's it.

Isn't it like THE BEST game ever to grace the face of this Earth?!?!

Why, WHY can't Adidas do this to the Premier League, or Champions League players..WHY?!?!

Here is the link, I've been playing it all day. Make sure to bring a cold wet towel and a change of underwear.


From Kickette.

ps. Should we have some Get Naked tag, or something of that sort?

nudity is only natural, natural like rapeseed oil engines

David James goes GREEN

and this has nothing to do with the fact that 4/20 is coming up
ps: it's the long weekend so no need for nsfw warning hehehe

You weren’t always an eco-warrior . . .

Not at all. But I did a bit of research into the environment for a column in a Sunday newspaper and that is when the change in my attitude happened, as much as when my partner encouraged me to recycle. I had a Ferrari — not that I drove it much — and sports cars, and I left a lot of lights on.

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