April 5th, 2009

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Black armbands for Hillsborough

(first post, haven't seen this mentioned so here goes)

Everton and Man Utd semi-final players to wear black armbands in honour of Hillsborough victims

PLAYERS from Everton and Manchester United will wear black armbands during their FA Cup semi-final clash in tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

They will make the gesture during their Wembley cup tie on April 19.

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we're nothing compared to this

Sergio Ramos fangirls in Málaga. This is pretty amusing. There's screaming, security guards frustrating attempts of hugging (though this was for Iker), bitch fighting, dramatic phone calls, fainting and hair pulling. Ramo is popular in Andalusia.

Embedding doesn't work so here's the link

The video is now available here thanks to c0rrine ! :D
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The Relegation Battle.


The Premier League table, as it stands -
Position/Team/Games played/Points
13 Stoke 31 35
14 Blackburn 31 34
15 Hull 31 34
16 Portsmouth 30 33
17 Sunderland 31 32
18 Newcastle 31 29
19 Middlesbrough 31 27
20 West Brom 31 24

So who is everyone bet to go down? I'd guess -
20 - West Brom: Not physically and mentally strong enough to fight out results, as shown yesterday against Stoke. Defensively abysmal, and their strikeforce simply isn't good enough. It's all very well trying to play good football and I do commend them for that, but when you're at the bottom of the table, it's points that matter, and West Brom just ain't got enough. Should give Adrian Chiles something to whine about on MOTD II, bless him.

19 - Boro - 'Tis sad as they have quite a few good players, but have been unlucky and/or not performed to the best of their abilities, resulting in them being where they are. After their next two home games they have a solid run in including Villa, Man Utd, Arsenal and West Ham Away, and one can't see them getting a huge deal of points from these matches.  Methinks Stewart Downing is White Hart Lane-bound as of June...

18 - Hull - Newcastle will stay up because they have three winnable games as well as backing from the crowd due to the AS effect, and I believe Sunderland have a good enough manager in Sbragia to guide them to safety. Hull have a very difficult run-in and I can see them going down, which should mercifully mark the end of the phrase that I heard far too much at the start of the season, "plucky little Hull."

I would like to think Crouchiebung can rescue Portsmouth by getting a few more goals that'll prove vital. Bolton are rough and physical but they can grind results - as shown by their 4-1 demolition of Boro yesterday. Stoke's home ground is somewhat of a fortress and will prove invaluable to them come end of May. Blackburn, like Bolton, are physical and dull to watch, but Big Same knows what he's doing and should just about steer them to safety.

What about you, dears?

Igor Akinfeev

I know you're tired of russians, but as keis_case said that it's not interesting to see always Andrey and Pav.
Igor Akinfeev is loved by girls in Russia I think even more than Pavluchenko and sometimes more than Arshavin. He's young and talented, what's more he's modest and cute.
So a bit picspam post

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Once you go Brazilian you never go back

Adriano updates:

  • He's not returning on Monday like it was claimed earlier
  • Instead he is in Rio de Janeiro with his family
  • He is attending the Campeonato Carioca (the Rio de Janiero state championship)
  • Wants to stay to watch the Flamengo-Fluminense derby which is on Sunday
  • His agent denied reports that he had been kidnapped, attempted suicide or was found in a party in the slums where he grew up
  • "The fact remains that Adriano is wilfully disobeying Inter's orders to return to base and his career with the club is effectively over."
  • No one knows when he will be back
  • This post is an excuse to use my new icon

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Bad news for Valencia fans

Raúl Albiol and David Villa suspended for five matches.

Not everything is good news for Valencia after their 4-1 thumping of Getafe. Two of yesterday's goalscorers, Raúl Albiol and David Villa, have been banned for five matches after what was labeled as inappropriate behavior by the Spanish Football authorities.

The decision comes in a bad moment, when the club is just leaving a streak of bad results and as they prepare for the final run of the League aiming to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Valencia Coach Unai Emery voiced his discontent with the players during the press conference following the victory of his team: "We did not expect this but I think we can't complain because what the players did on the pitch was unacceptable. I'm very disappointed on them.

"Anal intercourse is not something you do in a football match. It's something you do in the privacy of your bedroom or in the dressing room if you really need to"

The players were questioned about the incident but they were brief in their responses.

"I know I shouldn't have, but Raúl was in position and I just had too", David Villa was quoted as saying.

Author of the penetration Raúl Albiol did not bother himself making excuses: "Whatever, I enjoyed it".

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