March 28th, 2009

awooo waka waka espagna

WCQ - Live Reactions


+ England vs Slovakia Friendly - 13:15 ET

TimeHome Away
10:00 ETRussiavAzerbaijan
13:15 ETNorthern IrelandvPoland
15:00 ETMaltavDenmark
15:00 ETIsraelvGreece
15:45 ETNetherlandsvScotland
15:45 ETSloveniavCzech Republic
15:45 ETIrelandvBulgaria
15:45 ETLithuaniavFrance
15:45 ETMontenegrovItaly
15:45 ETGermanyvLiechtenstein
16:45 ETPortugalvSweden
18:10 ETArgentinavVenezuela
19:00 ETMexicovCosta Rica
21:00 ETEl SalvadorvUnited States

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  • Discussion for all matches are welcome, even if they're not listed in this post.
  • A seperate thread will be made for Spain v Turkey because things will probably get loca in here with that match in the mix

  • Your take on mid-season NT matches...

    I go wit da flo, they're a nice break from club matches
    They're an annoying distraction to my league season
    I look forward to them more than league games
awooo waka waka espagna

spain v turkey


5:00 PM (Eastern) at the Santiago Bernabeu

Will Spain continue their long winning streak?
Remember, Turkey had a very good run at the Euros
They were the energizer turkey that kept going on, and on, and on, and on...
Lets see if España's timid turtle Torres will be able to keep up

Stream links: Rojadirecta, Iraq Goals, Football Streaming, MyP2P


First Post Here

I stumbled upon this community one day & i was so glad I'm not the only girl who's fascinated by footballers

After a bit of "lurking" i decided to join

And because today is 2010 World Cup Qualifiers Day I thought i'd post -what else- footballers pics

Vicente "The Wise" Del Bosque invites you in

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I think i did ok with the tags
Sorry if any of this has been posted before but it wasn't possible to remember every entry
Also apologies if the lj cut doesn't work-I'm having some trouble with it
woody what


I made a comment here: but I think anything about carlitos deserves it's own post.

It is said Carlitos is estranged from his wife. He is tired of supporting all her family and paying their trips to Eurodisney. The only reason he still lives with her and puts up with all that is his daughter. He is afraid that if they separate, Vanesa (the wifey) will take Florencia (the child) away from him. He is very much in love with ("paying the bills and fucking") a blonde bimbo (I guess it's the same girl that he was pictured with not a long time ago), AND VANESA KNOWS IT.


Source: El Enmascarado from (argentinian gossip website)

La relación amorosa entre el delantero del seleccionado mayor de fútbol y la mamá de su hija tiene muerte cerebral. Aunque siguen compartiendo el mismo techo, Carlos y Vanesa ni se rozan, con eso defino todo. Él mantiene un romance que era clandestino para los medios de comunicación con una voluptuosa rubia de nombre Mariana, algo que la joven siempre supo pero que no acepta para seguir aferrada a los lujos europeos. Según me vociferaron, la relación es muy tensa y agresiva y el futbolista tiene miedo de que quien fuera su noviecita en la miseria económica lo aleje de su hija. Por eso, se desdice en promesas y no se anima a plantar bandera e iniciar un romance con la persona que, aparentemente, lo desvela. No son pocos los que aseguran que el morocho suele pagarle la estadía a su amorcito y que, cuando la modelo cruza el Atlántico, no se lo ve por su casa oficial ni de noche ni de día. En tanto, Carlos también tiene los huevos al plato por seguir bancando a toda la familia de Vanesa ya que suelen viajar en manada a Europa y deliran Euros en Eurodisney, por no mencionar también que se instalan en la mansión que compró en Recoleta. Habrá más informaciones para este boletín.
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This is the blonde bimbo for those who haven't seen her or don't remember:

Carlos Tevez

SNEAKY: Tevez holds hands with blonde

I love Tevez no matter what, but this is really sad.

PS: This is my first post and I don't know how to make cuts, sorry

EDIT: Added a bit bit info to my amazing translation