March 25th, 2009

awooo waka waka espagna

Real Madrid & FC Barcelona - Not so dif afterall...

Although the two clubs have distinct differences in their style of football, culture and even language, Spanish giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have found common ground with the way they celebrate their goals...

Picture from The Spoiler

It seems like the Spanish are strong believers of giving. Despite scoring the two goals that put Real Madrid in front of Athletic Bilbao, KJ Huntelaar still felt the need to extend his generosity in a more creative manner. Wesley Sneijder also doubles the Dutch delight and assimilates to this speculated Spanish tradition. Stay klaasy boys, stay klaasy.

Picture from anais_molko. View it HQ and up close here

Over at the Camp Nou, Keita wrapped up Barcelona's five goal stunner against Lyon by scoring the final goal. Despite their impressive performance, Barca couldn't manage to keep a clean sheet, and neither could the Mali international -- this on-pitch display with Bojan Krkic looks all but clean to me! What is he doing with a boy over 10 years his minor anyway? Perhaps Catalonia is more tolerant of these sort of relationships; I for one don't see anyone in the picture looking bothered...

We've all heard about Cristiano Ronaldo's Mom's dream of her son playing at the Bernabeu. Do you think Mommy Ronni would approve of this move if she knew what went on during celebrations? Manchester's golden boy scored 42 goals for his club last season. Oh boy.

i don't think it's safe for me to make posts at 3am

KOP OF THE POPS ... Torres, Gerrard, Alonso and Carragher as Ringo, John, Paul and George

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Manager Rafa Benitez has stressed there is ‘real belief’ among his squad that they ‘can beat anyone’ — and Arbeloa sees no hint of the recent trend changing.

He added: “Our objective is to win all our league games between now and the end of the season. It is a difficult task but not impossible now our morale’s improved so much.

“That triumph at Old Trafford really increased our desire to be the champions.”

As for the Champions League, he admitted: “We didn’t desire Chelsea and would have preferred not to have drawn an English rival. My dream was to play Bayern Munich or Barcelona. But I still insist we are the favourites.

“Since the arrival of Guus Hiddink, the Blues have improved. But Champions League games are different and we manage these kind of situations better.

“From our point of view, Rafa’s new deal was very important. He may appear to be too serious for many people but that’s not what the players think.

“He is a coach whose only desire is to obtain the maximum from everybody and, under him, I feel like I am the best player in Spain.

“We are happy he is staying because the news means continuity and generates calm and confidence as we go about our work.”

i don't even read that, it's just the pic that amused me XD</div>

My internet stalking skills have finally paid off. lol

So I know *everyone* is just dying to get their hands on Cris' CR7 clothes/fashion statements of amazingness these days. LOL

Ok, so I know that isn't true but look what I found!

CR7 Store Website

Does this mean that I can actually get my hands on a CR7 diamond encrusted belt? Hmmmm? ;)

I really am excited for this though and I do hope it is set up soon. He loves fashion and this is helping his sisters as well. Good for him.

Also, all the people that were freaking about him setting up a store in Madrid can see now that he's setting them up everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. lol.
pep guardiola - teen idolo

I still wouldn't buy those hideous boots...

This season, Thierry Henry has proved that he can still score goals -- and in great variety too!

Barca's performances this season have gotten us curious as to what goes on in their training camp. From this video, we can see that their coach, Pep Guardiola, has a very distinctive way of motivating his players. The boys are also fed well. I Wonder if the chefs prepare their food with some sort of special goalscoring potion? Remind us to forward their recipe to Nikolas Bendtner.



UEFA to charge club with match fixing within days

UEFA will bring match fixing charges against a European club within days, European soccer's governing body said on Wednesday.

"There are number of cases we have been looking at," UEFA general secretary David Taylor told a news conference after the UEFA Congress. "It's very complex and very difficult to find proof. But within the next couple of days we will be issuing charges against one club."

Taylor did not disclose what country the club was from. In September UEFA said it was reviewing 10 matches from the current UEFA Cup season and 15 from last season for irregular betting patterns, all in the competition's preliminary rounds.

UEFA will launch a gambling investigating unit next season featuring experts who will review suspected irregularities in matches from European competitions.

"UEFA is setting up this betting fraud detection system across Europe to include 27,000 matches in the first and second division in each national association," Taylor said. "Only a few matches cause us problems but we are determined to root out this problem."

UEFA president Michel Platini called match fixing "a serious risk to football."

"Through this early warning system we will find out what bets are being placed," Platini said. "I'll be extremely firm with those who cheat. I don't accept players who cheat and will suspend them from any activity in football."

Meanwhile, Geoff Thompson, the former Football Association chairman, has been re-elected as a UEFA vice-president.

Thompson received strong support at UEFA's Congress in Europe, winning 43 out of a possible 53 votes.

But Peter Rees, president of the Football Association of Wales, failed in his attempt to get elected to UEFA's executive committee. Rees polled just 11 votes, needing 22 to get in.

babies growing up.

Enzo Zidane is a chip off the old block – apart from his nationality

As the son of France's footballing idol prepares for a call-up to Spain's Under-15s, what price international loyalty?

In the globalised rat race that is modern football, clubs try to secure talented youngsters as early as possible: it's only a matter of time before a foetus is snapped up after showing impressive technique while kicking its mother from within the womb. At international level things are theoretically more honest and natural, but you don't need to hear Andy Townsend's Irish accent to realise how naïve a view that is.

Now countries are trying to secure young players as well: there are reports that Enzo Zidane, the son of the former France World Cup-winner Zinedine, turns 14 today and is to be called up to Spain's Under-15 side.

As this video shows, Enzo is richly talented, a whirl off the old pirouette. He has already played for the Real Madrid youth team and having been in Spain for the past eight years, may feasibly follow the route of Barcelona's Bojan Krcic, who made a debut for Spain last year. There is a precedent for family members playing for different countries, and not even father and son: Christian Vieri played for Italy while his brother Max played for Australia.

There is less precedent for great players whose sons also go on to become great players: a quick poll around the office brought up, with increasing mirth, the names of Kasper Schmeichel, Jordi Cruyff and Paul Dalglish. Though nobody would consider them great, Eidur Gudjohnsen famously came on as a substitute for his father, Arnor, when Iceland played Estonia in 1996. An argument could be made for the Mazzolas, Valentino and Sandro, and perhaps the Maldinis, Cesare and Paolo. But arguably the most famous son of a great player is known for a different type of zesty activity: Calum Best.

Enzo Zidane, named after his father's hero Enzo Francescoli, the former Uruguay midfielder, may soon change all that.


I would have made a poll but I have a basic account, so do you think Enzo will be a great player? Decent, but living in his father's shadow? End up a bust?

Some days with Russian National team

Meet Pavlyuchenko, Arshavin aka Stupid faces, Bilyasexy, Dimochka Sychev, Igor Akinfeev (oh yes), Ivan Saenko, Alan Dzagoev, Yuri Zhirkov (oh yes), Denisov, Ignashevich, Kolodin, Semshov, Gabulov, Pogrebnyak aka Log, Berezutskie brothers, Anyukov and sure GUS HIDDINK

Gathering of the NT in "Grand-Mariott" hotel, 23 march

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Open training, 24 march

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Villareal offer free tickets to unemployed fans

“Season-ticket holders who are on the dole will be allowed in free next year,” said club president Fernando Roig in a news conference.

“The idea is to think of the club's wider social base and those who have been unlucky to lose their jobs so they can continue to watch football in the Madrigal.”

- The Mirror (Read more)

Brazil legend Pele misquoted over Robinho slur

Brazilian legend Pele has denied alleging that Manchester City star Robinho had taken drugs with former world footballer of the year Ronaldo at a private party in Sao Paolo.

''I know what the people who need to sell newspapers are like. When there's a story like this you need to ask for the recording to hear what was really said.''

- Soccernet (Read more)

Marcelo: Casillas helped me beat Bernabeu boos

Marcelo explained: "I spoke to Iker about it and he told me not to let it get me down. He said that players like (Zinedine) Zidane, Ronaldo and himself had also been booed. If players of their size have experienced it, then it's normal for it to happen to me.

"I'm now just working to convince fans not to boo me again."

- Tribal Football (Read more)

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