March 24th, 2009

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Hmmm, El Guaje has been MIA from this community for a while...

Though I'm sure we'll get plenty of him soon with the upcoming international matches, here is a Dahveed post so you can get your early fix.

I believe these photos are fairly new, or are outtakes of some sort, and have not been posted here yet.

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Señor Bitchface on the cover of Don Balon Magazine

Stolen from vcf_fangirls here :)

bloodred_orange has found a photo of the new Spain kits to be worn at the Confederations Cup this summer. Modeling the camiseta is none other than La Seleccion's numero 7
united: my ground is prettier than yours

Oh look, pretty! (and also some serious at the end, I'm sorry)

Hey mods, can we get a 'serbs' tag or something like that, because I have a feeling I'm gonna need one. At the very least an Adem Ljajic tag because I fear I'm gonna be spamming the hell out of him. Oh, that sounds dirty.... I like it!

Under the cut is an interview with Adam Ljajic, translated by Zoran Tosic. *flails* Oh, and pictures of him training at Carrington.

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Also, this was the 12 o'clock blog on yesterday. Yes, you may call me bitter or whatever, but I do agree with everything that's said. Except maybe the part about Rooney's sending off, I do think it was necessary.

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Fun - Kitty Claudia
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Bayern interested in Celtic´s McGeady.

German giants Bayern Munich are showing an interest in Celtic winger Aiden McGeady according to Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni.

The 22-year-old Irishman, who came through the youth ranks at Parkhead, has indicated he would be interested in playing abroad and Trapattoni, his national team manager, has revealed that Bayern boss Jurgen Klinsmann, whom he coached at both Inter Milan and Bayern, is keeping an eye on the Glasgow-born player.

"I met my old Bayern assistant in Germany recently and he asked me what I think about McGeady because they are are following him," Trappatoni told the Scottish Sun.

"They wanted my opinion and I said McGeady is one of our most important players.

"With more confidence, he has the possibility to improve even further."


la nueva camiseta de Adidas para la próxima competición de la Selección española

Today was unveiled the new kit which will be worn by the Spain Team in the Confederations cup!

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according to Stevie, he is not the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd best player in the world. ;)

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Steven Gerrard does not agree with the assessment that he is the best player in the world on current form.

The Liverpool captain has received many plaudits for his recent performances, sparked by comments from Zinedine Zidane in the wake of his barnstorming display against Real Madrid.

With a starring role in the 4-1 win at Manchester United and a hat-trick against Aston Villa further illustrating his current level of performance, a number of pundits feel he is in line for personal accolades this year.

Nevertheless, Gerrard feels there are other major talents out there, particularly at Barcelona and even up the road at Old Trafford.

"It's very flattering and it makes me smile when people talk well about my game and how I'm performing," he said in a Champions League special on Setanta Ireland.

"But I don't agree with being the best midfielder in the world. There's a lot of fantastic midfield players out there and it's very nice to be talked about in terms of those top players.

"The players I admire now are playing at Barcelona. Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Xavi. They are the players I watch who really excite me and I think to myself they're on a different level to all other footballers out there.

"Obviously Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United is a very good player as well, although it hurts me to say it because he's a rival.

"I also think we're very lucky to have Fernando Torres. He was a wonderful signing for the football club.

"He's young and has already shown he's one of the best players in the world.

"We're very lucky to have him."


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You're beautiful and you don't even try (don't even, don't even try). Modesty is just so hard to find... ;)


Sometimes I feel like Nailtech reads this and laughs at us because she won, lol.

Argentina Loving

All of the Argentina NT players are already in Buenos Aires and had their first practice today at Ezeiza. And because I know you're wondering, yes, little Benjamín Agüero Maradona is in Buenos Aires as well, and Kun will take him to the pitch on Saturday.
Some pics at the airport:

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And training pics:
Di Maria, Tevez, Daniel "Rolfi" Montenegro, Jonás Gutierrez

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up yours!

Champions League Magazine: Take II

Ok putas, yesterday I posted this week's episode of the UEFA Champions League Magazine Show and there was a problem with the video. I might have grown a patch of grey hair, raised my grandchildren and started drinking Metamucil along the way, BUT I FINALLY HAVE A WORKING FILE UP!!! I recommend you all take 20 minutes out of your precious schedules to watch this as it is full of epic Champiñons League coverage and has some nice heartwarming interviews :). And because the 24 hours I spent trying to get this to work actually felt more like 24 Narnia years.

-------------------- reposting from Monday --------------------

This week's UEFA Champions League Magazine episode covers all the CL action up to last Friday's draw.

Included in this segment are interviews with Stevie G, Zidane, Petr Cech, Little Lahm, Leo Messi and more! Also spotlighted are Raul, Totti and Del Piero. It is about 20 mins long and is a good way to get your footi fix until the next set of international fixtures begin.

If you don't want to stream it, or want to save it for keepsies, you can download it here