March 20th, 2009

just a little boy gazing at the stars

For just one moment I wish I could've seen you growing

I don't care what that little clock stamp up at the post might say, in MY part of the world it is now just a little over 12 AM and therefor now March 20 ;D Which means 25 years ago Fernando José Torres Sanz was born. So I thought we'd take a trip down memory lane. And what better way to do that then with the help of our very own birthday boy? :P

For just a moment, I wish I could've been there. To see your first step, hear your very first word. Tell me, did you ever fall and scrape your knee?

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If you passed by, would I have seen a child or a king? would I have known?


"For all the other kids at the end of the season, their team was on parade with trophies. For Atletico, it was different, but I thought we represented something else: the workers of the city, the people that did not have a lot of money, who had it hard and then, when work was over, went to watch their team. That was wonderful. Since then, what my club represents is very important."

be warned, over 200 pictures

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Two in one for fight my own boredom...

This is a very rare post, I have no real reason for posting here but I'm bored and don't know what to do...

Yesterday I was all day fangirling over the pic of this cute baby:

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This kid is now 21 and is a very talented midfielder. His name is Per Ciljan Skjelbred and he is currently playing for the best norwegian team called Rosenborg BK. And some sources claim he's wanted for Arsenal and Newcastle United (and I know for Aston Villa too, but it doesn't appear in the source link, LOL).

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Another norwegian football obsessed person around here? I feel so alone :(

And now, probably it is not your lucky day...

Really XD! because under the following cut you will find a couple of pics of some stupid canaries Fenerbahçe players in the swimming pool.

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Enjoy! or simply... not.


I belive "FML" is the term

Walcott injures knee in training session

Theo Walcott will miss Saturday’s trip to Newcastle after injuring his knee at Friday morning’s training session.

The England winger has only just returned from almost four months out with a dislocated shoulder and, speaking at his pre-match press conference, Arsène Wenger revealed that the 20-year-old will face another spell on the sidelines.

The extent of the injury is unclear but the manager expects Walcott to be withdrawn from the England squad for the forthcoming fixtures.

“Walcott got injured today in training,” Wenger said. “We have to test it, he has a scan on his knee today.

“We are surprised and worried. He was in very good form coming back and that is very bad news for us and for England.

“For the rest of the season might be too long, but he’s out of tomorrow’s squad and he could be out of the England squad.

“He locked his knee so it could be a cartilage problem. He did it walking back from training. He was fully normal during training but maybe it only came out when he stopped.

“We have to see how he responds today and I hope it’s not really serious.”
official source is official.


Vancouver Is Next to Join M.L.S.

Vancouver Is Next to Join M.L.S.

Vancouver was awarded a Major League Soccer franchise for the 2011 season Wednesday, becoming the league's second Canadian team.

MLS started in 1996 as an eight-team league and opens its 14th season Thursday night. Seattle enters the league this season as the 15th club, with Philadelphia to begin in 2010. The other Canadian team is Toronto FC, which joined in 2007.

''Our goal is to become one of the world's best soccer leagues,'' MLS commissioner Don Garber said at a news conference. ''The addition of Vancouver will help us get to that point.''

The Vancouver Whitecaps currently play in the United Soccer Leagues' first division. There's no immediate word on whether the MLS team will be called the Whitecaps. Whitecaps owner Greg Kerfoot leads the Vancouver ownership group. NBA star Steve Nash is also involved along with San Francisco Giants co-owner Jeff Mallett and Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Luczo.

Vancouver was one of four remaining groups vying for a franchise for 2011. Ottawa, Portland and St. Louis also applied. The MLS is expected to award a second team at a later date. The Vancouver MLS team will play at BC Place. The stadium -- a 20,000-seat soccer-specific design -- will undergo about $292 million in improvements before the club begins playing.

''The Vancouver Whitecaps have been a part of our province's history for more than three decades,'' British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell said. ''As an MLS team, the Whitecaps organization will carry on that incredible tradition.''

Vancouver Whitecaps FC will continue to field a USL-1 team during the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

''The successful bid for a Major League Soccer franchise offers a whole new level of opportunity for our organization and by extension for our city and our province,'' Whitecaps president Bob Lenarduzzi said.


usmnt/mls post!

Bradley Names 22-Man Roster For FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Against El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago
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Seattle beat NY, 3-0, in their first MLS game, to a sold-out, expanded capacity crowd

Can Columbus Repeat As Champions?
Time interview with Don Garber, commissioner
Jimmy Conrad, the most hilarious man in MLS, in print as well as video, talks to

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Um Weirdness?

Image Source

Arsenal Ban Blackburn Rovers Fans' St George's Cross

Arsenal stewards have won few friends in one corner of Lancashire this week, after a group of Blackburn Rovers fans revealed that their flag of St George, England's national flag displayed prominently all over the nation and a source of much pride to many English people, was confiscated as being a 'racist symbol'.

A group of Rovers fans from the Havelock Inn pub in Blackburn had already unfurled the flag, emblazoned with the slogan 'Havelock Blues', at Fulham and Hull City without problems, and the St George's cross is seen at almost every football stadium in England at every level of the footballing pyramid on any given weekend.
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Do you find the flag racist or offensive? y/n?
darcy doesn;t sparkle

IN LIGHT OF TODAY'S CL DRAW - an interesting article,

Nobody Should Want A Pool v United Final

Posted 20/03/09 15:14

If the Champions League quarter-final draw proves anything, it is that there is nothing nefarious going on. There is no fix, no warming of the balls, no matter how many goons tell you they saw the EXACT draw on some forum at 9am on Friday.

While the inevitable bleating from various sources about Manchester United getting an easy draw again, or Liverpool being given an impossible route again, the proof that all is above board comes in the live and very real possibility that the old foes could face each other in the final.

If UEFA were going to fix something, it would surely be ensuring that there is no exodus towards Rome from the north-west come May. Think of the carnage.

It's difficult to imagine why anyone would want such a final, outside of a no-doubt foaming Sky and ITV. Rome would resemble a giant Wetherspoons for the better part of a week, the notoriously twitchy Italian police would be told to thwack on sight, and the whole scenario would be played out under a level of security that will make it impossible to enjoy.

In fact, it's difficult to imagine why any Liverpool or Manchester United fan would possibly want such a final, even judging it purely as a footballing spectacle.

Sure, they are often entertaining games for one reason or another, but how could a fan of either side even come close to enjoying it knowing that there is a good chance they will lose to Them? Could United fans really contemplate Steven Gerrard lifting the trophy beneath them? Or Liverpool fans the same for Gary Neville or Ryan Giggs?

This is a Champions League final. While it comes around for these sets of fans more often than it does for the rest of us, it's supposed to be the pinnacle of club football, something to be appreciated and drunk in. How could you savour the occasion with that sort of humiliation looming?

The only way a fan would be able to avoid such crippling fear is to imagine the sweetness of victory, the defeat of the adversary - essentially, to adopt a mindset that the joy of victory would outstrip the despair of defeat. It's something that many football fans don't have a problem with, but one that I can't quite get my head around.

Maybe that says more about me than anything else, but nevertheless I've never quite understood the presense of something in the psyche of some football fans that craves the failure of their rivals over their own success.

It's a curious thing. I've witnessed grown men celebrate goals in local derbies not by jumping around in the standard manner but by turning to the opposition to engage in some fairly rudimentry sign language and long range gloating. It's an odd mentality, for the first instinct to be joy at the unhappiness of your most hated before your own, well, happiness.

A Rangers fan recounted not long ago that during the SPL title race of a few years back, when Hearts were the main challengers to Celtic, some of his contemporaries would still wish defeat on those from across Glasgow, even though it would be worse for their league prospects.

Sure, football is all about tribalism and it being Us v Them, but surely one should save the schadenfreude for a few minutes.

None of this changes the fact that a Manchester United v Liverpool final would be awful on a number of levels, so here's hoping that one, not both, gets through their respective semis.

Nick Miller,17033,13320_5077182,00.html

steve finnan

tragedy strikes. again.

Finns was called up by Giovanni Trapattoni for Ireland's upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Bulgaria and Italy, but unfortunately he won't be able to play because he still hasn't overcome the damn hamstring injury he sustained on his debut in La Liga. *sigh* Why do such things have to happen? I'm so sorry for him.

Here's a related article:

Finnan to miss World Cup qualifiers

Steve Finnan has been forced to withdraw from the Republic of Ireland squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Italy.

The Espanyol defender's career has been disrupted by injury since he left Liverpool for the Spanish league in August. A thigh injury ruled him out of last month's qualifier win over Georgia. Having recovered from that problem, and assuring the manager of his fitness, Trapattoni named the 32-year-old in his 26-man squad earlier this week. However, Finnan since suffered a recurrence of a hamstring injury that has already forced him to miss three weeks of action back in September when he first sustained it on his La Liga debut.

Trappattoni must now choose whether to stick with Stephen Kelly at right back for the qualifying games or bring back Paul McShane, who also missed the Georgia match through injury. Finnan’s withdrawal leaves Trapattoni with 25 players to choose from as he prepares to finalise his panel of 23 for tomorrow week’s Bulgaria game.

Ireland will then travel to Bari to take on group favourites Italy on 1 April.

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