March 13th, 2009

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Was Ashley Cole Set Up?

A very purr-worthy piece of gossip just popped in our inbox, courtesy of the delightful scamps at over at Popbitch.

First, a quick bit of background for those who need it: after arecent charity event with Chelsea, a rather sloshed Ashley Cole was photographed at a nightclub talking to a “mystery” blond. Cut to some pushy-shovey-shouty scene involving the paparazzi, and Ashley being led off in handcuffs.

This happened at the same time as his wife, Cheryl, was climbing Mount Kilamanjaro for the Comic Relief charity. She probably wasn’t even wearing lipstick at the time, poor lass.

However, things suddenly aren’t looking so cut and dry. Talk is spreading amongst insiders that this “mystery” skeeve/skank/wagabee was allegedly hiredby the tabloids (who had already been following Ashley closely with their cameras poised for potential misbehaviour while his wife was away.)

The current theory in one newsroom is that the “mystery blonde” was in the employ of the tabloid… And, the Sun’s showbiz editor, Gordon Smart, was supposed [to have been] on the Comic Relief trip - and only a family bereavement stopped him from being on hand for the exclusive on Cheryl’s reaction after Ashley’s arrest.

Was Ashley set up? Sure, he shouldn’t have had much to say to the random chica other than, “I’m married, luv, piss off now”, but it certainly offers up another possibility as to why he reacted the way he did when the flashbulbs started popping.


Can anyone identify these shoes or tell me where I can get a similar pair? Please



How Soccer is Ruining America: A Jeremiad
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Saint Iker does not approve of your fuckery

By Stephen H. Webb
Thursday, March 5, 2009, 12:00 AM

Soccer is running America into the ground, and there is very little anyone can do about it. Social critics have long observed that we live in a therapeutic society that treats young people as if they can do no wrong. Every kid is a winner, and nobody is ever left behind, no matter how many times they watch the ball going the other way. Whether the dumbing down of America or soccer came first is hard to say, but soccer is clearly an important means by which American energy, drive, and competitiveness is being undermined to the point of no return.

What other game, to put it bluntly, is so boring to watch? (Bowling and golf come to mind, but the sound of crashing pins and the sight of the well-attired strolling on perfectly kept greens are at least inherently pleasurable activities.) The linear, two-dimensional action of soccer is like the rocking of a boat but without any storm and while the boat has not even left the dock. Think of two posses pursuing their prey in opposite directions without any bullets in their guns. Soccer is the fluoridation of the American sporting scene.

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F365's Mediwatch responds:

America's Problem: Revealed
America has a few problems at the moment. Nobody except Oprah has any money, that Madoff chap has achieved the impressive feat of lowering people's opinions of bankers, that second ammendment thing is turning out to be a pretty daft idea, they have about twenty wars on the go and Ann Coulter continues to sell books.
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First Things Mediawatch

Hee hee God Bless You, America.

PS: This is a hard-core right-wing conservative, guys. The point is not to attack America, just to LOL. I do love America, despite the cracktastic weather of the east coast. :D

Perez wants Liverpool pair Gerrard, Xabi at Real Madrid O_O

Liverpool midfield pair Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso top the shopping list of Florentino Perez.

Perez intends to stand for this year's presidential elections at Real Madrid and plans to have the commitment of both Liverpool stars before the ballot, says AS.

Xabi almost left Liverpool last summer for Juventus and Perez is convinced he can make it third time lucky after twice almost signing the midfielder during his previous reign as Real president.

He knows Gerrard will prove a tougher task, but is determined to test Liverpool's resolve for a player who Perez's team is convinced can help rebuild Real's profile across Asia.
my first sources were the spanish web sites  yahoo españa
and as

wtf??? is he serious? he can't take my OTP out of anfield

Van der VROOOM

The rumoured Man United home/away kits

From 1 2

Manchester United’s new 09/10 home shirt is supposed to be a tribute to their 1909 kit, celebrating 100 years of success in the FA Cup. It’s also the last season AIG will be sponsoring Manchester United, but that’s a different story.

Nike can milk the historical aspect as much as they want to, but at the end of the day, it’s very obvious that the new Man Utd kit is designed to be both historically relevant and fashionable, as evidenced by Nike’s efforts to design a schoolgirl uniform with the white V and full collar.



so it features their new sponsor logo on the right?

edit: this might be the actual away kit, which makes more sense to me.

I personally think they're neat :P They sort of remind me of the Bordeaux kits, which I am quite fond of.
The goth styled lace up detailing on the away shirt is a little bit more questionable...

Edit: Here is a leaked image of the rumoured 09/10 Real Madrid home kit. (Found here)
barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

New Nike Ad - Men vs Women

Hola, chiquitas (and chiquitos)

There is a new Nike/iPod/whatever ad about a running competition between men and women to see who runs the fastest. S'got a lot of yummy ballers such as Goldy (Zlaty means Gold in pretty much any Slavic language) Ibrahimovic, Nandito Torres, Roger Federer, Eva Longoria(???), her husband etc.

Go ladies!

(I am tres sorry for not knwing EXACTLy what the ad is aobut - Fernando Torres on a running excersise machine thing kinda froze all my brain cells - in a good way.

Enjoy, lovies!



Only Inter Players Like Mourinho - Juventus' Tiago
Juventus midfielder Tiago Mendes talked about the Scudetto race with Inter and their coach Jose Mourinho, who used to be his boss at Chelsea.

Now that Juventus are out of the Champions League, midfielder Tiago Mendes can root for his former team Chelsea, who completed a 3-2 aggregate victory against the Bianconeri with a 2-2 draw in Turin last Tuesday.

The Portuguese player thinks his side still have every chance to win the Scudetto, however, and he also revealed some interesting anecdotes on how Inter coach Jose Mourinho manages to motivate his players, which he knows something about after playing for him in the 2004-05 season at Chelsea.

"Seven points are a lot, but last year the Nerazzurri declined after getting knocked out of the Champions League so let's hope it's that way this year too," he said.

"I was not surprised Inter went out of the Champions League, but it wasn't the same with Roma as they played a good match and I rooted for them at the penalties."

On Mourinho, the 27-year-old revealed, "He is very good for the group, he manages to motivate everyone and get the best from all the players. That said, only the team he coaches likes him. He pits everyone against him, and then says, 'see, now we have everyone against us, let's show them what we are made of.'"

This weekend, Inter welcome Fiorentina while Juventus entertain Bologna, as the Scudetto race continues.


arcelona And Manchester United A Notch Above All Other Teams -- Toni

Despite all the Italian teams getting knocked out of the Champions League, there are still a handful of Italian players involved in the competition, such as Villarreal's Giuseppe Rossi, Liverpool's Andrea Daniele Dossena, and Luca Toni of Bayern Munich.

The latter was interviewed by SkySport24, and he came back on this exciting Champions League week.

"It's too bad the Italian teams didn't make it," he said, "but it feels good to be still involved."

"I think Roma were very unlucky, as were Inter. I saw the match and they certainly didn't deserve a 2-0 defeat. It's also true that Inter got a strong opponent, as did Juve. I don't think there is an explanation for their exits."

On whether he got teased by his team-mates after this Italian fiasco, Toni said, "They said things like, 'now you guys will never win anything anymore'. It's normal, because the Italian league is still followed a lot, and there is also a bit of jealousy toward my former league.

"Who are the favorites now? I think Manchester United and Barcelona are a step ahead of all the others."

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Manchester United vs. Liverpool


Kick off: 12:45 GMT (8:45 EST)
Venue: Old Trafford

No prediction poll for this one, because I think the voting outcome will be obvious :P Instead...

(Ruffle top from Lanvin's '08 Spring/Summer collection)

fashin put it all on me ~*~

oh god, my eyes...

Some pre-match readings:
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enjoy the game and try to be a good sport -- no matter what the outcome is :)

Arsenal v Blackburn - 3PM GMT (11 ET)