March 6th, 2009


The photo that no one will let go

Crispi: I cried after first arriving at Manchester United

18-year-old who was so homesick he would cry every time he spoke with his family back in his native Madeira.

He claims the heartache he suffered when he moved to England proved the making of him and armed him with the necessary mental strength to become European and World Player of the Year.

“They were the worst moments of my career, when I left my family,” said Ronaldo. “It was a very very difficult part of my life because I’d always had a lot of back-up from my mother, father and my family.

“To go to a different place, different football, different country was very complicated. We cried every week but, in that respect, I grew a lot as a person and as a player, and that was very important to me.

“For young players the conditions are difficult. They have to work hard and fight for what they want to be in the future. In any other profession, it’s the same. You cannot stop believing in yourself.

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Pepe Reina and Quagmire on Pokerstars

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Sami Hyypia's £23,000 gift to children's hospital charity appeal

Liverpool footballer Sami Hyypia today forked out almost £23,000 to rescue a Merseyside hospital charity appeal.

The iconic Reds defender stepped in to make up the shortfall for a playroom at a new Arrowe Park children’s accommodation complex. (read more)

Kuwait group turn down chance to buy Liverpool as £500m is too much
Liverpool alerted as Valencia set for sell-off
Torres, Agger and Arbeloa latest


Ashley you a.hole, look what you did



ABOVE: The moment Cheryl Cole found out about Ashley’s drunken row

SEXY Cheryl Cole collapsed in tears on her charity mountain climb yesterday when she was told of her husband Ashley’s arrest for being drunk and disorderly.

Meanwhile the footballer apologised for screaming abuse at the police and insisted he had not supped that much booze.

News of Ashley’s arrest reached wife Cheryl as she lay on a stretcher suffering from altitude sickness during her Comic Relief bid to scale Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

She burst into tears and her morale plunged lower than ever.

An expedition crew member said: “She was very worried about what was going on at home. It’s the last thing she needed when she has to have all her mental strength to get through the next few days.

“She was really low in the morning but the rest of the team tried to cheer her up.”

The condition of singer and X Factor judge Cheryl, 25, is now being closely monitored and she has been given injections to help her cope.

Boozed-up Premiership star Ashley Cole was arrested after “losing it” in a bust-up with police.

The England full-back was handcuffed and thrown in cells for three hours on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

He was later slapped with an £80 fixed-penalty notice before his release at 5.30am yesterday.

And last night the £82,000-a-week Chelsea defender issued a grovelling apology, insisting that he was sober and would never “disrespect” the police.

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aaaaaaand: Blatter worried Premier League is damaging foreign leagues

Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, claims that the increasing global popularity of the Premier League is damaging the appeal of football in other countries.

Blatter, who also criticised the lack of competition within the English top flight and reiterated his desire to limit the number of foreign players plying their trade in the Premier League, said that other leagues were having "difficulties to match it".

"I have my concerns because the Premier League is the strongest in the world, definitely," Blatter told BBC Radio 5 Live. "It is taking over in such a manner that the other leagues have difficulties to match it."

"In a competition where two-thirds or three-quarters of the participants in the league play not to be first, but not to be relegated, there is something wrong," he said.

Blatter added that he would meet the chief executive of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore, to discuss his continued intention to impose a minimum quota of English players.

"I want to try to, if not persuade him then at least influence him in his thoughts that to have a minimum of local players will enhance the quality of his league," Blatter said.

The Fifa president, who turns 73 on Tuesday, also voiced concerns over the increasing foreign ownership of English clubs, which he described as a "risk" and warned that there were no guarantees that England's plans to bid for the 2018 World Cup would be successful. "What is the advantage of England?" he said. "If you look at the technical infrastructure for stadiums and the organisation of football matches on the level of 50,000 people and upwards then they are ready to organise it, but they are not the only ones."


I hate him, but I think he has a point.

becks gets his way


David Beckham has won his battle to stay at AC Milan until the end of the campaign - and he will return to play for the Italian giants next season.

Under a unique 'timeshare' agreement, the England midfielder will feature for LA Galaxy between July and October before rejoining Milan in November for the rest of the season.
It is understood that Beckham is so determined to stay at Milan that he will pay £2million towards the loan fee to Galaxy.

A spokesman for Beckham declined to comment but the deal is expected to be officially confirmed by the clubs later today or over the weekend.

The move means he will be able to stay at peak physical fitness as he attempts to win a place in the England squad for next summer's World Cup.

When Beckham's next spell in the US ends in October, he will be able to activate a buy-out clause in his £4.25m-per-year contract that will enable him to join head to Italy on a permanent basis.

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