March 1st, 2009

awooo waka waka espagna

hehe let's play

i'm sure that we can all agree that this weekend was pretty intense footie wise with the mini derbies, cup finals, last minute comebacks, etc. some of you may have gotten the result you wanted -- if not more, while others watched their teams fall apart. since sundays tend to be the slower end of the football weekend...

i am not usually big on community memes but this one isn't about favorite colors or anything stupid like that, i promise ;)

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this is how you do it, liverpool


real madrid 2 - espanyol 0 picspam, crossposted from my journal. LOVELOVELOVE.

first, highlights:

'gol de tom cruise' hahahaha spanish commentators are the best

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now if only liverpool had done the same in their match against a team fighting relegation.. :|

ily but.........

Roma Midfielder De Rossi Rages At Referees After Inter Draw

The temporary Giallorossi captain took his frustration out on the officials after the draw at the San Siro...

Roma were held to a 3-3 draw against Inter, twice leading by a two goal margin at the San Siro, only to see it evaporate.

Daniele De Rossi wore the captain's armband in the absence of Francesco Totti and has echoed the statements of coach Luciano Spaletti by pointing the finger at the officiating, particularly with regards to Mario Balotelli's penalty in the second-half.

"We can only hope the referees are poor or inattentive because whenever we come to Milan it always goes the same way," raged the 25-year-old to Sky, who missed a glorious chance from close range at the end of the match to give the Giallorossi a victory.

"I already lost a championship here to Inter and it is driving me crazy, I'm going mad. We are always asked to help the referees, we will try, but it is useless. You have all seen what happened."

De Rossi, who scored the opening goal against Inter, and his teammates have a week rest before hosting Udinese at the Stadio Olimpico and then taking on Arsenal in the second-leg of their Champions League encounter on March 11.

**can we have a ddr tag per favore?**


voting: the most attractive team in the champions league


I'm having a voting over at my journal to determine the most attractive team in the Champions League. The "contest" is based on three criteria: NT Caps, nationality (home-grown players get more points than foreign ones, of course), and looks. The first two are easy to find out, but I need people's input on looks because I don't think one person can make a decision that's at least vaguely representative.

So if you feel like sharing your opinion on some footballers' looks and making it count, do participate! The more voters, the better the result!

More information can be found » here.