February 26th, 2009

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Salomon Kalou: I Would Love To Play For Arsene Wenger's Arsenal

The Chelsea forward has admitted he would consider a move to the Emirates...

Chelsea's versatile forward Salomon Kalou has run the risk of upsetting the Blues faithful by revealing his admiration for Premier League rivals Arsenal and their manager, Arsene Wenger.

The 23-year-old confessed that he is a fan of the Gunners' style of play and said it was pleasing to hear that the north London club's boss tried to sign him last summer.

"Arsene Wenger said he thought of signing me? That’s an honour for me, an honour," Kalou told Setanta.

"He is a very great coach and I know that every single player in the world dreams of playing for Arsene Wenger. I have a lot of respect for him, he is one of the best coaches in the world so why not?

"I am still under contract with Chelsea, but of course I have plenty of friends who play for Arsenal - Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Eboue and Emmanuel Adebayor.

"They are achieving huge things at Arsenal and watching them play is just beautiful.

"You are never guaranteed to be in the Chelsea starting XI because every single player fights to earn his place, including me, and the coach is the one that has the final word.

"At the present time I’m happy at Chelsea and I hope that the things that I want to happen will happen. I will think of my future once the season is over."

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FIFA agents, players targeted in Spain cocaine probe - reports

MADRID (AFP) - Two FIFA agents and several current and former football players with Spanish clubs are under investigation as part of a probe into cocaine trafficking, Spanish media reported Wednesday.

The operation, carried out in Madrid and the Mediterranean port of Valencia, led to the seizure Wednesday of 600 kilos (1,320 pounds) of cocaine hidden in shipping containers, the online edition of sports daily AS said, citing sources close to the investigation.

The reports did not name which footballers were under investigation but AS said some were from first division side Atletico Madrid as well as from second division side Rayo Vallecano and Poli Ejido which is in the third division.

Spain, with its historical and linguistic ties to South America, is Europe's main entry point for cocaine from the continent, especially from Colombia, the world's top producer of the drug.

Spanish customs agents seized 21.8 tonnes of cocaine in 2008, according to provisional figures, down from 25 tonnes in the previous year.

Over 8,000 people were jailed in Spain last year for cocaine trafficking.

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Emery's Gaydar

Valencia manager Unai Emery, talking to a Valencian newspaper, showed his mathematical abilities by saying that if an eight of the world's population is gay, there are bound to be gay footballers. He (perhaps optimistically) said that he didn't think there would be trouble in the changing room if a player came out as gay, but that there might be trouble somewhere else.

"I think I have had gay teammates, but they never told me so," he said. "If a player told me, I'd be delighted. I think I know who it is, by clues and stuff. Those who talk about how much they get laid, they are (gay) and talk like that to protect themselves. I respect that."

Further questioned in a press conference about the Valencia-Dinamo Kiev match, he added a very sad attempt at making a pun (reserved to Spanish-speakers, I'm afraid), and said that "it isn't different to anything else, and we must help."

I actually think this is nice of Emery, and brave too. There aren't many people related to football who have come out talking (nicely) about the possibility of gay players.

So... any thoughts about what brought this on? Who are Emery's former teammates who are gay? Who was he thinking about when he talked about those "players who act to protect themselves"? Do you think there are any Valencia FC players ready to make their manager delighted by coming out of the closet?

Or, just like I did when I heard this last night, are you just going ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod!?

You can find the original press article here: Diario de Levante

And a link to the highlights of the press conference here: Telecinco


El entrenador del Valencia, Unai Emery, hablando a un periódico valenciano, ha demostrado sus habilidades matemáticas al decir que si una octava parte de los hombres es gay, debe haber futbolistas gays también. Tal vez de forma optimista, dijo además que no cree que hubiera problemas en el vestuario si un futbolista dijera que es gay, pero que puede que hubiera problemas en el entorno.

"Creo que he tenido compañeros gays y nunca me lo han dicho, "dijo. "Si un jugador me lo dijera, estaría encantado. Creo que controlo quién lo es, por indicios o demás. Creo que algunos de los que hablan de que ligan mucho, lo son y hablan así como protección. Es algo que respeto."

Además, en la rueda de prensa anterior previa al partido Valencia-Diname de Kiev, Emery hizo un triste juego de palabras (habló de gays, 'gaynas', 'álfiles', 'torres'...) y añadió que "no es diferente a todo lo demás. Lo que hay que hacer es ayudar".

Me parece muy bien de parte de Emery, y muy valiente. Después de todo, no ha habido mucha gente relacionada con el fútbol que haya tenido nada bueno que decir respecto a la posibilidad de que haya futbolistas gay.

Así que... ¿a qué pensáis que vino esto? ¿Quiénes podrían ser los compañeros gays que tuvo Emery? ¿En quién estaba pensando cuando habló de "jugadores que actúan para protejerse"? ¿Créeis que hay algún jugador del Valencia dispuesto a que Emery esté encantado de verlo salir del armario?

O, como hice yo anoche cuando vi esto, estáis demasiado ocupadas diciendo ohdiosmío,ohdiosmío,ohdiosmío?

Podéis ver el artículo original aquí: Diario de Levante

Y las declaraciones a la prensa aquí: Telecinco
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Bayern exceed Ribéry's expectations.

Franck Ribéry admitted FC Bayern München had surpassed even their own lofty expectations as they put Sporting Clube de Portugal to the sword in Lisbon, taking a giant stride towards the UEFA Champions League last 16 with a 5-0 win; the highest ever triumph in the first leg of the knockout stages.

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Franck and Daniel, they're such BFFs :)
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This video has made my life complete.

I found this via my friends page, so I have no proper source or anything. You are invited to ponder over how/what/where/when/why this video came about. I personally like to think that there is some kind of truth or dare game going on in the Barcelona team and that Thierry Henry was behind all this.

EDIT: So, this has been posted before. Sorry, I must have missed it. But hey, you can never see this enough times, right? :P

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your time has come :(

Nedved to call it quits

Juventus playmaker Pavel Nedved has announced he will retire at the end of the season.

The former Czech Republic international nearly quit before the current campaign but instead opted to sign a new 12-month deal with the Turin club.

But, speaking after the 1-0 Champions League loss to Chelsea last night, he told www.uefa.com: I'm still enjoying playing but considering my physical and mental condition I understand that the time has come to make way for younger players - they deserve to play.

"Maybe you think I'm still young but I'm almost 37.

I will quit at the end of the season, no matter how well we do in the Champions League or Serie A.

"The decision is final and I don't think I will change my mind - I don't need to. It is the right time to quit."

Nedved, who joined Juve from Lazio in 2001, suffered European heartbreak when he was forced to miss the Bianconeri's Champions League final defeat to AC Milan in 2003 - the year he was named European footballer of the year - because of suspension.


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I'm posting again. DONUT KILL ME!

So, this picture and interview is from Manchester United's match day programme from the Blackburn game last weekend. I had to scan the picture off the cover because it made me squee quite a lot.

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Also, some slightly worrying news about Jonny Evans:

Inter game was needle match
Jonny Evans has revealed how he needed two pain-killing injections to help Manchester United keep their European dreams alive. Evans had to crash through the pain barrier in the San Siro on Tuesday night because of an ankle injury. He had jabs before the game and at half-time as United earned a goalless draw with Inter Milan in the last 16 of the Champions League. Evans, 21, said: “I am just trying to scrape through each game. Tuesday was important as there weren’t many other options so I was forced to play. It was fine except maybe the last 10 minutes of each half. Maybe the pain-killing stuff was wearing off. I had another shot at half-time to help me through." Evans has been a revelation this season filling in for Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic when injury and suspensions have taken their toll. Now Evans is hoping another jab can get him on the pitch at Wembley on Sunday in the Carling Cup final against Tottenham. He said: “Hopefully the manager will allow me to have a few more injections! It’s not nice to think about missing the final. The manager has tried to tell me if I miss it, it’s no big thing, but I want to play. ”
Neil Custis, The Sun

And, in case any United fans didn't know, Fulham beat Swansea (which was annoying because Swansea played some really great football and were the better team in the first game), so that's who we're facing in the next round of the FA Cup.

Also, do you have to ask to make new tags? Just wondering. :)

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Another Baller Baby on the Way!

Petr Cech announced that he and his wife are expecting another child!

"My wife and I want three children, so we have two more to go!" claimed Petr just after Adela had been born. And now the Czech keeper and his wife can look forward to a new arrival.

"Martina and me are very happy and we are really looking forward to this new pleasure," say Petr and Martina now. source

The child will undoubtedly look something like this

(Please be nice, I've new to lj and this is my first post.)


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this photo is so much love:

And what of Toni? “We’ve all scored now, and yours is on its way,” Klose told his fellow striker during the match. Miro turned out to be right, although Toni had to wait until the 86th minute before heading home. The Italian followed that up with Bayern’s fifth in stoppage time, emulating Ribery in notching a first Champions League brace.

“After my first, Miro said to me: There you go, you’ve scored at last,” Toni later revealed. Luca reserved most of his gratitude for Ribéry, who provided slide-rule assists for both his goals. The Frenchman is now up to seven assists in Europe this term, head and shoulders above any other player. “Luca’s always so down when he fails to score – so I set up two for him,” Ribery deadpanned afterwards.

ps: you guys, this weekend is bayern vs. werder. this is BIG NEWS. goltv on sunday. be there or be square.