February 23rd, 2009

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mourinho is an inspiration

Zlatan: I'm better than Rooney, Mourinho better than Fergie

Inter Milan ace Zlatan Ibrahimovic insists Champions League opponents Manchester United are inferior on every level.

"Mourinho is a better coach than Ferguson," claimed Ibrahimovic. "Ferguson has much experience and I respect him but Mourinho is superior in lots of ways.

"Mourinho has really inspired me and I am prepared to fight against the United defenders.

"This style of game is actually preferable because from a physical point of view I will never take a step back. I am always ambitious and I want to show myself better than Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov.

"They are two sensational forwards but I want to be better than this pair.

"In some ways, this is the game that should have been the final. These two teams are the best in Europe and it’s a shame that one of them has to go out at this stage.

"United may be champions of Europe but we are champions of Italy and I warn them that they are about to suffer."



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Arsene Wenger hits out at Andrei Arshavin ruling

Arsene Wenger has hit out at the rules that prevent Andrei Arshavin from featuring for Arsenal against AS Roma in tomorrow night's Champions League tie at the Emirates Stadium.

The £16.9 million striker, signed in the transfer window from Zenit St Petersburg, is ineligible, having played in every group game for the Russians in the competition.

But Wenger believes that, as Zenit are no longer in the competition, he should be free to face the Italians.

"I am frustrated he can't play; he played for a team not in the competition so the logic isn't right. But it's the rule, and we can't complain because we knew that when we bought him. But the logic is not obvious."

Arsenal have drawn their last four Premier League games and failed to score in the last three and face Roma at home having finished as runners up to Porto in their Champions League group.

Wenger is still without key figures including Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas, Eduardo, Mikael Silvestre and, crucially, Emmanuel Adebayor.

"This is a big game and we have a chance to do well in the Champions League and we have big players coming back," he said.

"A good win would give this team a lift of confidence. We are maturing metntally but we still lack a bit of spark."

Sunderland stole a goalless draw at the Emirates on Saturday but Wenger believes Roma will come with a different approach.

"Teams in the Champions League come to the Emirates more positively and that isn't difficult, I must say."

"I can understand the fans' frustration on Saturday; we are frustrated as well. We feel we are very strong and unbeaten in a long time."

"We feel always a positive pressure, and I want this team so much to do well because their attitude and dedication is fantastic."

I can't tell if the article is badly written, or if Arsene's comments are badly worded. I am leaning towards badly written because I had to close most of the quotes myself.

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what kind of cookery...

Patrice Evra and Fergie star in Man Utd cookery show

Manchester Utd fans with a desperate need to fritter away their precious disposable income with an MUTV subscription were finally rewarded last night, as the first episode of Red Devil’s Kitchen aired.

In the new show, Manchester Utd resident chef Romain Camos helps football types prepare a fancy meal, which is then assessed by two judges. In last night’s episode, Patrice Evra was given his first ever taste of domesticity when he prepared lobster ravioli:

"It wasn’t easy but I am very happy."

"I made the dish with all my heart. It was very funny and a good experience."

Other Manchester Utd personalities to appear on the show include Denis Irwin, Bryan Robson and Sir Alex Ferguson.

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Cescgate '08
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corrine completes her hattrick with a srs post

i love the bleacher report. basically, it's a sports community where fans publish self-written articles with their own insight, critique and analysis. there are a lot of good reads written from many different perspectives, and by many talented and relatable writers. check it.

A Boring Premier League Season?

In a recent edition of Guardian Unlimited's Football Weekly podcast, the panel claimed, provocatively, that this might be the most boring Premier League season ever.

As much as I'd like to play devil's advocate, I agree with the Guardian boys and girls.

This season will be looked back on as a campaign of two halves. Approaching Christmas, it looked like 2008/09 would be a classic: Man U appeared vulnerable, Hull City were in dreamland, Aston Villa looked capable of upsetting the big-four's hegemony, and Liverpool led the way, thanks to Rafa Benitez's decision to go on the attack and field a settled team. At the ugly end of the table, Spurs and Newcastle, two of the Prem's self-proclaimed giants, were threatened by relegation.

Fast-forward three months and none of that early promise has been fulfilled. With more than 10 matches left to play, Man U have the title securely tucked in their inside pocket, Hull City's dream is turning into a nightmare, Aston Villa's limited squad is showing signs of wear and tear (Arsenal will overhaul them to take fourth place), and Liverpool have imploded, no thanks to Rafa Benitez's infuriating decision to crawl back into his shell (let's not even mention the cost of his personal battles with Alex Ferguson and Liverpool's owners). And at the ugly end of the table, I'm very confident that both Spurs and Newcastle will survive; there are five or six worse teams down there, after all.

Damn and blast. I hate it when a season fizzles out like this.

I can't criticise Man U for being so much better than the competition this time around—and there is an argument to say even they are not as strong as they were in '07/'08. Chelsea and Arsenal are blatantly not as good as they were last season, and Liverpool have blown it since the turn of the year—when Benitez sold Robbie Keane back to Spurs, it sent a clear message to the United camp that Liverpool had lost the plot. Rafa may was well have sent Fergie a telegram: "Here is the title on a plate. STOP."

At times like this, I envy fans of American sports. The regular season/playoff system may not be perfect, but at least it always guarantees a proper climax to each campaign. The same goes for the Champions League, which usually gets more exciting as the competition progresses.

Are you bored by this season? Vote below: (or vote on the site)

Bored yet?

No, still excited
Yes, bored now that Man Utd are untouchable
Was bored from the start




Daniel Agger will not travel to Madrid this week due to a back injury which kept him out of Sunday's 1-1 draw with Man City.
Agger and fellow defender Philipp Degen are Rafa Benitez's only injury concerns for the Bernabeu after Steven Gerrard was deemed fit enough to make the squad.

The boss told Liverpoolfc.tv: "Gerrard will travel, Degen is still out and Agger has a problem - everyone else is fit.

"Agger will not travel because of an injury to his back."


Football Rankings 2/23/09

OK, so it's probably best to include all of the leagues (the ones listed here, anyway) in the "standings" in the interest of fairness. The Bundesliga and Scotland have fewer clubs, so it's a little different, but.... Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes.

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga
Scottish Premier League

Most Points
Manchester United (Premier League) - 62 points
Fewest Points
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 15 points
Biggest Lead
Internazionale (Serie A) - 9 points
Smallest Lead
Rangers (SPL) - tied with second place
Closest to Danger
Osasuna (La Liga) - tied with 18th place
Valenciennes (Ligue 1) - tied with 18th place
Farthest From Safety
Le Havre AC (Ligue 1) - 10 points fewer than 17th place
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Lord Of the Nuevo Gasometro

Fans in high places

Part of what makes football so remarkable as a sport is its capacity to touch all sections of society, uniting rich as well as poor, household names and the households that admire them. Every club can count on a rich mixture of supporters, with the massed ranks in the stands and the occasional celebrity fan joined together in willing their team on to victory. FIFA.com now casts a glance at some of the game's more famous aficionados. (...)

Lord of San Lorenzo
The acting community also has a proud history of declaring allegiances, with Aston Villa fans having witnessed Tom Hanks brandish a club scarf a few years back, while Everton supporters once greeted Sylvester Stallone on the Goodison Park turf, a Toffees scarf draped around his shoulders.

As for Kevin Costner, the two-time Oscar winner began a love affair with Arsenal while filming in England in 1990. Seduced by the Highbury atmosphere, Costner has been a fervent Gunners fan ever since and went to great lengths to watch his heroes in action in 2004. Having thought Arsene Wenger's men were playing in London, he was dismayed to discover they were actually scheduled for a match at Villa Park - before simply booking a last-minute helicopter to hurry him to Birmingham.

Few thespians can match the dedication of Viggo Mortensen, however. A global star since his turn in Lord of the Rings, he could easily lay claim to the title Lord of the Nuevo Gasometro, the stadium home of Argentinian side San Lorenzo de Almagro. Having grown up in Venezuela and Argentina, the American actor fell in love with El Ciclón (the Cyclone) at a young age and now carries their shirt with him wherever he goes.

"I don't remember exactly how I became a San Lorenzo supporter but I always have their shirt with me," he said. "I follow their news on the internet every day. I don't want to miss a single thing; I'm crazy about them." Crazy enough that he went to the Oscars with a club flag, in addition to once organising an asado - a traditional Argentinian barbecue - to which he invited the Azulgrana talents who lit up his youth.

Viggo rocking the azulgrana colours at the SAG Awards last year.

Also last year, at the Oscars.

He travels to Argentina to watch the matches whenever he can. He also gave Dominic Monaghan a San Lorenzo jersey and told him he had to wear it if he ever visited Argentina.
More famous fans at the source.