February 20th, 2009

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It's about how you celebrate goals


Besides scoring goals, there's two things football fans associate with Peter Crouch - his lofty height and his wacky dance moves.

Who can forget in the build-up to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, he combined all three of those elements to briefly become England's most celebrated star.

The Portsmouth striker gave crowds a chuckle by performing a robot dance every time he scored a goal in the warm-up friendlies before retiring the fan-favourite celebration.

But three years on, Crouch is donning his dancing shoes once again, throwing a few shapes in this hilarious advert for mobile network T-Mobile.

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Tevez put me in fear, says Rooney

Tevez put me in fear of United place

Wayne Rooney has revealed there were times during the past month when he wondered how on earth he was going to get back into the Manchester United team.

Deep down, the striker always knew Sir Alex Ferguson would find a place for him in his squad.

But it is a measure of the quality United have at their disposal that all seven matches during Rooney’s absence with a hamstring injury have been won, with his replacement Carlos Tevez getting better with every game.

Little wonder Rooney — or Wazza to his team mates — has been itching to get back, or that he should score against Fulham with his first touch since limping out of the win over Wigan on January 14.

“We have been on an unbelievable run," he said after the 3-0 win at Old Trafford. “I have missed seven games and we have won the lot. You think ’How am I going to get back into this team? It is a dream to be involved. It just gets better with each game.” (blah blah blah)

ummmmm carlitos also cut his hair and ditched the hairband for the fulham game...

that's all i wanted to say. goodbye.
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Sergio Ramos, Dj en el vestuario

  • El defensa blanco ha comentado las sugerencias de los internautas de RTVE.es
  • En Radiogaceta confiesa su deseo de ver a Florentino Pérez en la presidencia del Madrid
El defensa del Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, ha ofrecido una amplia entrevista al programa de RNE Tablero Deportivo en la que ha dicho que "Vamos a intentar aprovechar los despistes del Barcelona. A ver si se ponen nerviosos".
EUROPA PRESS MADRID 19.02.2009El defensa del Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, ha comentado con el director de Radiogaceta de los Deportes, Jose Luis Toral, las canciones sugeridas por los internautas de RTVE.es para que pinche en el vestuario del club blanco y en el de la selección nacional.

Cerca de medio centenar de sugerencias han llegado a la página web, algunas de las cuales han sido comentadas por el propio jugador quien ha dicho que le gusta la música de Niña Pastori y Los delincuentes y canciones como Sevilla tiene un color especial. De José Mercé, "gran amigo mío" le encanta la canción Del amanecer. 

Le gustaría que volviera Florentino

Sergio Ramos ha reconocido además que le "alegraría" que Florentino Pérez volviera al club blanco como presidente porque "ya ha demostrado lo que es", además de mostrarse "agradecido" por todo lo que hizo por él cuando era jugador del Sevilla.

"Me alegraría porque es una grandísima persona. Lo conozco personalmente y como presidente ha demostrado lo que es. Estoy muy agradecido con el trato que me dio y por la forma de apostar por mí cuando no me conocía nadie", indicó Ramos a Radio Nacional.

"Le estaré eternamente agradecido. A día de hoy mantengo la amistad con él y si tiene que volver no tendría ningún problema", manifestó el internacional nacido en Camas, que dice estar en uno de sus "mejores momentos" deportivamente hablando.

Ramos alaba la valentía de Juande

Por otro lado y sobre el nuevo entrenador del Real Madrid, Juande Ramos, admitió que su llegada ha permitido cambiar cosas importantes. "Hemos mejorado muchísimas cosas tanto a la hora de presionar, de juntar las líneas, de hacer las permutas y las coberturas bien; y de entendernos a la perfección con el centro del campo", dijo.

"Sabe muy bien organizar el equipo, se la juega muchísimo en los cambios, el sistema y eso nos favorece", aseguró el defensa andaluz, que también fue preguntado sobre el 'rifirrafe' que mantuvo con Luis Aragonés durante la Eurocopa.

"Aquello sirvió para unirnos mucho más y para que Luis (Aragonés) se diera cuenta de que podía sacarme y exprimirme mucho más. Yo, de hecho, estoy agradecido. Ese rifirrafe que tuvo conmigo también lo tuvo con Fernando Torres y rendimos los dos como él quería", zanjó



awww :)

Red Devils support deaf-friendly football

Young hearing-impaired footballers met Manchester United's Darren Fletcher and Ben Foster for a training session.

The session was held at the club's Carrington training ground and was the product of a combined effort from the Manchester United Foundation and the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS).

The visit was part of the Premier League Creating Chances programme and involved young people aged 8-18 from schools across the north-west, who attend regular sessions as part of Manchester United's Foundation's disability programme. The Foundation holds deaf-friendly football sessions and deaf-friendly festivals in partnership with the NDCS. The aim of the sessions is to encourage deaf youngsters into football by making facilities and programmes more accessible.

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Valencia news

Valencia CF News

Update about César's injury:
César is trying to come back for the Depor game by healing as fast as possible but he most likely won't be able to play. He added that in this case, Guaita would "very good" cause he's "prepared", but he's not gonna say the opposite, right? I like that he's willing to come back as soon as possible but I'm not sure it's such a good idea for him to force his recuperation... :S

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Tim Leiweke Slams Milan's 'Ridiculous' David Beckham Offer

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I understand that MLS is not the ~best league evar~ but come on.

Irish FA And FIFA Set To Experiment With Sin-Bin System

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I think it works well in hockey (don't watch rugby, so idk) but I think if the refs actually had the balls to hand out cards even if captains complain and get in their face, this wouldn't be necessary. :/

BNP march forces Everton to reschedule league game with Stoke

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Soooo is the BNP like the KKK-lite, but British?
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The madness begins

More Benjamín Agüero Maradona news! (should he have his own tag or is it too early? lol).
- Diego and Claudia Maradona, Agüero's parents and his sister Daiana (Kun's got 7 siblings) were at the hospital with the young couple. Kun was at the delivery room during labor (congrats on not fainting Kun!). "They can't wipe the smile off of Diego's face", a friend of the family said.
- Benjamín's godmother will be Dalma, Giannina's older sister. No word on the godfather yet.
- Kun will be travelling to Sevilla tomorrow, although Atletico's coach is considering giving the player a break.
- The baby is already a member of Independiente, Agüero's former club. He's member number 94805.
- The parents will start the paperwork today, to make sure "Benji" gets the argentine citizenship.


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Steven Gerrard has been ruled out of Liverpool's clash with Manchester City this weekend.
The Reds midfielder is still recovering from a hamstring injury and won't be risked for the visit of Mark Hughes' men.

There was hope earlier in the week that Gerrard could be on the bench this weekend, but manager Rafael Benitez today confirmed he will not figure.

"Steven will not be ready for this game. We don't know if he'll be back for the game in midweek but clearly he will not be involved against City," said the boss.

"I spoke to him five minutes ago and he has confidence he will be back for Madrid, but we will decide on Monday.

"He is improving but we cannot take any risks, so he won't be in the squad this weekend."

Gerrard and Philipp Degen apart, Benitez reports no fresh injury worries for Sunday's game.


*Sigh* Take your shirt back off then Stevie..no really take it off
Seriously though I'm happy with this decision, no point risking it for him to be off again for weeks!



Fernando Torres has rubbished claims that he wants to swap the Anfield pitch for a new career on ice.
A British tabloid newspaper said the Liverpool striker wanted to appear on the television show Dancing on Ice after becoming a big fan of the ITV series.

"I get used to people making things up about me, but this is absolute rubbish," he said.

"I've since been told the show is very popular in England, but the first I knew about it was when one of my teammates pointed out the story in a newspaper yesterday.

"I've never seen the programme or know how it works and certainly don't want to appear on it.

"The story is being reported everywhere as if it's fact, but it's a complete fabrication and I wanted to make that clear."

Aw :( 
But lol at one of his teammates pointing it out, poor baby got teased by Xabi and co? XD



Boost for Gunners as Fabregas sets sights on Champions League comeback next month

Cesc Fabregas is in line for a return for the second leg of Arsenal's Champions League clash against Roma next month after insisting he is ready to lead the club’s trophy push.

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Tevez's future thrown into doubt as United fail to meet deal deadline

Carlos Tevez's Old Trafford future is in doubt after the striker's mentor Kia Joorabchian revealed the deadline for Manchester United to secure a permanent deal for the Argentine ace has passed.

The former West Ham striker's two-year loan expires at the end of the season and United have yet to agree a long-term deal for the 25-year-old.

United's first option on Tevez ran out at the end of January, although he has revealed his desire to stay with the reigning Barclays Premier League leaders.

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Hiddink rules out contract extension at Chelsea

New Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink used his first press conference at Stamford Bridge to reiterate that he would not extend his short-term contract with the Premier League side beyond the end of the season.

The 62-year-old Dutchman, who took over from ousted Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari last week, is also in charge of the Russian national team and insists he won't break his contract with the RFF, which runs until after the 2010 World Cup.

"I will help out until the end of the season, only to the end of the season," Hiddink said. "I have my full-time commitment with the Russian federation which I will fulfil."

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yet another ex-Blue out for Red blood
hurhur thank you, i'll be here all week

Real Madrid midfielder Lassana Diarra has vowed to take revenge on Liverpool next week in the Champions League and get one over Rafa Benitez for his former boss and mentor Jose Mourinho.

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Banned Alonso warns Benitez: It would not be intelligent to pick Gerrard to face Manchester City

Xabi Alonso will be banned from Liverpool's home clash with Manchester City on Sunday, and does not want to see Steven Gerrard involved in the match either unless he is 100 per cent fit.

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