February 17th, 2009

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wag posttttttt, because there def hasn't been enough lately...

1) Alex in Closer Magazine (via Kickette and TheDailyMail)

Coleen @ Movida Nightclub London 12/2/09 (credit)

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More photos of Fernando Fetus out-of-olalla's-poon-in-nine

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APPIANO GENTILE - After a day off following Sunday's Milan derby victory, the Nerazzurri reported back to the training ground this morning to begin preparing for Saturday afternoon's away match against Bologna.

José Mourinho and his coaching staff organised the squad into groups for the first session of the week. Those who played most of Sunday's match against AC Milan went through a light workout while the rest of the squad underwent a longer session involving warm-up exercises, possession and tactical drills in the form of small-sided practice games, and exercises to practice attack and defence movements.

Adriano, 27 years old today, underwent a warming-down session in the gym and had treatment. Patrick Vieira will train again this afternoon with fitness coach Gian Nicola Bisciotti.

Captain Javier Zanetti fired up the barbecue after training to celebrate Adriano's birthday, with Argentine BBQ specialists Nicolas Burdisso and Walter Samuel on hand to grill the meat.

After Tuesday morning's training session the Nerazzurri celebrated Sunday's derby win and Adriano's 27th birthday, and looked ahead to Saturday's away match against Bologna.

Exclusively to inter.it, photos of today's Argentine barbecue, organised by Javier Zanetti and prepared by defenders Nicolas Burdisso and Walter Samuel:

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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wear a condom - juno

Why the Blues are feeling blue

Opinion: Chelsea's 'irrational' decisions

By Pedro Pinto

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Chelsea want to be a dominant force in world football. Chelsea also want to become a successful global brand. If that's the case, Chelsea should take a long look in the mirror and examine the irrational decisions which have left them in disarray:

Wrong decisions: Pedro Pinto says Chelsea should never have sacked Jose Mourinho.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Serhio Ramo

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Al margen del doblete de Samuel Eto'o y la persistencia de Andrés Iniesta, Xavi Hernández fue otro de los protagonistas en el Manuel Ruiz de Lopera. El egarense siempre recordará la noche de ayer porque disputó su encuentro número 452 con el primer equipo azulgrana y alcanzó a Carles Rexach. Xavi comparte ahora con 'Charly' el honor de ser el segundo jugador con más presencias oficiales en la historia del club aunque sólo será por siete días siempre que Pep Guardiola no le reserve en el derbi del próximo sábado en el Camp Nou (20.00 horas/laSexta). El siguiente reto de Xavi es llegar a los 548 partidos de 'Tarzán' Migueli, otra institución del barcelonismo.

El '6' azulgrana, ayer con el brazalete de capitán en sustitución del lesionado Carles Puyol, participó en la mayor parte de las acciones ofensivas e incluso probó el disparo si bien unas veces el balón se marchó lamiendo el poste y en otras acabó en córner. Aunque llegó a disputar todo el choque, tuvo que retrasar algo su posición cuando Bojan Krkic sustituyó a Sergio Busquets en el minuto 80 en pos del gol del triunfo

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football shortzzz

Real Madrid's Drenthe asking not to be picked due to anxiety

Royston Drenthe has been left out of the squad for Real Madrid's last three matches against Numancia, Racing Santander and Sporting Gijon at his own request after suffering from anxiety, revealed Juande Ramos. Madrid supporters were seen booing him after he came on as a substitute against Deportivo La Caruna last month and it has left Drenthe's confident in tatters and Ramos is hoping he can rebuild it.

"I don't like to feel like I am playing at the Nou Camp or another rival's stadium when I am playing at home," said Drenthe. (source)

Mourinho: My lad delighted after Adriano goal

“Adriano's goal was the greatest of my career, as it is the first time that the player has dedicated a goal to a Coach's son! My son always goes to school with his Adriano shirt, so he's very proud. He always plays him at the Playstation, too!,” laughed Mourinho. (source)

Wenger: Man United look untouchable

"At the moment Man United look untouchable – they are 12 points ahead with a game against Fulham which they will certainly win. Their results are really consistent, they win 1-0. You always think during the game that they may drop points but they always manage to find the resources to win the game. (source)

Arsenal comeback king Eduardo: Greatest day of my life

"It was the best day of my life because it proved that I can play again," said Eduardo. "It was a special moment for me to score. It was very emotional.

"Yes, I had a tear in my eye. I celebrated by kissing my wedding ring because my wife Andreja, my daughter Lorena and my family supported me right through this." (source)

Stevie G making an appearance in Uganda

Steven Gerrard has reportedly accepted to appear as a guest of honour during the final of the lucrative Uganda People’s Cup that starts in March and ends in June.

“The tournament will run for four months and I personally talked to Gerrard who accepted to appear at the final. His presence is supposed to motivate upcoming stars,” said FUFA presidential candidate Alex Kasujja. (source)

The arch for the Moses Mabhida stadium being built for the 2010 World Cup has been completed.
Last week, there was a ceremony in Durban to celebrate its completion.

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I am in a very bored/needing to spam mood.
So I bring to you poor unfortunate souls the 10 reasons to Love Valencia post. AKA 10 reasons why loving valencia is made so much more easy even when they have a defensive "strategy" that induces heartattacks.
(Warning: Thread may cause scary Valencianista spamming in the comments and a burning sensation when you pee)

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Valencia is a slash paradise

They all seem to want to touch each other quite a lot.
It starts innocently enough I suppose...

080696812.jpg picture by Kaynobi

But sooner or later it all ends up in a manpile

It somehow creeps into seemingly innocent one on one hugs

They definitely seem to go in for group hugs more than most teams. Mores the pity.


I blame a lot of it on David Villa's constant urge to be touching other men. (Ignore the king that comes on for a second in the video. It's just how the clip was cut from a TV show)

Somehow they even make stretching look dirty.
I think it's Silva's concentration/concern and Villa's expression.
Or I'm just a huge pervert.
Or both.

Ok so, sometimes it's not so much slashy as just plain camp.


Ignore those other dudes. The Davids do.
They're all about celebrating with each other.

Villa usually instigates because he isn't shy about jumping on other men.


But let's not pretend it's always Villa instigating this manlove. Silva definitely reciprocates (and likes to do Villa from behind apparently)

That's right Theelba, enjoy the moment.
You know we will.

Last season they somehow won this...

(Lexie's face is my favourite in this one.)
I love the cheap looking mini trophies they all have too. How much you betting at least one player has accidentally broken theirs?

After they won it seems like some crazy partying may have ensued.
Who knows where I might have gotten that idea from.
(Again, lol at Lexie's expression and how tiny does Villa look?)

I know Villa is happy here and everything but seriously dude, say 'no' to drugs.

They have earned themselves more nicknames than any other team on ONTD_football
Let me introduce you to: Senor Bitchface, bbTheelba, Dahveed Veeya, Whackeen, OTDahveed, Happy Squirrel, BFF, BFF2, Rennie, OG (Original Gangster or Own Goal), OGMoretti, OG2 (the amount of Own Goal nicknames gives you an idea about their defensive skills), Blackeye, Blackeye 2, Matador, Ziggy, Marchenator, Mori the cat saviour, Mr. Short-Shorts, Mori, Albie and Lexie.
If I've missed any please do tell me.

This Gif

Oh Hells yeah. That never gets old. When you put it in a thread to post it it comes up bigger too.
Thankyou, once again, David for being so passionate, affectionate and uninhibited.
Who knew it'd be the shy little Canarian putting all those other NT teases to shame?

These two losers

You thought the kissy gif was a one off?
You obviously don't know the Valencia CF players.
I like how Alexis is wearing fugly clothes to distract from the fact that he and Silva have matching sunglasses.

Silva's expression in these photos often seems to say, "For God's sake Alexis, why can't you just get tinted windows?"
And as if they weren't enough of a couple already they have to keep mentioning how Alexis would hang out and play video games with Silva when he was injured or how Silva's mother practially sees Alexis as another son. (What mother wouldn't love him though right?)
Oh and then Alexis hangs out with David's little brother Fernando after games. Why not just  kiss in public already? Oh wait, you did.... Well, how about you do it again?

This is their mascot (or Batscot as it were)

I get a little thrill every time I spot it at a game.

Cause who doesn't love offsides and bitchfacing?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ok so this is a Spain picture but his bitchfacing all looks basically like this

And it's not just Villa who knows how to bring a quality bitchface.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i dunno if this is after he just missed a shot or got pulled up for being offside but we'll pretend it's offside.

The short shorts competition

Ignore the calf tattoo and fierce lion mane and check out the short shorts parading in the background

Here's some classic short shorts for you

b_FICHAJE_CESION_b_Nacho.jpg picture by nea_pea_ikea

If you can drag your eyes away from Silva then glance over to the left. I dunno who is wearing those mad short shorts but I would put good money on it being Vicente

Now usually Vicente is the purveyor of short shorts but now even Villa is getting in on the act and we all know he loves the underarmour of tease.

But don't worry. Vicente will not be out done and so the contest of the short shorts continues unabated.

All these sweet little things

Juan Matador and his balls. (Seriously, how is he not laughing in this picture?)

(I went with a shirtless pic... Just cause)

Everyone's BFF Renan, wearing his classic green shirt.

He never stops being cute and this picture never stops looking irrationally sexy.
I wasn't going to put him in this section but I stumbled across this photo and couldn't resist.

Oh Hello Vicente.
No Black Eye today?

Oh, nevermind.

I'm sure there's a funny caption for this but it just won't come to me.
Maybe he's poking the invisible man in the eyes and really enjoying it.

(Recently saved cat not pictured)

Albiol and Marchena
(I'm growing quite fond of Marchenator and his anger problems. Don't tell him that though, he'll probably punch me. That's his answer to everything)

Anyway, this took me hours but I hope you enjoyed it !!!</lj-cut>

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Everton's Mikel Arteta could be eligible for England in January 2010
Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta has not ruled out playing for England when he becomes eligible to acquire British citizenship in January next year.

Arteta will have been resident in this country for five years by then, having moved to Goodison Park in January 2005, allowing him to apply for dual nationality and making him available for selection by Fabio Capello.

Despite blossoming into one of the Premier League's most accomplished midfielders while at Everton, Arteta's claims for a call-up to the Spanish squad have been steadfastly overlooked by both Luis Aragones and his successor, Vicente Del Bosque.

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nom nom.
*Marchena / heart
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Valencia news

Valencia team in Kiev

UEFA game taking place tomorrow at 6pm, Spanish time.

Call-up list:
Emery decided to make the whole team travel, even the injured ones, to preserve the unity of the group. Only Edu, Renan and Alexis stayed in Valencia.
César, Guaita.
Miguel, Curro Torres, Albiol, Marchena, Asier del Horno, Carleto, Moretti.
Albelda, Hugo Viana, Joaquín, Fernandes, Baraja, Maduro, Pablo, Mata, Angulo, Vicente.
Villa, Silva y Morientes.

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