February 16th, 2009

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This subject has got us already annoyed but...

According to Corazón Corazón Iker took Eva to the train station but what I see is Eva alone and Iker with some other people. It looks like they were caught in a wrong-place-wrong-time-oh-shit-this-is-so-fucking-awkward situation rather than him taking her. Judge yourselves.

http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/todos/abecedario/C.html#408388 (12:40)



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Fernando Torres believes he may never have fulfilled his full potential if he had stayed in La Liga.
The Spain international has proved a revelation in the Premier League, doubling his goals ratio from his time at Atletico Madrid.

A nomination for the prestigious Ballon d'Or in December cemented his reputation as one of the world's top players.

Torres admits the improvement is in no small part down to the fact his game is more suited to English football than the Spanish league.

The 24-year-old told FourFourTwo magazine: "English football has been good to me because of its characteristics: it's fast, direct and there are very few stoppages, and that suits my game more than Spanish football. My natural qualities - the speed, the power - fit the Premier League.

"I play as a number nine up alongside the centre-backs. If I played there in Spain, maybe it wouldn't suit me: I would hardly see the ball, I would feel like I wasn't in the game. But it is so quick in England, you know you're always going to get the chance to run in behind the defenders.

"Liverpool's game is based on the team, on strategy; it's a very strong, well-organised team. Hitting other teams on the counter-attack with space in front of us suits me perfectly."

Torres also thanks boss Rafa Benitez for opening his eyes to the tactical nuances of being a centre-forward.

"Rafa was looking for a striker with my characteristics - someone quick who could surprise defenders and get behind them - but I had to learn too," he said.

"For a lot of coaches the tactical side of the game doesn't matter that much but for Rafa it is fundamental; he is conscious of the way we set up, the movement, the organisation.

"I've learnt a lot. It's been a real pleasure for me to work with Rafa. At Atletico I played more on instinct, doing my own thing; here I have to learn about movement and positioning, about the team.

"One of the main reasons I arrived at the club was the desire to compete with the best and show that I was good enough to play for the club.

"The fact that the other Spaniards were here was great. The captains have been good too - Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia and Steven Gerrard have helped me from day one. And having Rafa made it easier to grasp the tactical side of things."

Nandos possessive hand sponsors this post..unf unf

united: my ground is prettier than yours


Rooney back this week

Wayne Rooney is set to return to action in next weekend's home clash with Blackburn – and could even be fit enough to be a substitute when Fulham visit Old Trafford on Wednesday.

The United striker has been out of action with a hamstring injury since January 14 but Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed after the 4-1 FA Cup win at Derby that the 23-year-old is close to a first-team return.

Ferguson told MUTV: "Wayne should be ready for Saturday's game against Blackburn, we’re quite confident of that, and he may have a slight chance of being fit for a place on the bench on Wednesday."

Sir Alex made seven changes to his starting line-up at Pride Park, leaving Carlos Tevez on the bench and both Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov out of his squad entirely, but confirmed none of the changes were injury-enforced.

"Everyone’s fit," the Reds boss added. "We had Wednesday’s game in mind and that’s why we rested Carlos Tevez today."

goal.com amuses me greatly by calling SAF a 'wily Scot'

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Things we have learnt from this post, which your lives will surely be infinitely better for:


- Rooney, he is back.
- Gibbo, he is adorable.
- Paul Scholes, he likes to hit people with balls while they pee.
- Fergie, he will soon be in a film with Sean Connery.
- Manchester United players, they are adorable in the snow!

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Chelsea Says It Rejected a Manchester City Approach for Terry

Premier League soccer FOOTBALL team Chelsea today said it rejected an approach by Manchester City to sign England captain John Terry and underlined its determination to keep the defender.

Chelsea said it “immediately” rejected the enquiry by City late last year. Terry said he had been told of the approach and was happy with the club’s reaction.

“We made it very clear that John was not for sale,” Chelsea Chief Executive Officer Peter Kenyon told the club Web site. “We did not entertain any further conversation on the subject and nor will we in the future.”

The Sunday Express was today the latest newspaper to link Terry with a move to City, now bankrolled by the Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment. The newspaper said City will make a 20 million-pound ($28.7 million) offer for the player after this season in the belief that he’s “increasingly disillusioned” with Chelsea.

Kenyon described Blues captain Terry as “part of the heart and soul of Chelsea.”

Chelsea has slipped to fourth in the league and six days ago fired coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. Guus Hiddink has been appointed until the end of the season.

“I have always said that I want to end my career at the club which I love and we all see no reason why that cannot happen,” Terry told the club Web site.

He added that “given recent events I am more determined than ever to make Chelsea successful again.” ♥ ♥ ♥


I hope Kenyon told them to sit on an upside down stool. GTFO, that's OUR Captain!
ronaldo my bananado

Cris Ronaldo Picks up new habit from Diouf?

Cristiano Ronaldo spits at Robbie Savage during Man Utd’s victory over Derby

You only sing phlegm your winning

Cameras caught Cristiano Ronaldo sending a gobful of his finest World Player of the Year spittle in Robbie Savage’s direction during yesterday’s FA Cup clash between Derby County and Manchester United. The Portuguese international was visibly unimpressed with the attention he was receiving from Savage and launched a greenie in the blond bombshell’s direction as he urged C-Ron to get to his feet.

While Off The Post does not condone this sort of behaviour, we cannot think of many more deserving targets than Savage. The Welshman was clearly shaken up by the incident and went into a state of denial after the match. He told The Sun: “Nothing happened. If you have got pictures showing that sort of thing, it was definitely something I wasn’t aware of. I’ve got absolutely no problem with him.”

Source: http://www.offthepost.info
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WTF cesc?

so, he LOVES sodomy, but not on his butt, so he's a top?
wtf? O_O

in other news, baby fever!!!! alessandro del piero is going to be a father again!
Delighted Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero has announced that his wife Sonia is expecting a baby.

The captain already has every reason to be happy, with Juventus doing well this season, but he will be even more so when his second child is born.

A statement released by the player on his official website reads, "We are really happy to communicate all our joy. Sonia is expecting and our life will give us another important emotion, like the one we had for the birth of Tobias.

"We feel pleasure in sharing this news with all the people who follow us and want us to be happy."


Everyone's Favorite Power Couple

Posh eatery Nobu was awash with celebrities last night enjoying a romantic Valentine’s evening with their loved ones. Well, when we say “awash” what we mean is we spotted such couples as footballer Steven Gerrard with WAG Alex Curran (who was sporting an absolutely frightful delightful outfit we might add), former Casualty actor James Redmond and his girlfriend, and Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts with her fella.


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Source: kinda ohnotheydidnt, but mostly here

Football Rankings 2/16/09

Not a lot of changes this week because of the cup break. In Spain, Barcelona's lead dropped to 10 points.

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A

Most Points
Barcelona (La Liga) - 60 points
Fewest Points
Reggina (Serie A) - 17 points
Biggest Lead
Barcelona (La Liga) - 10 points
Smallest Lead
Manchester United (Premier League) - 2 points
Closest to Danger
Osasuna (La Liga) - tied with 18th place
Farthest From Safety
Reggina (Serie A) - 5 points fewer than 17th place

Other Leagues:
German Bundesliga
French Ligue 1
Scottish Premier League
lulu dummy

Die Alte Dame lives!

Hertha BSC Berlin are my Bundesliga team. They're not the biggest or most famous of teams. They don't have any star players. Normally, they're mediocre-to-bad. But this season, while everyone was watching Hoffenheim, they started sneaking up the table. One-goal win here, one-goal win there...until it's this weekend and if they beat the mighty Bayern Munich, they go top of the table.

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Facebook is both awesome and scary. It's awesome when some girl starts chatting you up about your fandom of Manchester United and invites you over for a shag. It's scary when she turns out not to exist because you've just been put on by two Liverpool supporters. It hits this blog when they tell your wife about what you've done, and then put the picture you sent the fictitious"her" with a pink vibrator in your mouth all over the interwebs.


o holy trinity
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where are my gooner ladies at

posting this because none of the arsenal ladies have!

Eduardo scored twice today in his first start for Arsenal after nearly a year!
The Gunners ended up beating Cardiff City 4-0, with other goals by Bendtner and RVP.

his opening goal :')
all goals here

Vela scored one from Eduardo too ;)

Cesc also makes an appearance back at the Emirates, but in the stands
Seated with him is Andrei Arshavin, who has yet to make his Arsenal debuttt

new tattoo?
new haircut?
Cesc, you've *~*~*~changed~*~*