February 14th, 2009

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Jose says he'll return to Chelsea one day

Jose Mourinho believes he will return to Chelsea sometime in the future.

"If you ask me if one day I think I will return to Chelsea, I will tell you yes I think so, I think so because we were so happy together," Internazionale boss Mourinho told a news conference ahead of Sunday's derby against AC Milan. "But when I say one day, I am not saying to you when."

"I am not there, I am just a supporter from the outside," he continued. "I'm somebody who wishes them good because it's a special club for me, I have special friends there.

"I belong to their story, they belong to my story so I am not enjoying this period where they have had several managers in one year and a few months.

"I hope they find stability and go back to (winning) trophies."

Inter team have a seven-point lead at the top of Serie A, said he was not surprised to see England midfielder David Beckham doing well during his loan spell at AC Milan from Los Angeles Galaxy.

"I knew in advance all the fears people had about him were not fair," said Mourinho. "I knew he was a top professional, he arrived in great condition with great ambition.

"He has adapted very well, he is playing very well. He is giving different kinds of qualities to his team and I hope he stays for the good of the league."


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Frank Lampard and Elen Rives Over?! NOOOOOOOO!

It’s all over for Frank Lampard and fiancée Elen Rives.

The couple, who have two young daughters, have decided to end their relationship after seven years.

Friends of the England and Chelsea midfielder say the trauma brought on by the death of his mum Pat, who passed away suddenly last April from pneumonia, put huge pressure on the relationship.

A pal said: “Unfortunately they have both just drifted apart and fallen out of love. If anything, Elen led the way in ending things.

“Frank’s mum Pat was at the centre of the family and he spoke to her several times a day. He has struggled to cope with life without her.

“With the children and his football commitments, it has meant Frank and Elen have had very little time of their own.

“Elen said she couldn’t take it any more and Frank agreed to the split three months ago.”

Frank, 30, and Elen, 29, have remained living under the same roof at their £3million townhouse in South-West London.



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Madrid-Palacio de Cristal
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Zidane and Raúl for vicepresident

Florentino Pérez sigue perfilando su candidatura a la presidencia del Real Madrid. Aparte de entrenadores y jugadores, también está planificando al detalle la composición de su junta. Ahí es donde empiezan las sorpresas y los bombazos informativos. Si ya tiene el 'sí' de Zidane para ser vicepresidente, ahora busca el acuerdo con una de las historias vivas del Real Madrid: Raúl González Blanco.

El capitán madridista tiene aún dos años más de contrato y la posibilidad de seguir siempre que él lo considere oportuno. La idea de Florentino Pérez es que Raúl juegue el primero de esos dos años, se retire al finalizar la temporada 2009-2010 y pase de inmediato a ocupar la vicepresidencia. El jugador ya conoce los planes del ex presidente y por ahora se lo está pensando, aunque en la capital se asegura que esta propuesta no le desagrada en absoluto. Está claro que Florentino Pérez quiere formar un equipo de 'galácticos' en el terreno de juego, pero también las oficinas y de ahí que esté pensando en dos figuras emblemáticas del Real Madrid como son Zidane y Raúl. Evidentemente, ninguno de ellos se encargarían de asuntos burocráticos ni económicos, sino de algo que conocen a la perfección: el fútbol. Además, se encargarían de ser la imagen del Real Madrid en todo el mundo. Serían una especie de embajadores, pero sin olvidar su faceta de vicepresidentes deportivos del club de Chamartín.

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