February 1st, 2009

rip luis - 2
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some unimportant match

Sunday February 1, 2009

Time: 11:00AM - EST
Venue: Anfield Stadium

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those bloody scousers
scummy scummy chelscum
~*dRaW - wiTh LoTz Of InJuRiEz~*

you know there's an obvious bias in this community when only 6.4% of the votes go to chelsea, hahahaha

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Vicente // Epic thighs

La liga loca, edición del domingo...

...Your weekly dose of pure insanity.


17:00 (CET)

Rácing v Barcelona
Deportivo v Villarreal
Atlético v Valladolid
Espanyol v Recreativo
Osasuna v Mallorca
Betis v Getafe

19:00 (CET)

Valencia v Almería

Beware epic spamming and many heart attacks. Come with defibrillator (or a rope), ty!

21:00 (CET)

Sporting v Sevilla

Are you ready?


I really hope this get's through, including after his ~dazzling~ performance today.

This was a suprise cake for my sisters birthday. :) all the decor was liverpool colors, I would like to take partial credit for them winning today. I think throwing a liverpool themed party sent them the good ~vibes~

After the Demolishion:

Just want to say no matter what team you follow, that was a bloody good game!



What with the drama that went on today. It's time to take a break, and remember the most important things in football.


Specifically the thighs of Joey Cole.

This Get-Well-Soon picspam is also brought you/captioned by my co-conspirator poptastiche.
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basking in the glow

as ray hudson said earlier, "superbowl? what superbowl?"

this is patrick helmes.

he plays for the mannschaft and bayer leverkusen. i like him a lot.

patrick scored his first international goal in the friendly vs. england... and i got to see it :)

Helmes' nickname is Moppel, a German diminutive for pug, often used to describe a chubby kid. more proof wiki-peed-on-her is a liar. it's not his nickname. but can i call him that anyway?

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patrick helmes tag maybe?

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LIVERPOOL stars are coping with the heat of the Premier League title race — by unwinding with lessons in Japanese cookery.

Spanish international pals Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Pepe Reina and Albert Riera take tips from a top wok chef to make the super-healthy grub.

And their hobby seems to be helping — all four played in yesterday’s vital 2-0 win over Chelsea, Torres scoring both.

An insider at the club — anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone — said the pals head to goalie Reina’s Liverpool mansion for classes after training.

The source added: “Most people expect footballers to relax playing golf or going to the races, but the boys love Japanese cooking. They find it very therapeutic.”

The friends are often joined by countryman Mikel Arteta, of the Reds’ arch rivals Everton.

They’ve learned to cook noodle dishes, sweet soy sauce marinades for meat, and sushi with raw fish and rice.

The insider said: “I’m sure the club is pleased because Japanese cuisine is very healthy.

“Their new passion has raised a few eyebrows in the dressing room, though!”

I'll bet it has.

wasabi sauce