January 31st, 2009


Saturday Sampler

Hello all! Please take a moment to enjoy this complimentary* pictorial interlude to your Saturday league matches of choice.

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[ photos courtesy of this post @ goals_are_love ]
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i'm sure there's more to the deal but whatever

David Beckham will stay in Italy after winning wife's approval for move

David Beckham is to join AC Milan permanently – after Posh finally agreed he could stay in Italy.

Following much heartache, tears and heated exchanges, mum-of-three Victoria, 34, gave Becks her blessing to leave LA Galaxy and sign for the Italian team, where he’s on loan until next month.

The tough decision will see Posh staying behind in Los Angeles with their three sons Brooklyn, nine, Romeo, six, and Cruz, who turns four next week. She will move her fashion design studio from London to Milan so she can work on her dVb clothing range when visiting David. Collapse )


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The British are coming!!! The British are coming!!

Alright before we get to the fabulous ladies of England, the WPS has announced their post season playoff format.

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Karen Carney (21) is the first of what could be 5 (i think) England nationals to join the Women's Proffesional Soccer league.  She signed with Chicago Red Stars

“I am delighted to be joining the Chicago Red Stars,” said Carney. “The set-up is fantastic; great stadium and training facilities and, of course, teaming up with Emma Hayes was a major factor in my decision. PS represents a new era for the women’s game and I am extremely excited about the prospect of playing with and against the best players on the planet.“
Carney joins Chicago from Arsenal Ladies F.C. of London, where Red Stars coach Emma Hayes trained her in 2006 and 2007. She played a vital role in Arsenal’s successful 2006/2007 campaign, in which the club won four major trophies, including the FA Women’s Premier league title, the FA Women’s Cup, The FA Women’s Premier League Cup and the UEFA Women’s Cup. 

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we might be wrong

Iker's new girl is a normal girl? na-ah

apparently sharay abellan is the daughter of jose antonio abellan, a famous spanish presenter.

Madre del amor hermoso… Suma y sigue con los amoríos que le van saliendo a este chico desde que rompió con Eva González. Por si no teníamos bastante con los supuestos romances de Iker Casillas con Marisa Jara o Ariadne Artiles, ahora nos enteramos de que estas navidades tuvo otro escarceo amoroso.

Según han informado en Tal cual lo contamos, esta fugaz historia de amor transcurrió durante la pasada nochevieja. Y es que como Iker andaba un poco desamparado por la ruptura con su novia, su gran amigo José Antonio Abellán, periodista y locutor de radio, lo invitó a tomarse las uvas con su familia. Y entre esa familia se encontraba ni más ni menos que la hija del locutor, Saray. Y como después de las campanadas el pobre de Iker no tenía planes de juerga, Saray Abellán lo invitó a pasar una noche de fiesta con ella y con sus amigos, planes que de inmediato fueron aceptados gustosamente por parte del madridista.

Hasta aquí nada hay fuera de los inocentes límites de la amistad, de no ser por los rumores de que hubo besitos y tonteos varios en esa noche loca. Aunque no parece haber trascendido demasiado, no puedo evitar preguntarme qué le pasaría por la cabeza a José Antonio. Porque menuda faena tiene que ser que invites a un amigote a cenar en nochevieja, para que al final acabe beneficiándose a la niñita de tus ojos


TRANSLATION: (google translate thingy)

Mother of love ... Sum with the affair and continues to come out with this guy since he broke with Eva Gonzalez. As if we did not have enough of the alleged romances with Iker Casillas or Ariadne Artiles Marisa Jara, now we learn that these skirmishes had another love Christmas.

According to informed as we have, this fleeting love story during the past nochevieja passed. And as a little helpless Iker walked by the break with his girlfriend, his good friend Jose Antonio Abellán, journalist and radio broadcaster, invited him to take the grapes with his family. And that family was none other than the daughter of the speaker, Saray. And after the bells of the poor had no plans Iker jamboree, Saray Abellán invited him to spend a night partying with her and her friends, plans were immediately accepted by the Madrid happy.

So far there is nothing outside the bounds of innocent friendship, but for the rumors that there were several kisses and tonteos in this crazy night. Although there appears to be too transpired, I can not help but wonder what would happen to the head by Jose Antonio. Because small task must be to invite to dinner in a amigote nochevieja, to end at the end benefit the little girl of your eyes ...