January 20th, 2009

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happy inauguration day

Obama And Guardiola
Two Of A Kind

On an historic day in American and world politics, Barack Obama taking over at the White House bears many similarities to Pep Guardiola’s appointment at FC Barcelona last summer, according to Sport.

The Catalan daily believes that the two leaders have a lot more in common than many may think and under the headline “Guardiola-Obama: Yes, we can!” [in English] they explain why.

While the four-frame morphed photo that shows Obama changing into Guardiola, the paper talks about how Abraham Lincoln led the way when he was elected in 1861 and moved to abolish slavery, paving the way for Obana to take over as president.

“Now Obama can take charge at the Oval Office like Pep Guardiola has in the changing room at Camp Nou: with hope and modesty… very ambitious, but conscious of the enormous complexity of their tasks,” Sport state.

“On June 18 last year, when Guardiola officially took charge at Barça, he presented an image of change. Set against the background of complacency that had taken over the squad during the presious two seasons, Pep gave a speech that was very different.

“‘I believe in the culture of working every day, with effort and commitment…and also in talent’ he said.”

According to Sport, when Obama addressed more than 100,000 followers in a Chicago Park in early November, his speech was along similar lines.

“Anything is possible. If we work together than we can go forward, although it will not be easy to tackle the challenges that lie ahead for us,” Obama is quoted as having stated. “Change has come to America. Yes we can!”

Both men have gone into their respective jobs relatively inexperienced, but Guardiola has shown Obama the way and, as Sport put it: “Guardiola has already done it. Obama should begin from today.”



La Liga Loca's Alternative XI

To celebrate the end of the first half of the latest campaign of craziness in La Liga, the blog has decided to display a thumping lack of originality and imagination with an alternative XI of the season so far.

A ‘best-of’ would be a fairly simple task - Barcelona with maybe David Villa squeezed in. And Raúl, of course.

But the blog wants to take a time-out to salute the little guy of La Liga - no, not Xavi - by naming a sensational side of unsung heroes that would probably finish mid-table but have caught the blog’s beady eye over the past five months.

There are bigger, better and more deserving cases, no doubt - and La Liga Loca would love to hear all about them. But for now...

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