January 16th, 2009


Two David Silva interviews

Silva: "It's an honour to be the image of tourism for my homeland"

What does Silva do after finishing training?
- Well, I go home. I stay with my family, with my friends... 

Do you have many? (friends)
- Yes

Do you live with your parents?
- Yes

Do you like movies?
- Yes, I watch many films.

What was the last one you saw?
- Oof! I can't remember.

You like to read?
- I read quite a bit. I like it.

What was the last book you read?
-"Un burka por amor", by Reyes Monforte. [In English, the full book title is: Burka by Love: The emotional story of a Spanish woman trapped in Afghanistan]

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David Jiménez Silva: "I would hate it if I had to leave Valencia because of the club's economic needs."

The Canarian player admits that after three months of recuperation, he can be classified as as a "winter reinforcement" and he assures that he is eager to return to play.

Did the derby with Villareal deserve to have two winners?
- It was very intense for us but it left us with a bitter-sweet taste with the outcome. But in the end, with the opportunities that everyone had, the outcome can be considered just. 

Was Valencia able to deliver in the first half
- Yes. We should have taken advantage and killed the game. What was crucial was the 2-1, the goal that they scored against us near halftime.

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Sacha goes to camp...in Scotland

Chivas USA midfielder Sacha Kljestan to train with Celtic

8:45 PM, January 15, 2009

 Having lost U.S. national team goalkeeper Brad Guzan to the English Premier League in 2008, Chivas USA very well could lose U.S. national team midfielder Sacha Kljestan to the Scottish Premier League in 2009.

Kljestan, who made a solid impression at the Beijing Olympic Games, will train with defending Scottish champion Glasgow Celtic for one week, starting on Saturday. The same club last year was in the running to sign Guzan but lost out to a higher bid from Aston Villa.


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awooo waka waka espagna
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cesc on man shitty


Fabregas issues City warning

City have offered a staggering £107million in a bid to bring AC Milan ace Kaka to Eastlands, a deal which would more than double the previous world record transfer fee.

The club's owners, the Abu Dhabi United Group, have set their sights on bringing success and silverware and appear ready to spend whatever it takes.

The Spain international told The Sun: "A team is not built by the cheque-book alone. Money is not the most important thing in football.

"I think the important thing is not to rush into signing a new player just because money is available.

"A good team will develop naturally and trying to speed up this process with lots of money can be dangerous.

"If the club is well run, and the money they now have is well spent on building a good team, Manchester City will be dangerous. But money cannot work a miracle overnight.

"For example, Manchester United have an expensive team. Yet they won the title because they were a strong group of players, who played good football and had the belief.

"Their philosophy of attacking football was clear and they were rewarded for that."

Fabregas prefers Arsenal's approach to the game, where young talent is nurtured by Arsene Wenger, and he insists no team has a divine right to success.

He added: "At Arsenal we prefer to develop young players and give them their chance, as I was given my chance when I was a teenager.

"Other clubs can spend what they like but we are happy with the way we do things here. I have to say I feel lucky to be at Arsenal and part of the club's philosophy.

"I am sure City will now have bigger ambitions. But only time will tell how successful City become. At Arsenal, we do not have the right to qualify for the Champions League every season. And City do not have that right either just because they are now very rich.

"In the future, City can perhaps be a top four team. With the foundations they have and what may happen in the future, anything is possible." (Source)

Manchester City Now Offering €271m For Kaka
Pato urges Kaka to stay put
Robinho: City Have Been Planning Kaka Signing Since The Summer

"Kaka agrees to join City"

Reports from Abu Dhabi suggest that Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour believes his club's chase for Brazilian superstar Kaka has ended in success.

Arabian Business, who earlier this week reported the multi-million deal could have hit the skids, now say the Sheikh has told friends and advisors that Kaka had accepted the terms of the world record transfer to Manchester City from AC Milan.

Those terms, said to be worth £500,000 a week to Kaka, will see Milan receive over £100m for their former World Player of the Year.

Earlier on Friday, AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti admitted for the first time Kaka may not remain at the club and could move to Manchester City.

City deny Kaka deal is done

Manchester City have rejected claims that they have signed Brazilian superstar Kaka.

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this is the most presh torres interview i've ever read

it's a longer one, but still a good read. i've bolded the interesting parts.

Liverpool's Spain superstar on Kaka, feeling at home and the battle to stop Manchester United's title chase

"I still feel like an Atletico fan and when Liverpool go back to play Real Madrid in the Champions League, I will play as if I am an Atletico fan." Collapse )


Torres previews the upcoming derby

Official Torres Tally

Various Torres-isms (Score gols, Leerpool, Champyons, Spanish-ized pronunciations, etc) - 26
"Deefecuhl" - 11
"Eemporrdand" - 8
Instances of Ceceo - 8
"Scisson" - 8
"Fahntasteeq" - 6
"Elebun" - 5
"Deefaren" - 5
researched by: iateyourhotdog