January 10th, 2009



As some of you already know, Setanta Sports is canceling our beloved Jose Mourinho five minute puppet sketch. This came out of no where and I am very unhappy.
If you are not familiar, you can watch all of the episodes in their entirety here:

This is the email I received from the person who has all those vids up.

Collapse )

Basically, please sign the petition. Maybe we can save the show.
If you are not familiar... do it anyway, it will help, and you should really watch it for some serious lulz.


Thank you babies.
  • natvach

The Special One is back in England. Excuse me while I die.

Jose Mourinho believes his former club Chelsea are in prime position to claim domestic and European success this season.

The Inter Milan boss will take his place in the stands on Sunday to watch Chelsea for the first time since he left the club 16 months ago.

Here's what I hope happens tomorrow:

Frankie sees Jose in the stands. Inspired, he scores 5 times in 20 seconds. Jose is so overcome with emotion he rushes the field. Roman immediately hires him back, and he and Big Phil co-coach Chelsea. We buy back Eidur and win the league. Sir Alex turns into a tomato, the boy Rooney continues IOSS, and Ronaldo breaks a nail and is out for two seasons.