January 9th, 2009

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Marta is in the NY Times Ya'll

Brazilian Soccer Star Marta Going to Los Angeles

The Brazilian star Marta has bid farewell to her Swedish club team and is expected to sign with the Los Angeles Sol of the new Women’s Professional Soccer league. An announcement could come on Monday in Switzerland, where Marta is one of five finalists for FIFA’s women’s player of the year award.

Marta, 22, whose full name is Marta Vieira da Silva, has played for Umea IK in Sweden since 2004 but turned down a new contract to accept a three-year, $1.5 million deal with the Sol, according to the Expressen, a daily newspaper in Stockholm.

“We’re in a great place with it, but I don’t want to say anything without having a signed document,” Charlie Naimo, the Sol’s general manager, said Thursday in a telephone interview from Chula Vista, Calif., where he was scouting players at a United States national team under-23 training camp. “I will say that that’s a lot of money to be throwing around and that a figure of $500,000 a year is ridiculous. But from our perspective, we’re cautiously optimistic and we like our position.”


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Franck Ribery crashes the Bayern Munich team bus!

Frenchman breaks law, endangers team mates, has a good laugh

It looks like C-Ron wasn’t the only one to have an automotive accident yesterday. Bayern Munich are still enjoying their long winter break in Dubai, and according to German rag Bild, Franck Ribery decided it would be good fun to take the team bus for a spin. Uh oh.

The midfielder, who had one hundred stitches in his face after a car crash as a two-year-old, did a lap of the hotel with the entire team on board. Before long, he smashed through two road signs and scarped the curb before putting an end to his own high jinks.

The hotel were left fuming by the damage and the fact that Ribery didn’t have a bus driving licence, and embarrassed Bayern general manager Uli Hoeneß had to suffer the consequences of Ribery’s prankery.



pep guardiola - teen idolo
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rafa vs. fergie lol what

Benitez's attack on Ferguson

Here is the content of Rafael Benitez's press conference this afternoon, where he responds to Sir Alex Ferguson's observations about the Premier League fixture programme.

Benitez sat with a sheet of paper, unfolded in front of him, from which he read a catalogue of grievances against the Manchester United regime.

"I was surprised by what has been said, but maybe they (Manchester United) are nervous because we are at the top of the table,'' he began.

"But I want to talk about facts. I want to be clear, I do not want to play mind games too early, although they seem to want to start.

"But I have seen some facts. On November 1, they played Hull and Mr Ferguson had a two-match touchline ban and a £10,000 fine after confronting Mike Dean, the referee, for improper conduct.

"We started the Respect campaign, and that was when (Javier) Mascherano was sent off (last season) at Old Trafford.

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eta: video (but i'm on library computer with no sound so i hope it's legit)



Maybe He was Gago's Prado Buddy


Which Manchester City Star has been to the Museum?

Robinho loves him some culture

With so much pressure on their shoulders, footballers need a hobby to take their minds off the game: Graeme Le Saux used to collect antiques, Nicolas Anelka loves to act and Jermain Defoe enjoys making quick, forgettable love to attractive ladies he meets in nightclubs.

Robinho never struck us as a culture vulture, but he has been making the most of his free time in England by absorbing some art and human history. A Spoiler reader spotted the young Brazilian at the British Museum on Wednesday afternoon - he was clearly identifiable by his sparkly earring, footballer-esque attire and huge cheeky grin.

Don’t think it is possible that Robinho was slumming it at a museum with the proles? Remember that this is the guy who took the bus to a Manchester shopping centre…

Source: The Spoiler
I don't blame him, I would live in the British Museum if I could.
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BB Theelba video love

I know his birthday is over but I wanted to share this lovely David Silva Profile from when he was 21.
He's only 5"6, bless him.

Does Canobbio get a little bit of a kiss there when Theelba is subbed on for him?

It has an english translator on it which is good cause I understand but bad cause I can't hear theelba very well.

Quite a bit of thigh showing on some of the match clips.

Oh and Nea, there's a little bit of Alexis featured midway through.
b careful wut u wish 4
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b careful wut u wish 4

WAGs are 'bad influence' on teenagers
WAGs are a bad influence on teenage girls who want to be famous for having "very high heels and quite low IQs", according to leading headmistresses.

Many wives and girlfriends of top footballers promote a culture of instant fame without skill or hard-work, it was claimed.

Research by the Girls' Schools Association, which represents top fee-paying schools, said parents believed WAGs, celebrity magazines and reality TV stars were the most damaging influences in their daughters' lives.

Jill Berry, GSA president, said: "It is the whole celebrity culture. Wags are famous because of their situation rather than their skills or talent." Collapse )


gosh, speaking of wags...

Robbie and Claudine Keane have Lunch with Michael and Lisa Carrick in alderley edge. 09/01.2008

photo credittttt

Nando is definately a wonderful actor

you might have seen this, but nando is wayy too smoking hot

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Real Madrid stuff. Cum & get it.

Robben outdribbles La Liga (despite being 42)
Javier Coloma / Translation by Matthew Goltz

Arjen Robben is the most effective dribbler in La Liga having successfully feinted 74 times in 862 minutes and turned the ball over less than the likes of Leo Messi, Sergio “Kun” Agüero, Joaquín and Simao.

 Robben's 74 dribbles are eight more than the 66 by Simao (Atlético Madrid) and good enough for the fourth spot behind “Kun” Agüero's 81 (Atlético Madrid), Joaquín's 96 (Valencia) and the 104 by Leo Messi (F.C. Barcelona).

But among the five players, the Dutch midfielder has seen the least amount of playing time. His 862 minutes of action are well below Messi's 1,211; Joaquín's 1,371; Agüero's 1,296; and Simao's 1,281.

Messi has lost the ball 12 times trying to beat a defender and averages one turnover every 100 minutes. Robben meanwhile has lost the ball just seven times for an average of one every 120 minutes. What's more, once Robben escapes from his marker, he's been able to finish the play 43 times compared to Messi's 39 (four fewer plays in 349 fewer minutes).

The numbers are in and there's no doubt about it. Robben is the best dribbler in Primera Divsion

(Robben is 24, I kid him cause I love him)


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"No one lives off the past"

Laura Navas / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

Sergio Ramos gave his first press conference in months and said he is confident the team will fight hard for both titles.

The team is training more...
We are very happy with the changes that have taken place. Juande is very demanding and we are working very hard. The squad needed a change in attitude. I think the team is responding to the coach's demands and we are doing our best to achieve our goals.

Do you still feel burdened?
That's all in the past. I am very calm and I only think about work. I am happy and want to help the team. Football is a very demanding sport in which no one lives off the past.

Casillas said last week that playing in the Euro 2008 was affecting his performances.
I talked about that a while back. It had that effect on me before it hit him. I think people should respect it because football players aren't machines. We have good and bad moments. It's true that Iker played slightly under par in the last few months, back he's back in form. I think what happened to him is normal. It is important to acknowledge and learn from it.

Do you think the Club has boasted too much of having three European champions on the team?
It has nothing to do with boasting or being vain. What Spain did is unforgettable, but we must continue to work hard and to prove we still have the same winning spirit.

Juande has asked the team to concede no goals... Do you thik it would therefore be more appropriate to inscribe Lass in the Champions League?
Both Lass and Huntelaar can bring positive things to the team. They are great signings. The Club is trying to have both play in the Champions League. Lass helps a lot in midfield and defence, while Huntelaar is a decisive striker that scores many goals and can help the team a lot.

There was a pessimistic atmosphere with Schuster. Why is it so positive with Juande?
Every coach has a different way of working. Juande has changed our training methods and asks us not to concede any goals. We try to be focused throughout the 90 minutes of a game. Maybe we were more distracted before and that's the reason why we conceded so many strikes.

You haven't conceded any goals in three consecutive games. Does that make the team more confident?
It does make us more confident and our last few games have shown that. I hope this lasts long. We have to keep working hard to stay focused for 90 minutes.

Isn't it dangerous for the team to have a conflict with UEFA?
We should only mind our own business. The Club is handling the situation. We should just focus on the pitch and the dressing room. I think the Club knows very well what it must do.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently had a car accident.
It is very surprising to hear it and I am very sorry. I hope nothing's happened to him and that he recovers soon.

In order to play for Real Madrid?
That's up to him.

Barcelona seem invincible...
Nobody is invincible. They are playing rather well, but we will continue to fight both for La Liga and the Champions League. I hope the spirit we've had in recent years helps us cut distances short with Barça.

What do you think of Kanoute's goal celebration...
I didn't see it, but to each his own. I simply worry about how to celebrate my own goals.

From realmadrid.com