January 7th, 2009

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Equal Opportunity Post #???

The WPS finally talks contracts!

Two Women's Professional Soccer teams have reached agreements in principle with four international players.

Sky Blue, which will play in New Jersey, has agreements with Brazilian star Rosana and Australians Sarah Walsh and Collette McCallum.

"(Rosana) is a great cross between a European player, an American player and a Brazilian player," Sky Blue coach Ian Sawyers says. "She gets up and down the field, she can tackle, she can win balls, but she's also got the finesse to be able to beat players."

The Boston Breakers have an agreement with Canadian striker Christine Latham, the WUSA's rookie of the year in that league's final season of 2003.

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Red card drama in Spain

Spanish ref sees red - 19 times

A referee in Spain has issued 19 red cards as a regional match degenerated into a brawl, a sports newspaper said Monday. The game in question involved Recreativo Linense and Saladillo Algesiras in the regional first division of the southern province of Cadiz, Marca said on its website.

Linense were leading 1-0 and the referee had already issued one red card when a fight broke out between two players which escalated into a brawl involving several players and spectators who invaded the pitch.

The referee, Jose Manuel Barro Escandon, then fled to the locker room and stopped the match. In his post-match report, he wrote that he had sent off 19 players.

Linense coach Sebastian Naranjo said the red cards were unjustifed.

"After the altercation between Francis and Aguilar, there were no clashes," he told radio Onda Cero.

"The players who intervened, and even the spectators, were just trying to see that things didn't get worse. I don't know what got into the guy (the referee)..."

Source: Msn Sports
Link to spanish article: Marca


Isn't it Ironic? The Team Nicknamed FC Hollywood Casting Stones


Bayern Slam Victoria Beckham And Milan Over Dubai Behaviour

The German club are not impressed with what they witnessed after sharing facilities with Milan in Dubai...

Bayern Munich chief, Uli Hoeness has slammed AC Milan for the way they behaved during their tour of Dubai.

The Rossoneri have been in the United Arab Emirates for the past week as they prepare for the second half of the season. Bayern shared the facilities with the Italians and they are not impressed.

David Beckham has been the star attraction in Dubai, but Hoeness feels the Rossoneri went over the top, treating the camp 'like a Hollywood film set'.

Harsh words from the Bayern general manager as Milan come under the spotlight in every sense.

"The difference between us and them is that we played football where as Milan thought they were on a film set as if they were in Hollywood," Hoeness told SID.

"My job is to run a football club and not to make sure Victoria Beckham has the best suite in the hotel.

"I don't know why Milan accepted all these demands. It was all just one big scene. Steven Spielberg was the only one missing."

The Rossoneri are still in Dubai. Vice-president Adriano Galliani is unlikely to take the words lightly and a reaction is expected.

pic credit: goals_are_love