January 5th, 2009

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Death threats may hasten Defoe's Pompey exit

Jermain Defoe's future appears to lie away from Portsmouth after he admitted that he would like to rejoin Harry Redknapp at Tottenham Hotspur after being subjected to death threats.

£20-million transfer to Serie A giants Juventus could be an option, the player The 26-year-old England striker has revealed that he has received threats from fans angered by the prospect of him leaving the club, saying: ''Some of the calls have made me sick to my stomach.''
Although Manchester City are thought to be interested in Defoe and that a himself favours a return to White Hart Lane.

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...death threats? Really?
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Real Madrid Moot Diego For Van Der Vaart Swap

A major swap deal is being considered by Real Madrid as they look to bolster their squad by letting Rafael Van der Vaart to head back to Germany while Diego moves to the Bernabéu.

Real Madrid are mooting an exchange deal that would see them sign Diego from Werder Bremen while Rafael Van der Vaart would head back to the Bundesliga after only half a season in Spain, according to a report.

The Spanish giants have reportedly considered letting the Dutchman leave after he has failed to impress since joining the club from Hamburg in the summer, Bild report.

If it was agreed that he were to leave, coach Juande Ramos would insist that a replacement was found and that has led Madrid to come up with the idea of a straight swap.

Diego has been a long-time aim for Atlético de Madrid, but Los Merengues would be a more attractive option for the Brazilian, who is ready to leave Werder for one of Europe's biggest clubs.

Van der Vaart has shown flashes of ability at the Bernabéu, but his inconsistency has seen concern rise over his long-term position in the squad and a move was rumoured to be under consideration last month.

Since joining Werder in 2006 from Porto, Diego has been linked with various team but an offer from Madrid could be the transfer that he has been waiting for before making a push for the exit door.

The German club would also be tempted by the offer of receiving one of the Bundesliga's most impressive players during his time at Hamburg in exchange.

A deal has been suggested for the winter transfer window, but Madrid could put the idea forward as part of their rebuilding plans for the summer.


Xabi |Eso es una barba|

I bring gossip

Ladies, we've lived in denial for too long. It's time to face the fact that Eva Gonzalez, Goddess of Beauty, might be gone from the side of Iker Casillas. Hence leaving us heartbroken, destroyed, alone.

However, there's some light(?) at the end of the tunnel.

The latest rumor has it that Iker has found solace in the arms of another big breasted beauty: Ariadne Artiles

Do you think they're banging already?

La modelo Canaria podría haber encontrado su media naranja junto a Iker Casillas.

Los dos son guapos, famosos y acaban de romper una relación con sus respectivas parejas. El jugador del Real Madrid y la presentadora y Miss España 2003, Eva González decidieron terminar con su noviazgo tras las continuas crisis producidas en su vida en común. Por otro lado, la modelo Ariadne Artiles ha dado por concluido su matrimonio con el piloto Fonsi Nieto, quien acaba de iniciar una relación con la piloto Carmen Jordá. Todo apunta a que Ariadne Artiles no pasó sola la noche de fin de año, sino que lo hizo en compañía del guardameta del Real Madrid, Iker Casillas. Aunque ninguno de los dos ha confirmado todavía su noviazgo. Los rumores sobre la nueva relación que mantienen el portero de la selección española, Iker Casillas, y la modelo, Ariadne Artiles, cada vez toman más protagonismo. Ambos rehúyen hacer declaraciones a la prensa, así que tendremos que esperar las ansiadas instantáneas de la pareja. El tiempo decidirá.


I'm personally not buying this, sounds too forced. However, if it were to be true, how would you feel?

Will the scar that Eva G left in our hearts will ever heal?


David Villa not for sale

David Villa’s agent has told Setanta.com that he did not make the trip to Eastlands to hold talks with Manchester City, and that the Spain star will not be moving to England in January.

Spanish goal-machine Villa has been linked to the world’s richest club since investment group ADUG took over at City, but his representative has denied being in talks regarding a January move.

A host of English newspapers claimed that Jose Luis Tamargo was invited to The City of Manchester Stadium on Saturday to attend the FA Cup defeat to Nottingham Forest.

But the man himself has slammed the rumours and stressed that the outstanding Villa is part of a long-term project at Valencia.
Tamargo told Setanta.com: “I wasn’t in England at the weekend, that’s rubbish. This is dodgy news because I was in Spain, celebrating the New Year.

“I can tell you for sure that I was never invited by Manchester City to discuss about David Villa. He is happy at the club and pretty much committed to them.

“His intentions are crystal clear. We recently signed a six-year contract extension and we are not thinking of a transfer.”

European champion Villa is also rumoured to be a target for Barcelona, but Valencia have insisted the striker is not for sale.

Che chairman Fernando Gomez said: "In light of recently published incorrect stories, Valencia wish to officially announce that David Villa and the club have made no pact, no agreement nor have they held any conversation regarding the player leaving the club.

"We already showed last summer that Villa is a very valuable player for us and that his performances in our team have only increased our faith in him.

"It is completely untrue that the club have agreed a deal with the player or his agent. David is happy at Valencia and we're very satisfied with his efforts and his performances.”


Reliabe? If it is, there's no chance Man City would get the man now, or that he would leave in the summer transfer windows.
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El Apache is mad, you guys

"I want to stay, but the club hasn't made any offers", Carlitos Tevez said about his stay in Manchester United. "I've been waiting for them to do it for a year and a half", he added.
He is also mad at Ferguson: "I was upset when he said I hadn't liked their offer, because my managers and I haven't received anything".
"If I have to leave the club, I want to do it on good terms. (...) If another club offers me a 5 year contract, I would accept it to gain tranquillity."

Source: Olé
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Sparkling Silva, Valencia's gem, leaves Atlético in the shade

He stands three days short of his 23rd birthday and six inches short of six foot. He's a millionaire and champion of Europe yet still lives with his parents. Not just lives with them, in fact, works with one of them too: his dad, a former Canary Islands copper, is a security guard at Paterna, the training ground where he rolls up every morning behind the wheel of a shiny black motor. Mic-wielding mentalist Pepe Reina called him "that guy there, the very little one" and waved his hand by his knee like a patronising passer-by ruffling a toddler's hair just in case anyone didn't get the message. Almost everyone else, meanwhile, calls him el chino.

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I'm Surprised this Hasn't Been Posted Yet

When Bayern Munich stars Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm went on a man date to see a top magician and sat in the front row, it was inevitable that one of them would get picked on.

Lahm soon found himself part of an illusion that appears baffling easy to figure out, but we’re sure his paymasters weren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of their highly valuable star being passed through a propeller…

First Oktoberfest and the circus, then the zoo, now it's a magic show. I wonder what comes next?

prinz poldi is a barca fan and gives his opinion on schweinski and schaftgate

Podolski: I want to keep improving

In terms of goal-scoring, a nation's hopes are resting squarely on the shoulders of Lukas Podolski, the 23-year-old striker who is expected to guide Germany to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. After all, the previous tournament on home soil in 2006 saw him chosen as the most promising young player, ahead of such illustrious names as Lionel Messi of Argentina and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo.

Poldi also shone at the UEFA EURO 2008, winning the adidas Silver Shoe as the tournament's second top scorer and was chosen in the 'All Star Team'.

On 6 September 2008, he even made history, scoring his 30th international goal against Liechtenstein at the tender age of 23 years, three months and two days, making him the youngest German to reach this landmark. Only six players had managed the feat quicker than Podolski, namely Pele, Sven Rydell, Ronaldo, Sandor Kocsis, Stern John and Ferenc Puskas. FIFA.com caught up with the Bayern Munich striker for an exclusive interview.

FIFA.com: You played no fewer than 16 times for Germany last year, recording seven goals and five assists in the process. Can we safely say that 2008 was a good year for you?
Lukas Podolski: When you look back at the World Cup qualifiers and the EURO and the various good competitive and friendly matches, it was definitely a successful year. Overall it was a good year and it was a lot of fun, particularly the European Championship.

31 goals in 59 matches can only be described as absolutely world class. Can you carry on at the same rate?
I certainly hope so. I got my 60th cap against England which is a phenomenal amount already, and I am proud to have represented my country so often. I want to keep on improving, score lots of goals for Germany and enjoy some more success.

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Beckham, Rooney and Ronaldo fight anti-gay prejudice

David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the big names of English football who will be asked to speak out against homophobia in a video to be screened at grounds, including Wembley, and in schools around the country, with the aim to "kick anti-gay prejudice off the pitch and out of the terraces".

Peter Tatchell, of the gay rights group Outrage!, has persuaded the Football Association and the Professional Footballers Association to guarantee around £20,000 of funding towards the project, and he said yesterday that he believes the video might also encourage some gay players to come out.

"I know of a group of gay footballers who would not feel comfortable coming out at the moment," Tatchell said. "This video might be the precursor to that happening, and if it's well received, I suspect it will give some players the confidence to think about coming out."

There have been a few openly gay football executives, most famously Elton John, and there is one openly gay FA Councillor, Peter Clayton, of the Middlesex FA. But the only openly gay professional player in the British game in living memory was Justin Fashanu, who endured years of abuse about his sexuality before committing suicide in 1998. Collapse )


nsfw comments.

Football Rankings 1/5/09

The Premier League had an FA Cup break over the weekend...

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División

Most Points
Liverpool (Premier League) - 45 points
Fewest Points
Chievo Verona (Serie A) - 9 points
Biggest Lead
Barcelona (La Liga) - 11 points
Smallest Lead
Liverpool (Premier League) - 3 points
Closest to Danger
Middlesbrough (Premier League) - tied with 18th place
Farthest From Safety
Chievo Verona (Serie A) - 6 points fewer than 17th place

Other Leagues:
Scottish Premier League