January 1st, 2009

Spain // Casa Batlló

Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

Hi, everyone. I downloaded this a couple days ago and figured I'd share it with all of you. It's a documentary that the History Channel did on football rivalries, this one in particular is on Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. It's all in Spanish, and it was made in 2001 I think. It's definitely worth a watch if you can understand Spanish; if I could find an English version somewhere I'd share it, but you may have some luck with torrents. Sorry that most of you probably won't have a clue what's going on, but there is some footage of baby!Iker (circa 1999/2000) and various other famous madridistas and blaugranas. :)

I again apologize for the language, but it's still an excellent documentary and worth a watch. :)

Download here.

Enjoy. :)

You'll need WinRAR to join the files together; just un-zip the first file and the rest will follow. You'll need all the files downloaded before you try to extract them. Let me know if there are any problems (if there are, like the files won't extract properly and you get an error message, you may need to download the faulty file and try again...if that doesn't help, I'll have to re-upload the files, which means it'll be awhile before you can download them again).
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hold on tight


lets all hold our hands and pray that we come out alive and well
here is a link round up of the latest rumours
most can be brushed off, others might create more of a worry and some come from goal.com
no matter what happens, we'll all be here to support each other for what's to come
~*~our rainbow is on its way~*~
i love you all
have luckies *luckies*

Barcelona Makes a £70m bid on Real Madrid's Iker Casillas
Arsene Wenger considering leaving Arsenal to manage Real Madrid
AC Milan offer Arsenal £4million for William Gallas
Man Utd sign Serbian duo Tosic and Ljajic
Chelsea lining up swap deal for Roma star Cicinho
Liverpool keen to offload £7million flop Andrea Dossena
Juventus to fight Arsenal for Andrei Arshavin
Real Madrid want to sign Wigan winger Antonio Valencia on loan
Atletico Madrid Offer Luis Garcia To Tottenham
City start spree with £10m deal for Bridge
Valencia will sell Villa if City offer is 'exorbitant'
Liverpool sign Islandic starlet
Tevez tells Manchester United to make him an offer and he'll sign
Arsenal plan record bid for Carlos Tevez
Real Madrid Settle On Di Maria
Arsenal plans January Alonso bid
Real Madrid set their sights on Franck Ribery
Hull boss admits Pennant interest
Inter boss Mourinho hopes to beat former club Chelsea to £20m Fabiano
Bridge goes so Chelsea boss Scolari moves for 'Russian Ronaldinho'
Ferguson seeing double as Manchester United sign Brazilian twin defenders
No City deal for Santa Cruz

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