December 24th, 2008


'tis the season for brussel sprouts and mince pies!

happy holidays, ladies and germs... in the spirit of the season, i am reposting this video so we can enjoy the festive season with frank and THE LAMPARD PUPPIES:

also, in case you didn't see it before, ballack discussing what he won't be getting his son for christmas ("is he gonna be a rockstar?" "i hope not!" teehee)

ps: have you celebrated a bundesliga christmas yet?!
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official christmas eve post 2008

hola todos! this morning i woke up to several lovely christmas related posts, and i'm sure there are many more to come. with that in mind, i thought it'd be a good idea to create an "official christmas eve thread" in order to keep the community organized. if you feel that you absolutely must make a thread of your own, feel free to do so, but for all other spamming/graphics/gifts/greetings/etc. try to keep everything under this thread!

happy holidays! :)

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Santa is so kind for Liverpool

Skrtel To Give Reds A Christmas Boost

Martin Skrtel has given Rafael Benitez an early Christmas present by returning to full training with the first team squad.

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Torres Nearing Liverpool Return

Fernando Torres is on the brink of granting the Liverpool faithful their Christmas wish by returning to action over the festive period, having seemingly made a good recovery from the hamstring injury which has kept him out for five games.

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And your help pleeease

I have a personal question. Me and a friend are planning to go to Anfield in March/April. I know there are companies who offer packages with tickets and hotel, but since we're staying at his sister in Liverpool we only want the tickets. Do you know any trustworthy companies where we can order the tickets? The official Liverpool site isn't really an option since they sell the tickets a month before the game and we need them sooner cause we have to buy plane tickets as well. I've Googled around, but it's hard to find reviews so I'd rather trust you. Your help would be greatly appreciated (:
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cesc the reindeer says hi


Arsenal’s Dedicated Matchday Raises Over £200,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust

Arsenal skipper, Cesc Fabregas and goalkeeper Manuel Almunia today pulled a Christmas cracker unleashing over £200,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, the Club’s Charity of the Season. The money was raised at the dedicated matchday against Liverpool (Sunday, December 21st). Players, directors and many of the Club’s staff donated a day’s wages in aid of the Be a Gooner. Be a Giver. campaign for the charity which is dedicated to improving the lives of teenagers with cancer.

Fans also contributed through bucket collections, raffles and auctions held across Emirates Stadium and a donation of 50 pence was donated from every match programme sold.

On announcing the money raised, Cesc Fabregas said: “Christmas is a time for giving and Manuel and I are honoured to be able to announce this fantastic sum of money raised for Teenage Cancer Trust. On behalf of all those who made a contribution on and around the Liverpool matchday, we say a big thank you and Merry Christmas!”

Stocking Stuffer Story

Poorest Player in La Liga Primera Wins
€150,000 on Lottery

If you're a professional footballer then you've already won the lottery. And a story about a mega-rich playboy footballer winning the actual lottery would be enough to make me vomit. But in Mario Martinez's case, we can maybe make an exception.

He might be a La Liga Primera Division player, but the Numancia midfielder - famous for scoring the winner in Numancia's 1-0 win over Barça this season - is apparently the poorest paid player in Spain's top division. According to Sid Lowe anyway.

"For Mario, boys and girls, is poor. Not proper poor - he doesn't rattle a tin at passers-by, drink Meths or shout incoherently whilst slowly soiling his slacks - but football poor.

For Mario is the worst paid player in primera. He's got the carefully crafted spiky front and mullet back combo, he's got a red Audi, and he's got the CK boxers, tight Versace T-shirt and gold chain but he lives at home with his little brother and his mum, who runs the local false leg and fake hip emporium.

He gets paid €120,000 a year. That's 83 - eight-three - times less than Raúl, 75 times less than Samuel Eto'o ... Thierry Henry earns more in a week - almost twice as much more, in fact - than Mario does in a year."

Recent figures in Marca actually put that figure closer to €200,000 per year. So he's not Tiny Tim, but he's still - as Sid Lowe put it - football poor.

So here's a Christmas tale to warm your hearts: Yesterday Mario Martinez more or less doubled his annual salary when he won €150,000 on the Spanish Christmas lottery.

"I never play the lottery except the Christmas one because it's especially exciting," he told Marca.

The win doesn't mean Martinez will be shopping for Christmas presents at the same stores as Raúl, Henry, Eto'o et al. But it at least it proves that there's some fairness left in the world. If only for people who are already extremely lucky and well paid in the first place.

(from The Offside)

...well shucks.

This is the guy in question:

Happy Holidays, Y'all!
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