December 18th, 2008


Champions League


The draw for the Champions League knock out stages is tomorrow. Who do you want/not want facing each other?

The groups winners are:

Man Utd

The runners up are:

Sporting Lisbon
Athlético Madrid
Real Madrid

Remember teams can't face teams from their group stage or from their own country in the first round.

I hope Chelsea doesn't draw Barca or Bayern, but I do kinda want to see Liverpool play Real.
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credit crunch nom nom nom

Barclay’s Premier League May Be No Longer

Financial times are tough, in case you hadn’t noticed, so plenty of big companies are taking another look at how some of their advertising/sponsorship money is being spent and whether or not that’s the greatest of ideas in the current climate. One of these companies is Barclay’s, which means the Prem may be looking for a new sponsor in the near future.

Britain’s third largest bank has held naming rights to the league since 2001 but its three-year, $101 million deal ends after the 2009-10 season.

“There will be a thorough review of our sponsorships to make sure that we are getting a strong return on investment across the board,” Libby Chambers, Barclays’ global retail and commercial banking chief marketing officer, said in an interview with Marketing Week.

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football: leading cause of the economic crisis

Over €110m for Champions League Winner

The winner of the Champions League could reap up to €110 million (US$160 million) in revenues despite the world economic downturn, according to a study released Thursday.

Any slip-up in a penalty shootout could cost the losing club up to euro40 million ($56 million) -- the likely revenue difference between victor and vanquished in the final next May 27 in Rome, according to Professor Simon Chadwick of Coventry University Business School in England.

"Losing will mean lower prize money," Chadwick said. "Clearly it will affect their ability to negotiate with sponsors and in terms of squad value that will be marginally less."

The 16 teams going into Friday's draw in Nyon, Switzerland, have on average already secured €38.45 million (US$56.2 million) through prize money, tournament commercial revenues, ticket sales, sponsorship, merchandising and increased squad value.
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