December 2nd, 2008


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Athletic // Llorente is a model

Giant!Llorente is back.

delirium_86 posted this over at athletic_club and I offered to translate it for her and post it here, because it's such a good interview and features our favorite tall "blonde" striker, Fernando Llorente. ♥ Spreading the Athletic Bilbao love, yet again.

He's a kid who's always had a good star, but forced to achieve it all with a lot of hard work. Since he landed in Lezama at 11 years of age, a lot of possibilities have been seen for him, but only since last December has his output caused excitement among the fans. In the second half of last season in the Liga he scored nine goals. In the current season he's scored five in the Liga, another in the Copa del Rey and he's also provoked four penalties. The question is now where his limit is. The fanbase fears that his high level precedes his leaving. Llorente, who's waiting to sit down and talk to the directors and negotiate a contract renewal, calms the followers. "If the offer's good, of course I'd like to renew."

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awooo waka waka espagna
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i hate transfer season

According to sources close to Spartak Moscow management, a deal has been reached already between the Russian side and Arsenal for Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner to be on his way to the Russian capital on January.

Spartak have been looking for a striker to replace Roman Pavlyuchenko whom has moved away to join Tottenham Hotspurs is the last day of the summer transfer window, and seem to see Bendtner as the ideal replacement.

The finalized deal terms according to online reports include a sum of €6 million to be paid to the Gunners for the release of their 21 year old front man who’s goal in the last round of the CL group stage proved decisive for Arsenal to progress to the knock-outs.

Meanwhile, Arsenal themselves are after a number of young goal scorers especially with Adebayor struggling for form and Eduardo still sidelined. (


Valencia face the threat of bankruptcy

A very interesting article from the funny lads at La Liga Loca.

Running a football club in Spain can be an incredibly costly business.

The daily delivery of premium ham to get the directors through those boring board meetings. The five-star foreign trips to sign deals on foundation schools that are never heard of again. The pricey purchase and swift retirement of the club super-jet. All these expenses eat their way through the annual budget like Maniche at a Las Vegas buffet.

But life is very much a hard-knock one for poor old Valencia – the club that is to financial management what Bernd Schuster is to motivational speeches.

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Icons and Headers

I've Made some Icons I thought I 'd share here on ONTD :) they're mostly of Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres, and David Villa. But I've also made some of others too :)

139 Icons:

Iker Casillas
Fernando Torres
David Villa
Sergio Ramos
Cesc Fabregas
Fabio Cannavaro
Ruben De La Red
Xabi Alonso

3 Headers:

Iker Casillas
Fernando Torres
David Villa


They're Here @ lemondropss 
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Mourinho shocks media by telling them Ronaldo didnt deserve Ballon D’Or

Speaking about the award to Sky Italia, he responded to being asked whether he had praise for the Manchester United star who took his team to both a Premier League and Champions League win:

“No, I would have preferred one of my own foreign players to have won the Ballon d’Or.”


Riquelme’s angry goal celebration lands him in trouble

On scoring his volley, Riquelme immediately turned around and ran 50-yard to point an angry finger at a supporter who had been allegedly been hurling abuse at the the number 10 prior to his strike. In turn, home fans at the Bombonera began pushing and shoving the supporter in question, leading to a fracas in the stands.

After the match Riquelme attempted to explain away the incident, arguing “I didn’t do anything bad. I just shouted when my team scored a goal. There are people who pay to get in and think they can insult us for two hours. So many things go on in this country and I think it’s daft to talk about this matter.”


Del Piero: My 250 goals

Alessandro Del Piero looks back over his 250 goals in a Juventus jersey throughout 15 years. “I remember every single one.”

The penalty in their 4-0 win over Reggina at the weekend allowed the captain to celebrate another personal record with the club.

“I remember every single goal. I am attached to each one to the point where if I am asked to pick my favourite, I struggle because it makes me feel guilty about the others!

“I remember every celebration, every embrace. So with this 250th I wish to embrace everyone who celebrated alongside me, both on the field and thousands of kilometres away.

“Thank you above all to those who would have been by my side even if I had not reached 250, but instead stopped scoring after that first.

“I am happy you have enjoyed this time with me and I heard you all. But we must not stop here, because I am increasingly convinced that the greatest goal, like the most wonderful victory, is the one you have to fight for, the one that comes tomorrow.”

Watch him take his penalty in the Italy's snowy weather here.


Xabi |Eso es una barba|



El Manchester City ofrece 150 millones de euros al Real Madrid por Iker Casillas

Según ha informado José Ramón de la Morena en El Larguero de la Cadena SER, el Manchester City le ha ofrecido al portero del Real Madrid Iker Casillas el doble de lo que cobra en el Real Madrid y estaría dispuesto a pagar su cláusula de rescisión, que asciende a 150 millones de euros. La oferta, que es la más importante de la historia del fútbol, se la han presentado a Luis García Abad, representante de Iker Casillas y de Fernando Alonso. El portero ha dicho no a la propuesta.

AS. COM | 03/12/2008

La primera oferta del Manchester City por el portero del Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, le llegó a Luis García Abad hace tres meses. El meta madridista cobraría 12 millones de euros por temporada, cuyo número determinaría el propio Casillas. Y el club inglés pagaría 120 millones al Real Madrid por el portero. Iker dijo que no.

La segunda propuesta de los árabes se hizo efectiva hace diez días. A través de los intermediarios del conjunto inglés le han ofrecido 13 millones de euros netos por una cantidad de años que determinaría el portero. Y están dispuestos a pagar la cláusula de 150 millones de euros al club blanco. El City ha hecho una propuesta por escrito que tiene en su poder Luis García Abad y que no ha presentado al Real Madrid porque Iker no ha querido. Según la SER, el portero les ha dicho: "gracias, pero no".

Los jeques árabes se han llevado una pequeña decepción porque pensaban que el portero, que no está en su mejor momento, se iría en el mercado de invierno. Aún así, van a insistir cuando acabe la temporada.

El entrenador del Manchester City, Mark Hughes, dispone de más de 700 millones de euros para fichajes. La primera súper estrella en recalar en el City, a parte de la llegada en verano de Robinho, puede ser Kaká. El fichaje del jugador del Milan puede haber la veda para que otras estrellas del fútbol den el paso y se atrevan a aceptar la oferta de un club que a base de talonario puede convertirse en uno de los más importantes del panorama futbolístico internacional.

Just another case of Manchester City being loltastic. Supposedly, they offered Iker Casillas 13 million euros per season (they also left in his hands the decision to choose how many seasons he'd play there) and they are willing to pay his rescission clause (150 million euros).

Luis García Abad, his agent, received the offer.

Iker's already said 'Thanks, but no'

Rafa Nadal and Iker Casillas where at AS offices today to promote their Match against Malaria.
They also announced they are getting married and that Rafa is pregnant with their first child.



ilu bundesliga

Bundesliga shows English Premier League how to take football fans into the 21st century

Saturday, 1pm and the walkway at Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof, the city's main train station, resembles a small carnival. A drum is beating, crates of beer are being lugged from platform to platform, fancy dress costumes are on display and an assortment of flags, shirts and questionable headwear are the order of the day.

A constant wall of noise – singing, shouting and friendly banter – accompanies this ever-changing blur of colour. The scene, though, is common-place on Saturdays at a station that often acts as a crossroads for matches across Germany's Bundesliga, the best-supported domestic football competition in the world. And yes, you did read the last part of that sentence correctly.

For all the hype and often justified praise that surrounds the Premier League, it is a little-known fact that average attendances for matches in Germany's top league have surpassed their English equivalent for each of the past five seasons.

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i love this league. for serious.

Barca Players ...Defecating?

Ceramic figurines called 'caganers' of Barcelona's football player Bojan Krkic are seen at the Santa Llucia Fair on December 2, 2008 in Barcelona. Statuettes of well-known people defecating are a strong Christmas tradition in Catalonia, dating back to the 18th century. Catalonians hide caganers in Christmas Nativity scenes and invite friends to find them. The figures symbolize fertilization, hope and prosperity for the coming year.

(photo and description from Getty Images)